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    EcchiDreams Standard Roleplaying Rules


    Character Creation

    1. You must create a valid character ID and post it in the appropriate thread before you begin Roleplaying with them. The Character ID must be complete with at least a paragraph of Bio before it’s considered a valid character ID.
    2. There is no limit to the amount of characters that someone may have.
    3. Featured NPCs are allowed, complete with an image and description. A featured NPC can be played only by the creator of said NPC, unless they give permission to others. Those roleplaying someone’s featured NPC without permission will be asked to discontinue doing so. 
    4. Be realistic with money and jobs. A character should not seem to have an unlimited supply of money but no plausible way of earning it or getting it.
    5. You may not use a character that has the same name or image as another character in this roleplay, as this creates too much confusion. However if the character is an identical twin, et cetera, an exception may be made so long as you have permission from the owner of the original character and a note is made in the character bio.
    6. You are not allowed to create a character that is in a position of power to affect the Roleplay on a large scale. This includes, but is not limited to Dean/Mayor/King ect. You will have to ask the permission of the roleplayer owner before you can have your character has such a position of influence..
    7. Overpowered/Godmod Characters aren’t acceptable here. If your character has a massively powerful ability there must be a massive weakness.
    8. You may not kill another roleplayer’s character without the permission of its owner. If permission is given then send a message to the roleplay owner detailing who/how/when the death will occur. If a death is caused by a character that also belongs to the victim, suicide, or accident then a message does not need to be sent to roleplay owner. Once a character is deceased edit their bio stating this or ask a member of the staff to delete it. A deceased character may not come back to life/be Roleplayed again without permission from the Roleplay owner. If you wish to do this submit you reasons why you believe it should be allowed in a message to the Roleplay owner and wait for approval. Character IDs must be posted before they are allowed to Roleplay again.


    1. Hentai, yaoi, yuri, furry, monster sex, bestiality et cetera are allowed within this Roleplay however make sure to keep sex in the side threads unless it is stated that the main thread can have sex.
    2. Restrictions on Extra Information threads must be respected. For example, if an extra information thread is of a place within your roleplay, and does not allow characters to enter if they are under the age of 18, then characters younger than 18 will not be allowed within that location in the Roleplay (Unless the thread owner gives permission). These restrictions should be plainly visible in the extra information post.
    3. If you are RolePlaying with another user, one on one and they disappear for two weeks without a reason for their absence (Like they didn't say they were going on holiday, etc), then you are allowed to restart your character once more if you choose to, or have your character move on.
    4. Characters that godmod or metagame will not be tolerated. You will be asked to tone it down, or the posts and/or the character will be removed.
    5. Do not post in the RolePlay like you're replying to a thread from the forums, for example, simply posting 'Oh, that's so cool!' or 'This Roleplay is stupid!'. Another thing that is not allowed is posting in the RolePlay like the OOC forum, for example, only posting 'Oh, I will post soon guys!'. Small OC text is allowed (in brackets “()” “[]” “[[]]” et cetera) as long as the majority of the post is roleplaying content.


    1. No singular character will be removed for inactivity. Any character that is posted by a roleplayer will be considered active, as long as the roleplayer is active within the roleplay in some manner. So characters can be inactive, and they will not be removed, as long as the roleplayer is posting within the roleplay.
    2. Side stories inactive for more than six months will be closed. A request may be sent to a member of staff to reopen the story but if it falls inactive again it will be closed permanently.
    3. If at any time you are Roleplaying with a member that has gone inactive you may have your character move on or restart their arc with someone else (Read above)
    4. If you will be absent make sure to post a Leave of Absence and keep it updated to prevent other roleplayers moving their characters along and side threads from being closed.
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