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    Public Roleplaying and You


    Public Roleplaying and You!

    Table of Contents 

    • Introduction
    • Rules and Recommendations
      • General Rules
      • Starting a Roleplay
      • Joining a Roleplay
    • How to find and join a roleplay
    • How to start your own roleplay
      • EcchiDreams Standard Roleplay Rules
      • EcchiDreams Standard Character ID


    Public Roleplays are where roleplayers can come up with their own scenario for roleplaying in, or join an existing roleplay. The amount of people you can have in these and the amount of Roleplays you can roleplay in is limitless; however, you can only have four active roleplays at a time. This guide covers the basics and should help you get started; that said if you need help at all, don’t hesitate to ask. If you haven’t already we highly recommend trying and familiarise yourself with:

    You’ll be setting up your public roleplay in no time.

    Rules and Recommendations

    To prevent chaos, anarchy and outright pandemonium we have a few rules for Public Roleplay Creators (Game Masters).

    General Rules

    • Out of Character (OOC) should be used sparingly, and definitely shouldn’t take up the majority of your post (With exception to the first post of the Roleplay). 
    • Conflicts with other roleplays is bound to happen at some point, you should try to resolve these issues rationally with each other, as best as you can. However if you cannot resolve the issue contact a Senior or Community Administrator who will attempt to act as an impartial third party to arbitrate the dispute. 
    • Whilst it is only used as a last resort, if you continuously break the rules of the roleplays you are participating in, then you may face a ban from that particular Public Roleplay at the Game Master’s request. If you persistently do it in other areas you could be banned from the Public Roleplays outright, again we wouldn’t make that decision lightly, but we can if we need to.

    Starting a Roleplay

    • Your Roleplay must conform to the basic standards set in Section 17, and Section 17 Paragraph 1 of the Terms of Service
      • If your Roleplay Scenario has a difficulty of Intermediate or higher, you must create a public Character ID Topic and link to it in the first post to make others aware of what character ID’s roleplayers are using.
      • Clearly state any roleplay rules - If you don’t want the rules to be any different, put “EcchiDreams Standard Roleplay Rules” with the link. But, for example; if you’re running an “Witches/Wizards Only” Scenario this is where you’d put it. 
        • You can add or take away any rules from this ruleset for your roleplay. Read on for more information.
        • The rules of what goes on in the roleplay are up to the creator of the topic. Users can use the report button to report violations and if the report is made by the topic creator the posts will be removed, otherwise the topic creator will be notified of an anonymous report.
        • Your Rules do NOT override the Terms of Service. (For example in Character ID’s you are not allowed pictures of Minors either nude, and/or in sexual situations). 
    • At this time, Public Roleplays cannot be transferred from one owner to another. Topics that are “Shared” ownership are really owned by whomever created the topic.
    • Topic creators can request to close down (Lock) their topics under certain conditions, at the Roleplay Administrator’s discretion. Locked roleplays cannot be unlocked. Locked topics do not count toward your allowance list. 
    • You’re allowed four (4) individual (Unlocked) public roleplays open at any one time as a Dreamer. Gold Dreamers can have up to five (5) and Platinum Dreamers can have up to six (6). 

    We recommend the following:

    • Tag - To make their roleplay searchable; usually niches, or something that makes your public roleplay unique, typically what you want people to search for to find your roleplay. For example you could put the difficulty of the roleplay in there too.
    • You really should make it clear what difficulty your roleplay is, otherwise it’ll be considered as ‘Mixed’. If you want you may use one of our images from the Roleplayer Difficulty Guide, as this is easily noticeable. 

    Joining a Roleplay

    • The Public Roleplays are considered public, and thus anyone who is visiting EcchiDreams can read one that is posted up. 
    • Rules between roleplay to roleplay could be different especially if they still have their own rules. If you join a roleplay, and break these rules, then you might be asked by the Game Master to leave the roleplay. If you persist, then staff may become involved - a scenario nobody wants.
    • This is no limit to how many you can roleplay in at any one time. That said, you must adhere to the rules of that roleplay.
    • Your Character ID must be valid in the confines of the stated ID, if there is one.

    We recommend the following:

    • Making a Roleplayer Preferences Sheet. Some Game Masters may use your Roleplayer Preference Sheet for applications; or even outright require one to be filled out.

    How to find and join a roleplay

    The roleplays have different policies that are set up by the Game Master as such it’s largely dependant on what type of roleplay they have. Their first post should cover what needs to be done; however in the rare case that it doesn’t you should send them an EcchiText or seek out an OOC section so you can ask. Again the OOC section should be linked in with the first post, but sending an EcchiText to them shouldn’t be very difficult either. For a roleplay with high enough difficulty, additional information that isn’t found within the first post, will be found in the Extra Information which should be linked with the first post.


    This means that it’s open to everyone, as long as you fill out a Character ID that meet the minimum requirements of the roleplay. This should be stated on the opening page of the roleplay.

    Invite Only 

    Sometimes you can ask the Game Master if you can join their RP, however sometimes it might be explicitly stated in the opening page; not to. Invite only roleplays are usually private groups, be that friends that roleplay for others to read. 

    Apply to RP (Open) 

    This means that it’s application based, and you will most likely be asked to supply a Roleplayer’s Preferences Sheet. Typically there will be instructions on the first post of the roleplay that says what’s needed, what’s expected and/or required. The actual application itself could be through EcchiText’s or their OOC… You’ll need to pay attention to the Game Master’s conditions which again - should be public.

    Apply to RP (Full) 

    It’s an application based roleplay that is full, or has no more free slots, and not accepting new applications at the moment. 

    No CID Required

    This is rare; unless it’s a Casual Roleplay. It cannot be used with Intermediate Roleplays or higher... Usually.

    You might also want to read our Difficulties Guide, to work out where you fit and what you’re looking for. Once you have found a roleplay that piques your interest; read all the information attached to it, such as any extra information, and create your Character. Then, once the character is posted, you’re ready. Yes, it really is that simple.

    How to start your own roleplay

    For a casual roleplay, the minimum requirements for a roleplay is the main thread in which the roleplay is to take place in. For all the other difficulty levels, you would require not only the main roleplaying thread, but an extra information post to detail about your roleplay, as well as a Character ID thread to store the Character IDs of those whom have joined your roleplay. An Out of Character thread is not necessary, but it would be a useful tool for those roleplaying in your thread, as it provides a means to publicly speak about the roleplay, as well as dealing with applications; unless you’re doing this via EcchiTexts.  

    It’s recommended to have what you want to write somewhat prepared before you come to post it on EcchiDreams. Just be aware of formatting when importing from different documents; it’s always best to highlight everything when pasting it in, and pressing the remove formatting button (remove formatting.png) so you can format it like a professional. Of course if you want to write it straight in; that’s absolutely fine too… However [WIP] Roleplays that have not been updated, will be deleted after a week. 

    When you’re making a topic in the main Public Roleplays area, you’ll be presented with the following fields: 


    The title field is self explanatory; this is where you put the title to your roleplay. You only need to put the title of the roleplay in, anything else is extraneous information.


    This is where you select the policy, inappropriately marked topics may be corrected. The definitions of each are as follows:

    • Open - Open to everyone.  You would require your roleplayers to fill out a Character ID. This doesn’t stop you from putting in your own restrictions though. For example you could only want human characters or something, it just means that people can make a Character ID and start roleplaying with no troubles.
    • Invite Only - If you're setting up an RP for a group of your friends, or you'll be inviting others to the roleplay, then this is the option for you. Dreamers might still ask if they can join; and should take no for an answer, if that's your choice. If you want you can choose to put “I will ask you, don’t ask me.” Or something to that effect in your opening page, under the rules.
    • Apply to RP (Open) - You want people to apply before roleplaying. Great for higher difficulty roleplays, where you want to screen roleplayers, for quality reasons first, there’s no reason why you can’t even ask to see a Roleplayer Preferences sheet as in theory, if filled out correctly this should contain a lot of information you’ll want to read in order to decide if that person is good enough to roleplay with. You'll need to put the detailed application instructions in your OOC or Extra Information Topic, wherever you feel it's appropriate really and link it from your opening post. You can take applications over EcchiTexts or the OOC, which ever you are more comfortable with.
    • Apply to RP (Full) - You wouldn't and really shouldn’t start with this. When you have everyone you need to start the roleplay, you can edit your first post and turn it from open to full. 
    • No CID Required - This is rare; outside of casual and cannot be used with Intermediate Roleplays or higher... Usually.  If in doubt message a staff member first.


    Tags is where you put keywords that are suitable for your roleplay. Typically you’d put words or phrases that are associated with your roleplay, not only so prospective roleplayers can get a rough idea of what's involved, but so people can search for it easily. For example, if you’re running a Roleplay set in the fantasy-medieval era with dragons and such like, you’d put something like “medieval, fantasy, dragons, monsters, magic” and so on, you would need to think 'what would I search for to find an awesome roleplay like mine?'

    You don’t need to use all twenty-five tags. You don’t need to use any at all, if you don’t want to. Ideas of what to put into the tags include:

    • Genre(s)
    • Difficulty Skill (Mixed Skill, Casual Skill, Intermediate Skill, Advanced Skill, Expert Skill)


    This is the important one; you might want to leave placeholders for stuff like Character ID, Extra Information and OOC areas if you’ve not posted anything else up yet, as you can easily come back to it later and edit it. But this is where the first post of your roleplay is displayed.

    You’ll want to entice other dreamers to come and enjoy  your roleplay, but at the same time you need all the information present so people can decide to join or not. You may of course insert pictures if you wish to, and use the full range of formatting tools such as fonts and colours. EcchiDreams has a uniform theme, so you don’t need to worry about it looking fine on one theme, but not fine on another. We show you which colours work best in our Game Master’s Guide. 

    Here is where you’ll want to add links to the Character ID thread of your roleplay, as well as links to your Extra Information and OOC area. You’ll also need to put your rules in here; you can either use “EcchiDreams Standard Roleplay Rules” (Linked) or make up your own. You can mix and match too; if for example you want EcchiDreams’ Standard Roleplay Rules you’d put that but if you want people to (again; for example) Godmod, you’d add the additional under that (Or in brackets next to it) “With the modification that you’re allowed to Godmod” or something. 

    Optionally, you can state what sizes you expect posts to be, and so on.

    PROTIP: If you’re using the EcchiDreams Standard Roleplay Rules; do not just copy and paste everything from there to it, as anyone who’s been here a long time will already know them, and a link to the ruleset is sufficient.

    notify of replies.png

    If you want to keep track of your topic; this is a must. You don’t have to, but come on… It’s a fantastic way of keeping informed when someone has posted in your roleplay. If you’re getting too many emails from EcchiDreams when using this; then by all means, you can make finer controls over how often EcchiDreams emails you, including the ability to notify you instead of emailing you if you frequently come on EcchiDreams, or you can unfollow your thread altogether (Not recommended).

    submit topic.png

    This is the most complex thing you need to do (Only joking!). Just tap that button, and your roleplay will be posted up. 

    Next: You’ll need to create your Character ID thread; this is where people will reply with their character ID’s. Typically you’ll want a some kind of form for them to use as your first post; but you’ll also need to link it to the Roleplay thread for which it is the Character ID thread of. You don’t really need to worry as much about tags here. Like with the standard rules; you can use our Standard Character ID template, or you might want to make your own. You can use ours as a template if you want to.

    PROTIP: If you are using an image for a characters, you may want to link to the upload feature in the Public Roleplaying Character Gallery.

    Next: If your roleplay is intermediate difficulty (or higher), you may want Extra Information to talk about the environment of the roleplay. For example; if it’s a school you’ll want it to be a place where you can describe the school in as much detail as you’d like, including the classrooms, and what classes are taught there. More difficult roleplays will have bigger Extra Informations. Typically it’s not acceptable to post in someone else's Extra Information - unless they specifically tell you you can do it; or create their own Extra Information that you’ll link to your main post (As an Add-on). This is where you’d also set that restriction as well as any “Species Protections”.  

    Some things you might want to include as examples of restrictions, but this comes with an explanation in on itself. For general or unique species, you’ll probably want to protect their use in your roleplay, or indeed from the whole site. If they’re a certain brand of “common species” like Incubus/Succubus or something you obviously can’t protect that from being used in other roleplays, or the variations that go with it. 

    “You cannot roleplay this species without my permission” - Means people cannot roleplay as that species in your roleplay. You might use this is if want them to be roleplayed a certain way, or if you’d like to ensure some kind of quality control over your creations. 

    However you can protect it from being roleplayed in your roleplay. However if you have a species that you’ve created (And thus are Unique) or is already a distinct variation of something (Example: Keza’maraki (or Keza’s) are a variation of Nekos) you can protect this from being used in other roleplays as this would belong to you. Nothing would stop another person from making a variation of Neko’s themselves, but making a variation of “Keza’s” without the author's permission, for example, would not be acceptable. Nor would copying and pasting the species profile of the unique species and naming it something else, so your species are properly protected under the Terms of Service for EcchiDreams (Section 13, in this case).

    “Do not copy or roleplay the species in these profiles from here and use them in your own roleplay without permission from the author(s)” - Means people cannot copy or roleplay those species without permission from the author. 

    We understand that it can be both flattering and heart breaking to see your stuff being copied and used shamelessly; and that’s why we’ll protect it on this site. What isn’t protected is formatting styles.

    Finally; You may want to create an OOC (Out of Character) topic. It’s not necessarily needed, but it is indeed useful.

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