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    Private Roleplaying and You


    Private Roleplaying and You

    This is for people who want to roleplay privately, but don’t want it taken away from EcchiDreams (such as Email/Facebook/Texts/Kik/Skype/etc) for various reasons (EG: Some people don’t want to give out that kind of information). For more information on private roleplays, click here. Members who wish to have non-public role plays can do so by posting up their “advertisement” bulletin in the Private Roleplayers Bulletin Board, followed by any range of characters they have if they so wish. 

    The idea is that other roleplayers will come to the bulletin board and read your advertisement. If they wish to roleplay with you, they will either message you or respond in your thread to let you know their interest in what you have to offer. There are some rules, but nothing as restrictive as the public roleplays. Just remember that while the roleplays themselves will not be subject to moderation unless a report is made, the advertisement bulletins are moderated.

    • Private Roleplay Bulletins are for Private Roleplays only; do not post other contact information to your topics. Contact information that goes off of EcchiDreams could be removed.
    • There are no limits to the amount of Private Roleplays that you can have. You can put multiple Roleplays within your thread. Just try and not give yourself too much to do, otherwise you may overwhelm yourself; but that is a suggestion, not a rule.
    • You must not force anyone to roleplay with you. If they do not wish to roleplay with you, respect their wishes. Anyone experiencing someone trying to force private roleplay on them, please click the report button within the EcchiText and the staff will deal with the situation.
    • You do not have to create a Character ID. How much information you put in your bulletin is up to you. However do keep in mind that people might be less inclined to respond if you simply put 'Wanna RP with me?'. If you do decide to use a Character ID, you cannot use an existing Character (Within the Roleplay Suite) unless it is your own. You also do not have to use the Character ID for the public roleplay. If you are using an image for your character, post it in the Private Character Gallery, here.
    • Images can be used within the Private Roleplayers Bulletin Board, however they must follow Gallery rules so you cannot post underage, or copyrighted images in your bulletin post.
    • This isn't strictly a rule, but a must follow piece of advice if you want to attract people that will roleplay what you want to roleplay: Make use of the tag system when creating your bulletin! Put in the tags that reflect what you're offering. For example, if you're putting up a bulletin about a cheating impregnation private roleplay, then use the tags 'Cheating' and 'Impregnation'. That way, potential responders can search for the tags they want, and be led directly to your bulletin.
    • You can request (via report button) to have your topic removed for whatever reason. 

    Other than that, any rules for your Roleplay will need to be decided by you. I cannot tell you what to put in your bulletin, but I will make some suggestions. Remember that these are only suggestions, and you do not have to use any of the advice given below. What you put in your bulletin is completely up to you, as long as it complies with the Terms of Service. 

    To start up your bulletin post, goto to the Private Roleplayers Bulletin Board. Then simply click 'Add new bulletin post'. Once it takes you to the editor page, you will need to put a title that will reflect what you're after. For example, a good thread title could be "Shadow's Private Characters", especially if “Shadow” puts information of his characters into the post along with any roleplays that he is inviting Dreamers into. Like I stated earlier, what you put in your actual post is up to you. My suggestions are below in a helpful little list. If you're still unsure as to what to put in the post, don't hesitate to send an EcchiText to a member of the staff. They will help you to the best of their abilities. And remember: Make use of the tag system! It will lead people right to your post, and may make responses a lot quicker.

    • When you create your post, it would be a good idea to make the first post into an introduction. In this introduction post, you can put what you will and won't roleplay in terms of themes, and what you expect of any potential roleplaying partners. Like good English and grammar. Also explain in your post and put links to all roleplays you're yearning for. And if you're including character IDs, put the character information in the bulletin. Also; try to make it pretty and well laid out. That may attract potential Roleplayers.
    • Say what you want. If you're looking for a Medieval plot based roleplay, state that. If you're after pure sex RP, then state that. If you want specific themes or kinks, then I advise listing them. If you don't, then someone might respond asking to do something that you may find uncomfortable.
    • Put information about your character in. You can either put an image and a description, just a description, or you could make a full blown Character ID. You are more than welcome to use the public roleplay template, but remember that you don't have to do all the fields if you really don't want to; you can modify it in any way you wish. Your bulletin, your rules! Just remember that if you are including images, adhere to the Gallery rules.
    • Write down any rules. For example, if you're looking for someone to roleplay a lover for your character, put down the kinds of things your character wouldn't do like cheating, anal, or threesomes. This makes sure that any potential respondents are well aware of what you are after so that no confusion happens further down the line.
    • Put any extra information. Like the location the roleplay will be set in, whether it is a real life place or a fantasy location of your own imagining. A back story might also be a good idea, explaining about the history of your character. That might help potential responders think of ideas for their own character that they would pitch to you.
    • Create an Roleplayer Preferences Sheet.
    • Finally; and perhaps most importantly… have fun!

    Remember that this is just advice, not things you have to do. If you have any other advice ideas, please send me an EcchiText with your ideas. If I approve of it, I will edit this post to add it in, with credit given if you so wish. As such, feel free to keep checking this thread to see if it has been updated or not!

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