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  • Roleplay Difficulty Guide


    Roleplay Difficulty Guide


    To help roleplayers chose their level of roleplaying, a public roleplay topic should be tagged with either one of several tags: 

    • Casual Skill
    • Intermediate Skill
    • Advanced Skill
    • Expert Skill
    • Mixed Skill

    This is to help roleplayers choose the level that they are comfortable with. We realise that this is a highly subjective system, for example; what one might consider casual, another might consider to be something else, so this guide will attempt to put down some objective criteria. 

    When creating your own roleplay, you should include it, to stand out in the opening post; like this. You can feel free to use the images below to represent your difficulty as does standout. It’s important to select a difficulty/skill that is accurate, otherwise it could cause misunderstandings for fellow roleplayers and yourself. The intended purpose of this system is to help people find their level of roleplaying in a clear and easy to understand way. 

    Casual Skill


    A casual roleplayer is perhaps someone who is just starting out, or uses informal roleplaying as a means of relaxing. Usually casual roleplayers don't go into details, leaving it either up to the reader to decide, or simply prefer short form/IM Style roleplay (Such as *he licked his lollipop innocently* or *moans*). 

    • Typically, Casual Roleplayers don't post long posts, they can actually be any length, including one liners, or even one sentence per reply. 
    • There is usually little to no extra information, if there is it's usually just the basics. 
    • Character ID's are usually short/minimal if they even exist at all.

    Intermediate Skill


    Intermediate roleplayers are usually people who are either starting to come away from casual roleplaying, or someone who's been doing it for quite a while. There is some level of detail to Roleplay information. This level of roleplaying is for those who like casual roleplays, but want something a little more serious. 

    • Post length is usually between around one to two sentences, and one to two paragraphs.
    • Extra Information is likely to still be considered light reading.
    • Character ID's have considerably more information than Casual and almost always exists. 

    Advanced Skill


    Advanced Roleplayers are people who are fairly serious about roleplaying and expect some kind of detail, and something longer to read. This is something for those who want something a little more challenging.

    • Typically post length is at the very least one paragraph, even when there is very little to reply to. Usually they can be up to six paragraphs, or even more depending on how much there is to reply to.
    • Extra Information is a must for Advanced roleplaying, and there is almost always a good amount of detail to the roleplays Extra Information.
    • Characters have quite in depth Bios and interesting features. 

    Expert Skill


    Expert Roleplayers are people who are very serious about roleplaying, and expect the same kind of detail and such from people they roleplay with. Usually these roleplays are for extremely dedicated and serious roleplayers who like a good challenge.

    • Typically 6+ paragraphs per post. 
    • Like with Advanced, Extra Information is required. Roleplay Extra Information is very or even extremely detailed, often with multiple pages of it. 
    • Character ID's can quite massive. 
    • Provides a lot of heavy reading material.
    • There tends to be long, very complicated plots (And even multiple plots) within an Expert Roleplay, which tend to carry on for months, possibly years.
    • Sometimes these plots can become deeply convoluted

    Mixed Skill


    A mixed  roleplay is one that accepts all kinds of roleplayers, from casual to expert. This can be used for a number of applications, such as; casual roleplaying, practice roleplaying, cyber-only roleplaying and so on. For this level of roleplaying, while an Extra Information might not be necessary, it would be welcome and is strongly encouraged. 

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