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  • More Information: Private Roleplaying


    If you’re not interested in roleplaying publically and prefer a much more private setting then here’s another feature requested by the community. Private Roleplaying has many names; one on one roleplaying, personal roleplaying, you get the point. We won’t prevent you from Roleplaying privately, and you even get a special suite in which to advertise.

    We highly recommend filling out a Roleplayer Preferences Sheet first, though, where you can state everything that you’re into.

    All you need to do is post on our new Private Roleplaying Bulletin Board, which can be easily searched depending on set preferences; for example, if you’d like people to jump in and straight away contact you in EcchiTexts first, or if you’d prefer for them to leave a comment below.


    If you’ve got something specific in mind, then let people know; if you have an idea of what you’re looking for and even a Character ID for your character(s), you can put them in your post and others can leave comments in the comment section below it. If you have no idea and want to bounce some ideas off of someone else, then by all means post it up.

    If you are inundated with requests, you can easily set your status to reflect that your slots are full up and that you’re no longer taking roleplay requests, and easily change them again when you’re ready to. 


    For your convenience, at the bottom of the comment section in your own bulletin post you can also select if you want people to just message you, or if they have to ask in your comment section.

    We recommend:

    • Keeping information clean and concise, yet plenty of stuff to go on. If you have a character consider showing him/her as your character candidate.
    • Doing a Roleplayer Preferences Sheet - Seriously, we can’t stress this enough. Let the community know what kind of roleplayer you are, and what you like in roleplays.
    • Keeping your Roleplay threads up-to-date. 
    • Stating clearly what you’re after, or what you’re providing. Nobody likes nasty surprises.
    • Making use of “Notify me of replies” button when you post it so you’re notified by email when someone replies to your post, so that you can easily check out any replies.
    • Not posting information to take Private Roleplays off of EcchiDreams as your information will be open, which can very easily be picked up by Spammers and other malicious parties on the internet in general. What happens off of EcchiDreams is none of our business and thus we will be unable to help.

    Like with the public roleplay the first post you make here is important, how you style it is up to you.

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