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  • More Information: Premium Roleplaying


    Premium Roleplays give you the best of both Private and Public roleplays, depending on what you’re after. You can create your own Premium Roleplay by becoming a Platinum Dreamer, which you do by saving up our contribution based currency (EcchiCredit). You don’t need to be a premium member to roleplay here. Oh and did we mention it has more features than the two other roleplay formats combined? 

    This will be quite complicated but you’ll be given your own sub-forums (up to six) in the Premium Roleplay’s forum; these can be anything from the same as the public area like Extra Information, Character ID, and so on, or even different worlds and do things differently. How you set it up is up to you. Our community administrators will help you build your premium roleplay, so you can set up your second home here on EcchiDreams.

    You’ll also have your own articles area which you can use with your Premium Roleplay, like applications to join, or in-RP news, OOC news, extra information, or whatever you need it for - it is an option, available only to Platinum Dreamers.

    In addition to this (whilst it wouldn’t make you a Staff Dreamer) you’ll be given moderation control over your own universe. Although, as with the other services, our staff can act as an impartial, third party arbitrators if you need a conflict to be resolved. We recommend using moderator abilities in this manner as a last resort - only. 

    You get a choice of four settings with this style of roleplay:

    • Public/Open - Anyone can join, like a public roleplay.
    • Apply - You need to apply, usually an application form of some description.
    • Invite Only - You will invite someone to your roleplay if and when you’re ready.
    • Private - This is closed and actually inaccessible to everyone who’s not in.

    If this is something you’re interested in, once you have obtained the Platinum Pass, send an EcchiText to a Community Administrator and we’ll discuss all of your options, for there are many.

    To be clear we do not accept real money for platinum membership at this time, and there are no plans in the immediate future either. But … It will set you back one-and-a-half million EcchiCredits. We want to make sure that this is a goal worth striving for… If we could we’d throw in a free T-Shirt too.

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