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  • More Information: Public Roleplaying


    Once upon a time there were scenarios on EcchiDreams, you could create your adventures within four fixed scenarios; Blackberry Falls, Craethiel Kingdom, Utopian Curse and Andromeda. But still people yearned for their own scenarios. Admittedly we were sketchy on this idea but we’ve really warmed to it, and thanks to fellow Dreamers in our community it’s now possible. 

    Hence; if we don’t have the scenario you want, you can create your own Universe that you can control as it’s Gamemaster. Why settle for less? 

    Of course if we do have it, then finding it shouldn’t be too difficult. Our Public Roleplaying Suite is categorised by skill levels, which shows as a clickable button in the forum to quick search other roleplays of that level of skill required. If the roleplay in question has a Genre, that will be displayed too:


    We do, however, recommend checking out this guide, if you want to actually make one; if you’re uncertain as to what exactly the rules are in making one, check this out. Once you’ve organised your idea and put it together, thinking about what kind of people you want to roleplay with you, how much reading you want to be involved with the story, and what criteria you can think of, post it up. Remember; the first post of your roleplay is a doorway into your universe. 

    EcchiDreams also gives you the tools to set up your own topics for: 

    • Character ID - A place for people to post up their Character ID’s for your roleplay. Typically roleplays over a certain skill level needs to have one of these.
    • Extra Information - Where you can explain how the mechanics of your universe works, what species inhabit it, even the backstory or even the idea of the game. 
    • Side Stories - Everything from quests to fetch the sand slippers to banging that hot teacher, or something. As you can easily link to them with our internal link ‘embedding’ system. Just copy and paste the link into your roleplay post, and we’ll do the rest.
    • Out of Character (OOC) - A place for people of your roleplaying game to talk about events, plots, storyline, lore, or even if it’s just to give the weather.

    One thing we absolutely recommend spending some time on is a Roleplayer Preferences sheet. And if you can, advertise your roleplay with our Advertising Services, which uses EcchiCredits, our contribution based currency. 

    Lastly; in the unfortunate event that a dreamer has come into your universe and is starting to become a nightmare: Just report their post, and let us know if you need an impartial third party arbitrator; if we’ve tried everything to resolve and it’s not working for whatever reason then we can take a last resort method, and close the door to that dreamer from your roleplay.

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