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    Im open to a lot of Roleplays, gentle or really rough, Dominant or sub, anything so don't be shy. Use me however you like, or I'll use you~
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    If you see that a tag is not listed in the “I will do this” and “I will not do this”, that means I don’t necessarily like it, but I may be fine with it. Fandoms I Know Of (May be more that I don’t quite remember, thoughts simply ask and I will answer!): -Homestuck -SAO -Overlord -Fate Series (Apocrypha, Stay Night, Zero, Grand Order) -Persona 4 -Chunibyo, Love, and Other Delusions -Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid -RWBY (Volumes 1-4) -Fire Emblem (Fates, Awakening, Echoes) -I got reincarnated as a Slime -Goblin Slayer -Rising of the Shield Hero I also can do plots you or I come up with, and as long as it’s suitable enough, I shall do the plot that was mastered! So don’t be afraid of asking for help when it comes to what sort of plot you got in mind. Before going one, I will say that roleplays May be limited for me! So if I can not accept a roleplay, please forgive me for that, or if I have not relied for a while. Currently in a time where I am naturally busy. Although, you can ask me for a roleplay. I may not be free most of the time, but I can write pretty decently enough! Please note that I am an open minded person. If you need to ask me about preferences not listed, do go on to tell me. Also note that I’m actually a VERY open minded person, and often have difficulty actually making decisions. Therefore I shall leave at least most decisions to you unless it’s something specifically for me.
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    (✿ ͡◕ ᴗ◕)つ━━✫・*。 Kind of RP that Ely's Addicted To (Make sure to read this to get the best experience out of me) Netorare, Mindbreak, Male Domination, Rape, Orgies, Threesome, Slave, Cheating, Pet, Getting fucked by men with big cock. I dont have any character. That is too advanced for someone new like me. So, I will roleplay as myself (╯✿◕益◕)╯︵ ┻━┻ Quite busy lately so please expect me to be here like only on weekends. Do click the pic to visit my profile and say hi to me~
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    A little background: I've been RPing for a few years now. I wouldn't call myself a great RPer, but I would like whoever decides to RP with me to at least post 1-3 paragraphs. Of course, more isn't prohibited. Restrictions: If possible, I would like for the RP to be written in 3rd person, preferably using OCs. I don't mind RPing males, females or futas, but would like my partner to RP as either a female character or a futa. In the case of futa, while I've nothing against homosexuality or the like, I won't RP a male being anally penetrated. Furries are also out of the question. Lolis are debatable. Permissions: While I didn't choose any animal options, I'd like to note that animal people/monster girls are completely acceptable. Examples would be cat girls, fox girls, etc. You can find what I'm talking about on the MGE Wiki (Monster Girl Encyclopedia) Specifications: While I RP as male, female or futa, I prefer to RP as a male. While most Monster Girls on that wiki are acceptable, not all are. Please remember not to get upset if I decide I won't like to RP with that species. When it comes to Futas, I will only RP with Futas without a ballsack. Extra Information: I can be a bit picky about character pictures, so please don't hate me. If you're willing to do a private RP where we both have more than 1 character, let me know. I'm still trying to figure out a lot of stuff on this site, so do bear with me please!
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    hello! here's my thingy. If there's something not listed in yes or no, then i just don't rly think of it....but if it's in no, then, yeah, NO. Also, really, I don't play as men, it weirds me out a bit, and, really, i'm just not in to adult humanoid men. If you wanna talk about a roleplay, feel free to message me thanks for looking?
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    I generally prefer to roleplay a dominant male character, and I typically look for submissive feminine characters. Not necessarily strictly female though. Though if its not, I do prefer them to be submissive, with feminine features, traits, or similar. There are things that are sacred to me. Universally. Consent, cooperation, and acceptance. To elaborate, I personally really prefer things to be done out of free will. That really includes sex as well. I want to work together with my partner/s in order to make the best experience with what we have to offer. And lastly, I accept folks for who they are as people, including their preferences, and wont see you as anything but an equal, if you do the same in turn. (At least an equal outside of the sheets anyway xD) To sum up, I'm a young Dane, hoping to build some good experiences with a lot of other friendly perverts out there xD 'Hope to see you around!'
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    Hello, my name is Kassandra Kain and I'm looking to write stories together with likeminded individuals! A little about myself: I'm 21 years old and I've been roleplaying for around 3 and a half years now. You could say I'm pretty new at all of this. I'm here in Ecchidreams to explore my sexuality and my limits. I want to be tested! I want to try new things and experience different roles with new and interesting people! A lover of all things creative and strange, my favorite settings are always filled with fantasy elements. That said, let's talk about sexuality. A long long time ago, I would have firmly stated my preference as a dom. Nowadays, it's a little more murky. I find myself drawn closer to submissive roles. It's been something of an identity crisis, but it also makes me willing to try just about anything once. If there is one thing I draw the line at, it's scat. In short, I'm a young and curious girl looking to discover herself through writing! 'Till we meet again~.
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    EDITING! WORK IN PROGRESS!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I almost always play a shy innocent female sub! Is there anything around those lines you are willing to play? I am ok with almost any fetish or kink and I have several characters for you to choose from! For each of my characters I have a character sheet which I will reveal with whatever roleplay we do! ~~~~~~~~~ I have ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1 kitsune! - Legal Loli (Isn’t really underage just a sideaffect of having eternal youth) Name: (Partners Choice) Age: Was one of the first beings to walk Gender: Female Personality: Shy, Easily embarrassed, Vulnerable, Peckish Occupation: Minor Diety Bio: Once a proud and powerful son of the Nine Tailed Fox he went and did many things to help the human race and races of similar origin. Only in it for the fame and fortune he lacked compassion and was cruel to those who served under him. He only let women work under him because he was sexist and thought that the purpose of women was to be there to reproduce, give men pleasure, take care of children and take care of chores and cleaning one day he had talked down to a more powerful deity for being a women saying that they aren’t really good for anything other than grooming his tail and being a servant. She then cursed him to make him lose most of his power and live as a young fair looking girl for eternity. This was devastating to him because he was once a testosterone driven man who lived to prove his worth. Now without his/her physical strength matches that of a small goblin! Now SHE must fend for herself in a cruel and unforgiving world where the women are out for revenge (violent, verbal or sexual) and the men want some money (slave trade). There are a few though who seek more... Pic:  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 Neko! 1 is a Loli Name: Yuko Age: 8-14 Gender: Female Personality: Energetic, Naive, Playful, Impulsive, Occupation: Middleschool or highschool Bio: To be determined Pic:   There is 1 that can range from 7th grade age to her early 20s Name: Aria Age: 13-23 Gender: Female Personality: Shy, Innocent, Sensitive, Nervous, Introverted, Occupation: To be determined Bio: To be determined Pic:   and 2 that can go from ages 16 to 26! Name: Miku Age: 16-26 Gender: Female Personality: Naive, Shy, Innocent, Caring, Sensitive, Gullible Occupation: Gardener/Florist Bio: To be determined Pic:  Name: Haruno Ayano (Neko form) Age: Gender: Female Personality: Occupation: To be determined Bio: To be determined Pic:  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1 Human Name: Haruna Ayano Age: 16-26 Gender: Female Personality: Shy, Hesitant, Innocent, Occupation: To be determined Bio: To be determined Pic:  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 Furries all of them are 18 or older but younger than 30 Name: Serenity Age: 17-28 Gender: Female Personality: Occupation: Bio: To be determined Pic:  Name: Aela Age: 18-28 Gender: Female Personality: Occupation: Bio: To be determined Pic:  Name: Keira Age: 16-28 Gender: Female Personality: Occupation: Bio: To be determined Pic:  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Any preferences? I am really good at adapting to different types of roleplay as long as I get to use one of my own characters! Also, all images belong to there respective owners and all that lol
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    I"m generally ok with anything other than a few exceptions. send me a text if your are interested in a rp i prefer if we generally discuss a plot so can both get what we want
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    Open to a lot of roles and contend, so just ask.
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    I prefer rolepaying as a female, and I love it rough and degrading I prefer dominant and sadistic partners due to my submissive tendencies. I love 'bad ends', corruption, innocence lost, etc. scenarios being done to me. So if you want to do some punishing, grab me and make me beg to stop until I eventually cry out for more
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    Life is too short; I'll try pretty much anything at least once (read: Good luck trying to find something I won't RP ). I don't care about the gender of the person I'm RPing with, so if you feel the same way, I'm happy to discuss something. Also, I will say that there are probably things not on this list that I'd do, so if you have an idea not involving any of those preferences, feel free to bring it up; there is pretty much no way, at all, that you'd scare me off. I tend to give as good as I get, or at least try to, in terms of length of posts. I'd like to consider myself more than competent with spelling and grammar, and would prefer if a partner is at least fairly competent generally speaking, but that depends on what kind of ideas and enthusiasm you can bring to the table; I'm also more than happy to try and help you improve if you need/want my help doing so. Two general rules that I don't usually like: People 'playing' my characters. This includes but isn't limited to: moving my characters, assuming their responses, etcetera. There are exceptions, like for example if my character is injured, or it could reasonably be expected your character could move them, I have no problem with it (though it doesn't hurt to ask anyway). Making assumptions on what their reactions might be is fine too, but don't assume that is what they did. 'Abandoned' RPs. I don't mind if you don't wanna RP any more, but please do tell me. I'd rather know than wonder. Along the same lines, not finishing one and wanting to start another kinda bothers me too, excluding things like having more than one going, or temporarily setting one thing aside in favour of another. As an aside to this; I understand real life gets in the way sometimes. Hell, mine does. So as long as you understand you might not get immediate responses, you equally don't have to apologise if you've been gone a while. Anyway, feel free to bother me any time. Please do remember though, as a disclosure, that RPing with a Staff Member doesn't mean anything special, and doesn't exempt you from the ToS. If we RP, I would want you to think of me as an RPer rather than Staff in that setting, but if you break the ToS on the forums, I will deal with it if necessary. I'm an RPer... And a friend... But I'm still Staff...
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    Hehehe i'm new here. I will allow anyone to come here and roleplay with me, have some fun, and sex hehehe Enjoy your day!! Post on my timeline with something naughty if u want handsomes
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    As you can see from my list, I have very broad range of fetishes I would like to try out. Although there is some favorites of mine. If you noticed from the title, I love roleplaying in a fantasy world, and in a school. Ironic as it may seem, I never had the chance to do both at once. I love all sorts of characters, though to pick a few, my favorites would be loli, futanari, elf, maids, knights. I hope to have a good time here! Also, I love playing females and futanari. I love to be both dominant and submissive. Mostly submissive against males and futanari, dominant agianst females and futanari.
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    Okay, so I have quite a lot of preferences. I love Futanari (not me being one, but the other person), Cum Dump, Incest, Rape, Teacher x Student, Chains, Bondage, etc. Stuff like that. I prefer girl on girl, but only with futanari. I'm not that into guy on girl anymore. Someone please just do some extreme hentai cum inflation futanari shit with me :,)
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    I will roleplay almost anything, as you can see, I'm really open to everything, but my top one's are femdom, feet, mind control and BDSM ... Mind control being by corruption, parasites (aliens) or just hypnosis. (BDSM and femdom mainly as a male, female and futa is kinda the opposite)
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    I’m okay with about anything, as long as it isn’t too brutal or bloody.
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    I am a devout Christian, so there are very specific guidelines I follow when it comes to the roleplay I am willing to do. While I am very open to all sorts of kinks and fetishes, I will only allow certain ones under certain contexts. I will never, under any circumstances, participate in a roleplay that glorifies sexual immorality. However, I will be okay with roleplays involving sexual immorality if: The act leads to some sort of consequence (unexpected pregnancy, lost job/relationship, etc.) OR The act is portrayed as horrific (rape, torture, etc.) I want my stories to reflect Christian values. Sex will be used only with a purpose to advance the story in a meaningful way. This is why I will never, under any circumstance, agree to participate in a sex-only roleplay. This doesn't mean that my stories have to take place in a world where God exists, although depending on the type of story being told I may be adamant on the existence of God being left open-ended. It simply means that I don't ever want a story I'm writing to "inspire" anyone to commit sinful acts. I want immoral sex to be surrounded by feelings of guilt and/or fear either during or after the fact. A character I play as may enjoy having sex and even become addicted to the pleasure it brings her, but by the end of the roleplay that addiction will slowly take over her life and transform the story from an erotic fantasy to a horrible nightmare where her life spirals out of control. A story like that could be given a happy ending if she manages to escape her addiction and allows her experience to change herself, or it should simply stay a tragic tale of a girl who lost everything she had. But I would never write a story where such a girl would receive a happy ending without changing to avoid sexual immorality. As for my roleplaying style, I like to write a lot. I love creating new and unique worlds. I have a tendency to create an original character for each roleplay, even in fandom roleplays. Although sometimes I may reuse a previously created character if I really liked them. If you want to roleplay with me privately, I will give you a heads up that I tend to prioritize my public roleplays when it comes to effort. When I roleplay with others, I also have a tendency to try and match their level of detail. If I feel that our roleplay styles just aren't meshing very well, then don't feel bad if I send you a message telling you it won't work out. I don't like participating in roleplays where I feel limited in. If my partner isn't contributing anything, then I take it that they're simply bored with the story and I just don't want to continue anymore. I would much rather my stories end abruptly and hopefully one day pick up again when enthusiasm is back, than have a roleplay drag on for a year with absolutely nothing substantial happening. If you're a stranger looking to roleplay with me, please do not simply send me a message asking immediately. I would like to consider myself very approachable, but I would really like to get to know somebody before roleplaying with them. After all, it's really awkward to start a roleplay and then partway through realize you're just not compatible with each other. If you're trying to actually make conversation and be friends, then please don't open up with a message that literally only says "hi," or any other generic greeting. If you don't know what to say, tell me what about me caught your attention! If I just get a generic greeting, it feels like it's been copied and pasted to a hundred different people and I'll just ignore it like junkmail. That said, if we're already friends, you can always suggest your roleplays with me right out the gate and if you just want to chat, a simple "hi," is more than welcome! ^^
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    ▪DON'Ts • Godmodding ▪ADDITIONALS • Public Sex - Yup! To those who are also interested in this to spice things up- yup!~ ;3 • Spanking - I'm also into that~ Roleplay must have a story, not only about sex.
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    Small change here, if it isn't in the 'Yes' section but also not in the 'No' section. Then it is a 'Maybe'. Example: Rape: This largely depends on the story elements, but I will not do Rape as a Sex Only plot.
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    Of course, I can be flexible on some things and I confess that there are a few left unchecked simply because I don't know what they are. Also, here are some fandoms/genres I would love to roleplay: -Harry Potter *especially Hermione/Snape or Draco/Hermione -Marvel *Loki and Captain America are my favorite. -Bleach -Regency/Pride and Prejudice era -Vampires -Criminal Minds: I love Spencer Reid and Aaron Hotchner -Sleepy Hollow *Ichabod/Abigail -BWWM Couple "Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, it is okay to go ass to mouth."
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    I am extremely open to a variety of kinks and settings, I wouldn't say much is off limits if it will add to a compelling and dynamic story or character. I am uncomfortable with a few things here and there but I'm happy to have a discussion and nothing's really set in stone. A big thing for me though, if you couldn't already tell, is that storytelling and character exploration come first and foremost and the sexual aspects must fit in organically. I'm not saying I don't enjoy creating something in a more sexually-charged universe, but the focus on reactions and repercussions and development in that sense is what I really love. I do tend to lean more towards playing female characters with more submissive tendencies but I can happily play male, trans, nonbinary, dominant or submissive in any spectrum and the such. I can also (and frequently enjoy) playing multiple characters at a time within a roleplay with varied identities, sexualities and tastes. The length of a post doesn't matter all that much to me, depending on context I know I can definitely fall short at times but as much detail as appropriate is definitely appreciated. I'd also like any person I roleplay with to try their best with spelling and grammar, but hey I know we all make mistakes so perfection isn't a hard must. It's also possible for me to do fanfiction roleplays, but I am very selective about my fandoms. As it stands, the only fandoms I will roleplay are Vampyr, Boku No Hero Academia and Silent Hill. There may be more that aren't coming to me, but those are the only ones I have an active interest in for now. So if I do spark your interest, I'd love to hear from you and we can get to talking and hopefully get to creating something we can fall in love with. xxxx Vala
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    Hey! I'm Luscinia! If you don't know me, i'm the lovable submissive willing to do just about any RP imaginable. IRL I'm male and I trap quite frequently - But here I can play either a trap or just a normal girl. (sometimes both) I prefer RPs that last a long time, telling a story over many different scenes. Though I am fine with shorter 1 scene RPs so don't be intimidated. I'm willing to play with just about any fetish so don't hesitate to voice what you want to do. My only real restriction is that I can be quite picky - I prefer my characters to RP in situations they might realistically be in. For example Lulu is a great target for any blackmail type RP, but someone like Lucy would never care about that, and Lena would probably enjoy it. Characters like Lyle & Lynn and Lena are more suited for fun, happy-go-lucky RPs. Lulu is best suited for non-con while Lucy is kind of just there to have sex with no real attachment. Also my characters are important to me, once I've made them and formed their backstory I see them as like my own children. I don't like changing them in anyway, such as age/gender/etc. which might be a limit since most of my characters are below 18, and not everyone likes traps. I'm open to public RPs as well as private ones. I format my RPs like this; Actions & Narrative "Dialogue" One slight variation to this is with RPs involving Lyle and Lynn; "Lyle Dialogue" "Lynn Dialogue" Mostly I'm just looking to have fun and go wild. I'm willing to RP just about anything. If you can convince me I'd even be willing to play a dominant character, though probably more of a shy character just being dominant because it's their only option. Feel free to hit me up with an EcchiText if you're at all interested in an RP. If you RP with me and you like what I provide (or not) feel free to review this preferences as it might help push more people to me, and I always love more RPs. Lots of love; ~Luscinia
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    I love BDSM, Bondage and being a naughty submissive slut or slave. ^-^
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    Hello there people this is just my list of preferences for roleplaying, I want to expand my rping experience and pretty much rp with a lot of dreamers here so have a good one and hope to rp with you
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    My new preference~ My apologies if anyone can't find my old preference~ I love you all.
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    I just like to have fun and for the most part are open for anything! Just ask before sending anything... lewd!
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    I enjoy most types of genres! But anything with a good story arc where characters roleplayed as has the oppurtunity to connect and build a deep emotional relationship (werether that be a good one or bad one-), is what I prefer. Usually where the characters undergo some development through the story (for better or for worse!). This is mostly for roleplays that will last for a while. In general- I also prefer roleplays being on the descriptive side. I'm slightly flexible here though, because in the end it depends on the scenes happening in the RP and how they're written out. However, 2-5 paragraphs is preferred! I'm not too big of a fan of one liners, it makes it difficoult for me to keep going in an RP because I have so little to work out from. On the more sexual side of the roleplay spectrum, It depends on the character I'm roleplaying as! Usually it should say in the character ID. But! I'm VERY open to most roleplaying scenarios, and have fun doing anything I tagged above as "will roleplay with" :3 I'm not shy to explore darker aspects of roleplay (rape, incest, abuse, etc) because I KNOW there is a difference between fiction and reality. My characters actions or what my characters have happening to them does not neccesarily represent me or my beliefs in any way shape or form. Things that I don't find to be too fond of in RPs is having my characters be treated like they are disposable and replecable. I'm absolutely fine with having the character dynamic start off like that in a roleplay! As long as eventually a bond will form and they have somewhat significance in eachothers lives. If something isn't listed, it's most likely cause i'm very neutural about it and haven't explored the aspect much- so feel free to message me if you want to try it out with me!
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    Still learning, so up for most! Don’t be afraid to ask
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    Needed to create a "Version 2". lol So to clarify about Neko, Kitsune, etc. I will play as/allow others to play as Nekogirls and Foxgirls. Not the full on animal, however. Examples include Blake Belladonna from RWBY, Shoebill from Kimeno Friends, some Touhou characters, etc. Also to clarify, I typically do paragraphs in my RPs, but I can write short sentences (2-4 sentences per post) as well. I know some people seemed a little nervous about my original post saying I only do "short sentences", but I hope this clears this up. lol We could write it like a script or like in typical literature. Example: Script Name: Blahblahblah. Typical Literature "Blahblahblah," Name said.
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    Well, here is my Prefrences for now ^^
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    name: O'Jila Title: Commander Lustblaze Age: 20 Gender: Female Species: Tau Height: 5'0" Weight: Perfect Sexual Preference: Bisexual Sept: Tash'Var persinity: Feisty, Relentless, Helpful, Tough, Fearless. Bio:O'Jila or better known as Commander Blazestarter(Formerly) is a leader who rose to recent fame in the fifth sphere expansion. There she and her night fall(hunter) cadre smashed into the rotting hordes of the plague marines, not just saving the defending Tau cadre but also several new tau colonies. unbenounced to the Tau empire the imperial world that they had proclaimed apart of their empire after Commander Blazestarter’s campaign to push the plague marines back, had been lead by a heretical cult for the past few hundred years in the background. though once Blazestarter gave them new found freedom the heretical cult known as the juggernauts of bliss became the official ruling body of the world and as such gave Blazestarter a hero's welcoming claiming her as their 'champion' and her cadre the great legion that saved them. Not willing to displeasure the natives and start an abrupto revolution for the world of Lethea', she had accepted the leader's invitation to the ceremony of champion's where she would be blessed by their God 'the Prince of Pleasure'. After taking the blessing from the juggernauts of bliss's god, no one knows what truly happened behind the closed door of the center chapel, but what they do know is that the Ethereal that was sent to watch Commander Blazestarter during the campaign and be her adviser, Retitled her to Commander Lustblaze. Rumors say the name change was do to please the natives of the world, other say it was to please something else. At this point Commander Lustblaze’s cadre take on missions that would normally have a very low survival rate but somehow they still come out with very few casualties. Kinks: Creampie, Cum Shots, Lots of Cum, Big Cocks, Gang Bangs, Spit Roasting, Mating Press, Deep Throating, Face Fucking, Tit Fucking, Bestiality, Impregnation, Cross Species impregnation, Raceplay, noncon/rape. heart Loves heart • Beastialy, Mating Press, Full Nelson, Breeding, Raceplay, gang bangs, Ahegao, noncon/rape. Turn Off's • Scat, Blood, Guts, Puke, Potty Play, Piss,
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    So basically, I feel more comfortable with casual roleplayers, dont roleplay nasty stuff and I dont care how you write; oh, and I like being submissive (Please, I do this when im bored, dont ask me about irl stuff, I will not ask you)
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    Going a bit further. I preffer long rps, but it is not a hard requirement, i've got really few limits mostly toilet related stuff. As a native spanish speaker i don't expect people to have an incredible grammar or punctuation, but i'll deny you or stop replying if it gets incomprehensible, also i don't RP on spanish, personally dislike it. Mostly do Private Rp, but i am interested on public ones. I'm pansexual but i have a lean toward more femenine body types (Female, Traps, Futas) and my fave genres are Fantasy, Sci-fi and City. I really require plotting, so if you are just gonna send me a message, it's fine if you greet me on character, but please dont just jump to the Rp. Thats all, hope we can have some fun <3.
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    Aside from all the choices above, I am a straight guy, so I do prefer roleplaying with women. If you're also interested in doing fan fic erotica, let me know what series/franchise you wanna do, and we'll go from there. Some franchises that I think have really hot girls include Danganronpa, Fire Emblem, Overwatch, and a lot more Nintendo stuff
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    I hope this will suffice for you all. Please keep in my mind that I only roleplay with females, I will not do any erotic roleplays with males even if they play female, please forgive me on that.
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    "I may play the fetishes that are not checked by both the 'Will Roleplay: Fetishes' and 'Will Not Roleplay: Fetishes' sections as experiments to see if I like them or not. Same goes with the 'Genres' and 'Types of Roleplay Characters' sections. I'm not very picky about how long your sentences are, but please have fairly decent grammar. Other than that, I'll make sure to have fun here!" "I am the proud owners of four species: Bahira'mantailawbura (Eternal Entity) Unversed (Angel/Demon Hybrid) Hagorath (Basically Vampires. Species shared with @Neptune) The Mēfwa (Click for species profile) "I hope that we can have fun together ^_^"
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    I have been an avid roleplayer for over ten years. Since being on EcchiDreams, my roleplaying has become a lot better, and my posts much more detailed. I will roleplay just about anything, with a few exceptions. That said, I don't particularly like short, meaningless roleplays. I like my roleplays to have a sense of depth and realism. I want the environment around my character to be as detailed as possible, otherwise I grow very bored very quickly and I lose the will to post. I love the challenge of taking a subject, such as large cocks or the use of crystal technology, and explain them in such a way that it could be believable. Two of my favourite genres of roleplaying, are Medieval and Sci-Fi, both of which I feel a great sense of fascination. I love to do large plots, with a lot of drama and action. I will list them below, and explain what they are so you can join if you're interested. If you want me to roleplay with you, please send me an EcchiText. I would prefer it if you had some idea as to what you would want to RP with me, but I don't mind trying to figure things out :3 This I really do not like: EcchiText Roleplaying: I do not roleplay privately in EcchiText, nor via the chat bar. Do not bother asking, because the answer will always be no. The same applies to taking any roleplaying off of EcchiDreams. Not only do I not like using the platform of the EcchiText system to roleplay, but it is highly inappropriate for me to be doing that. Short Posts: I do not like roleplaying with someone that does short posts that lack any kind of detail. I struggle to find a suitable reply to them and often get too bored to even want to continue. Incubus and Succubus characters: I just don't like roleplaying with them, especially if it's sex. Most of my characters have an adverse reaction to them anyway. Roleplayers who do not read: I do not like it when I am trying to roleplay with someone, and they completely ignore something my character says or does. It's frustrating and I absolutely do not like it. That said, I absolutely do not like it when I do it by accident, either. And I expect to be told so I can correct. One Dimensional Characters: Such as characters that exist for sex only. I like depth and realism to the characters I roleplay with. Even a character that has primarily sex based abilities can be made into a deep and detailed character. Sex only roleplaying, and sex scene after sex scene: While sometimes it can be nice, I prefer having plot involved as well. Doing only sex roleplaying can be boring after a while. I would never stop anyone else from doing that; it's just a personal preference :3 Certain fetishes and character ages: I will not roleplay sex with a character who is under the age of 14 (18 if non-UFF/EPSI). I will also refuse to roleplay Scat, Gore, Vore, Necrophilia and Adult Baby (Special exceptions for that one). Although in regards to Gore or even Vore, I will not RP it in a sexual sense. I will not sexualise it in RP. However I will do it as part of a general plot, especially those with a dark theme (Such as a brutal murder or forced cannibalism) Even if you still want to roleplay despite all of my restrictions, I will try to post as quick as I can. But please realise that sometimes I can get so busy I cannot post on EcchiDreams. But if I haven't posted within a week, please message me to give me a boot up the arse, and to make sure that I haven't forgotten! That said, if you have not posted for a month despite attempts to contact you, and without giving me a reason, then due to the roleplay rules (Scenario) then I will move my characters on without telling you. And now, for a DISCLAIMER! Allow me make categorically clear right now; Any views expressed or actions done by my characters that I roleplay, DOES NOT represent my views or the views of EcchiDreams. In no way shape or form do I condone most of the stuff my characters do, in REAL life. However this isn't real life, this is a roleplay, and I love fiction as much as the next person. You will see alot of interspecies breeding, incest and maybe even bestiality from my roleplays. You may also see racism, sexism, and other unpleasant things too. I do not endorse such actions in real life, and it's purely a fictitious act. (Eg. An actor may play a paedophile on TV. Doesn't mean he's a paedophile in real life.) If you can't understand that simple concept, then I will have nothing to do with you roleplaying wise. Plots: Craethiel: My Character, Talivana is one of the only surviving Eldyrannth on the entire planet. She must discover who killed her people and to bring justice to them. At the same time, she must deal with a mysterious Time Traveller and events that stretch much further than the Mountain ranges of her former home. Andromeda: I have a few various plots going with this one, mainly including the station staff. It may be possible for other characters to be included in these. Species that I created and own: Eldyrannth: At first glance, they are humanoid. However they have the ability to shift into the form of a large dragon. They also have command over exotic technology that gives them supernatural seeming powers. Zeta'muluri: One of the species of the UFF/EPSI Federation. They appear to look like Dragon Anthros, however they are something completely different. While they appear vicious and aggressive, they are deeply compassionate and cultured. They have a strong sense of honour and are incredibly intelligent, having technology that is more advanced than humans. Dreshza: A malevolent race that was created by the Daedra (demons). They are the servants of Hell and do their bidding on the mortal plane. They are cruel, and will not hesitate to kill. They have the ability to transform into a large blue bird that has command over electricity. Areas where I currently Roleplay in: EcchiTown EPSI Federation Blackberry Falls Blackberry Falls: Zombies Private RP Club (Just message me to talk about setting up an RP) Utopian Curse Craethiel Kingdon Andromeda Black City
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    About the Writer: Just a person with two X chromosomes who has a penchant for writing smut Fairly approachable! Send an idea or two can we can discuss something Preferences: As a writer I have no preference nowadays when it comes to writing perspectives. For spontaneous roleplays it really depends on the context of how you make an in-character post. If I think I can work with it I will reply to it in-character, however if it is something brazen or a scenario I'm not too sure on I will most certainly want to pause and ask questions. I'm only interested in writing smut with male characters so apologies in advance Miscellaneous Links F-List Here is a link to an OC I use on F-List for roleplaying as the kinks listed for her are quintessential examples of kinks I have a tendency to strive for. Please note that these kinks are not set in stone and there is fluidity if my interest can be piqued. https://www.f-list.net/c/ayaka tachibana
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    That's pretty much it! I'm super flexible on these too and a full on dedicated sub. So... Just tell me what you want me to do. Master/Mistress.
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    Just as a general disclaimer: I am here to participate in roleplays involving sexual ageplay in which my characters are the younger ones. If this is a limit for you, I am not the partner you are seeking. I am also exclusively seeking dominant male characters at present. I have a very high preference for the following aspects or themes in a roleplay: abduction/kidnapping, corruption of innocence, incest (mainly Father/son, but I will also do Older Brother/younger brother and Uncle/nephew), Teacher/student, Priest/altar boy, monsters (particularly evil clowns, if you catch my drift ), and fearplay. I suppose that's all the necessary information for now. I highly encourage anyone interested to contact me as soon as possible! I'll be waiting with abated breath.
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