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    Premium Roleplaying and You


    Premium Roleplaying and You

    This has been around since Platinum Membership was first introduced, and creating one is only for Platinum Members or Staff that have Platinum Membership. It allows the member to create a custom scenario role play, which features prominently at the bottom of the main forum index, in order of “Public, Invite, and Private” which is then ordered Alphabetically. It allows for much greater freedom than the Independent Roleplays, and much more flexibility in what can be done with it. 

    However it has format restrictions and requirements due to the fact it appears as an official section of EcchiDreams (eg, nothing that breaks the flow of the site, like a 666 paragraph long description or a title that contains emoji, etc.) It is essentially a fully customisable version of the Scenario Role playing section. Platinum members are free to make one scenario which they can restrict or open up as much or as little as they please. It’s policed (Moderated) by the owner of the roleplay. At this time we do not currently allow for other Dreamers to moderate your roleplay. 

    There are four policies for these roleplays that again is customisable to the needs of the creator (As in if you have a different one, let us know when you come to create it);

    • Open/Pubic - Anyone can join, like a public roleplay. Of course what restrictions you set up after that is your business. It’s readable by anyone.
    • Apply - You need to apply, usually an application form of some description. Otherwise it’s readable by anyone.
    • Invite Only - You will invite someone to your roleplay if and when you’re ready. This is for Dreamers who want to control who can and cannot roleplay in their section. These are usually password locked.
    • Private - This is for members who only want a select group of people to join. Usually these are inaccessible to those not allowed in the RP, or password locked.

    There is a difference between Private, Public and Premium roleplaying.

    • Completely customisable. You have an entire forum to play around with, not just a few topics. You decide what sub-forums there are, and what content the topics are going to have.
    • You will even have the same freedom with your own articles section.
    • While there are formatting rules to prevent you from breaking the flow of EcchiDreams, the in-roleplaying rules are completely up to you. You do not have to use any of the roleplaying rules introduced in the Public Roleplays. The only exceptions are the gallery rules that include no copyrighted material that doesn’t belong to you, and no images of minors in sexual or nude situations.
    • You are the moderator for your roleplay. If you want EcchiDreams staff to help you moderate. Or, if you want complete control, then you are the sole moderator.
    • EcchiDreams staff are here to help you develop your roleplay, including setting up the sub-forums that you want. We’ll take you through every step, because it can be extremely long and complicated. 
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