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    Please join me in congratulating @Aurafox1 and @Sunstone who've become a part of the Staff Team, here on EcchiDreams.
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    If absolutely nobody wants to roleplay with you, you should probably reconsider how you approach others.
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    Hello everyone! I know I've been away. I need a break from everyone to be honest. I needed to focus on my health and well being. I'm glad I did because it was truly hard to talk to people on most days without crying. I suffer with PTSD and I had lots of symptoms to cope with that took a toll on me. I needed to take care of myself for a bit before I lost it. Roleplaying has always given me an escape for me and when I reached a point where I couldn't do it, I knew I had to get away to focus on myself. Sorry I didn't tell anyone that I was leaving but I just had a difficult time speaking to anyone for that matter. Hope you'll understand this. Each night I was crying and suffering from so many symptoms. If you wish not to talk to me anymore, I'll completely understand and there won't be any hard feelings. Just very hard to try to reach out to people when I'm feeling this way and hating myself for things that I went through. Things got really rough for me and now I'm focusing on myself and my health which is very important to me. So if I'm on for a day or two it's strictly cause I needed a day to myself. I need friends in my life who understand, who will support me and who won't judge me for the type of mental illness I have. I do have some horrible days sometimes, but I'm strong and I've come a long way. So I hope I'll still be able to continue to come here without be judged and treated fairly. Don't ask anything from anyone, if you want to be here for me, I'd love that. If it's something you simply can't do, I'm fine with that too. I don't ask much from anyone. Just thought I should post this up because I'm tired of bottling all of this in and I just need people who I can role play with and feel comfortable. I love role playing and it still continues to be my source of escapism. I love writing and I love RPing. I've been role-playing since my teenage years and I doubt I'll ever stop. I missed everyone on here and I hope to hear from you all again soon!! Love Always, Enchanted Dream
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    These are the types of pics she didn’t want you to know about ~
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    "Just for anyone who keeps flooding the status area with 'I'm bored' and 'Anyone up for roleplay' things, please consider taking it to the private roleplay forum. Thank you!" Private Roleplay Bulletin
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    IF I ever become a Gold Dreamer I'm going to donate points to people on their brithday....Just thinking of this because mine is on thursday hehe
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    I gotta take a second to talk about something serious... by 'talk' I mean I have a string of thoughts in my head that I feel like I need to share. So bare with me a moment, and I apologize in advance if I ruin anyone's mood because I know we are all here to have fun. As most of you know, I work armed security... my daily site is at a high school for troubled kids. Gangs, teenage pregnancy, drug abuse. Some of the kids in my charge have ankle bracelets to let their probation officer know if they leave school. My job is to keep the staff and students safe. I carry a gun on my hip because I am trained and licensed to use one if I ever have to. But today... today I have to do something, I never thought I would have to... we are having a drill for an active/mass shooter. Now, I'm not discussing gun politics or mental illness or any of that other crap, my experience tells me all that does is piss people off and I am not here for that. I just had to get it off my chest that I have to go through this school with the mindset of a mass shooter during the drill and target class rooms and students so we can find better ways to protect them. The fact that I am in this position saddens me.... I am here to teach them how to protect themselves during a situation you can never be prepared for. Anyways I just felt like sharing... hope yall are having a good day besides reading my rant.
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    Taking a little break for two hours or so, dinner, family time with my mum... Stuff... Will definitely come back to reply later this evening.
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    So uhhh, next Tuesday is my birthday!
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    Guess who's staff now~ I like the purple Thanks to everyone who supported my application! I hope to be of great help to everyone here! ^^
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    A new milestone: 80 online in the last 24 hours. Thanks very much everyone!
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    Well time for me to make the announcement of my big return~ I will be here from now on and back from that little hiatus so hit me with an Ecchitext to rekindle with our RP~ Also Good night~ =D @~Ava-chan~ @Amber West @Anceril Night @asarenno @Angela Daring @AzumiMoonLove @Alaniz @Blakesmith90 @Çhërry @Crystal Kitty @CuppyPotatoes @CuteNeko @Damask @Dreamlessx @Enchanted_Dream @Fated Melodi @FutaSerena @FelineBeauty @GirlyBoy @Heather @o0Hina0o @HinaAmane @Ikn0wb0ss @Jade @Kai @Karma-Akabane @Laroy @Kayla @Kimpocalypse @Lata fenley @Liily_ @Link @Littlecumkitten @Local Tit Cow @Luna @Maxx @Mash @Mai Seto @Manni @Moshingxmyxdemi @MysteriousMaple @Neptune @NickWantsToRP @Noah Takumi @NyxAvatar69 @o0Hina0o @onearmeddruid @PixelBoi @Rachel Chan @Rei Senpai @Serina @Sexy galaxy @Shadow dreamer @ShuyaHideaki @Aurafox1 @SkylarSlut @SnowFall @SMFoxy @Soukoku @Suika @Platina @Temaelrin @Sunstone @TheJinxedspirit @Violet flames @YokoYamichi @PinkKitten @Yuuto Hiroshige @Zanimus @Zero
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    It is already, or still, Christmas in most of the world, now. Merry Christmas, everyone!
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    Here is something cute I meant to put up yesterday! I just think it’s adorable ^-^
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    I dunno much about it, but today's the day so I'd just like to personally part my respects to the people who lost their lives in 9/11. If you know anybody that did, you have my condolences.
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    I'd like to make an announcement! @Lisa and I are currently working on a very unique roleplay club unlike anything this site has seen! We're currently working on piecing together all the details, but I'm excited to get this thing up and running! Since we're still going to be working on some details here and there, I'm not going to say much, but I will say the story will focus heavily on blackmail. I hope everyone is as excited as I am~
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    Currently out in the middle of nowhere with @Neptune taking some star/space pictures and I can't think of anywhere I'd rather be.
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    "Have some hentai ^_^"
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    To all those who were worried about me and/or missed me: Sorry about that~! xP I've been under the weather, and having internet issues. I won't be on much longer tonight, but I'll try and get to everyone waiting.
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    Damn~ it's good to be back~!
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    All of the lewd and teasing artworks I come across.
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    Here's a photo that I thought looked pretty somehow.
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    ~DREAMER OF THE MONTH ANNOUNCEMENT~ If you are reading this from the community wall on the home page, click the time it was posted or reply to see the full status. The results this month for Dreamer of the Month for November 2018: [> Click or Tap here to vote December's 2018's, Dreamer of the Month <] [> Also don't forget about the EcchiLotto Draw, for New Years Day <]
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    Yes, sex is cool... But... Have you ever tried, Filling your body and soul, With the words of the lord?
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    Best to click the community wall to see the full thing) What RolePlayers think they will get: What RolePlayers actually get:
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    Hey everyone, excuse me while I get on my soap box here. This is going to sound like a lecture, but please don't take it that way! ^.^ I just noticed that some players around here have been pushing to be more than RP partners, instead seeking more of an internet based relationship. You all know we have a rule against that in the ToS so I won't go into that argument. I do want to share my experience however and hope that it just serves as a cautionary tale. Before I do however, there is nothing wrong with seeking a relationship, but it does come with it's own risks and some can be very damaging which is why our admins wanted to midigate the risk by simply not allowing it and I don't blame them. So here is my experience and confession... and why I agree with the ToS policy here. When I first joined this site, I met a very charming girl who was sweet and a very talented writer! Her expression on kinks and what her characters were experiencing were arousing and I quickly became addicted to reading her posts. We hit it off real well out of character too! She was sweet, kind, understanding and was very open with me. She came to my state and invited me to come see her. I was a bit hesitant at first, not because I didn't want to... but because she was married. As a male of my species however, it did not take much to convince me to go. I won't lie, what happened when I visited her was some of the hottest sex I have ever enjoyed! Two adults enjoying one another completely outdoors in a tree of all places! She was fun, funny, caring and kinky as hell! I could tell I was falling for her... hard... even though I knew it was not going to last. No sooner had I left, we were already making plans to meet again! Then her husband found out. He read every line of our role plays and communications including the fun retelling of our erotic rendevous we told one another. I could only imagine the fight that followed, but I do know what happened next... she left EcchiDreams... she had to save her marriage for numerous reasons and I don't fault her in that. It did break my heart and it has taken a long time for me to get passed the fact that someone I had connected with so easily and completely would never be allowed to speak to me again. Not only would I not be able to see her again, but no one else here on ED would get to enjoy her creativity, her skill, and her genuine kindness for everyone here. I took that away from her and ED because I was unable to keep our relationship to role play/friends only. You could argue that maybe if it wasn't me it would have been someone else, or it would have happened eventually, but I was the cause in the end regardless. Because of my lust and selfishness this site has lost an extremely talented dreamer. And that's why I support the rule expressed in our ToS here against using this site to try to date... Relationships started on these sites can be beautiful and last forever, but if they fail... the resulting drama, and damage can harm more than just the two involved. Two of my friends have gotten together on this site, and they are adorable and I wish them the very best! But when you use this site for the sole purpose of dating, you are potentially opening a door to a world of hurt you don't want to fathom. I apologize to her for my weakness, and I apologize to the dreamers here for this site losing such an amazing person. And I apologize to our admins for learning too late the importance of those rules in our ToS. I hope my experience shows that the reson for the rule isn't to prevent you from developing a relationship here... but to protect our dreamer's privacy and prevent drama and losing good people. Thanks for reading everyone, I will get off my soap box now.
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    Start of the week, worn out from work as usual. Trying hard to write some replies this evening, need some sleep first. Love you guys and our very..... Arousing plays.
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    How I wanna spend the last bit of summer left. https://78.media.tumblr.com/6da09eeafe37319c3074e6684469bbc0/tumblr_p6p41d6xYH1xnkhf8o1_500.gif
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    Three awesome players I have to leave for tonight. Sorry friends, but bed is calling. It was an amazing evening and I am looking forward for tomorrow after work. Thank you so much, you really lifted my spirits after a tough day.
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    After a prolonged (excessive), unannounced, and unexplained Leave of Absence, I have returned to EcchiDreams. It's great to be back, and a pleasure to see all the new faces that have joined us. Hope you all didn't miss me too much.
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    Mmmmm... Hello.. I'm your teacher Ecchitext me and we'll get class started
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    Myst's boss: What are you doing? Myst: Writing. Myst's boss: I didn't know you write, what are you writing? Myst: *Quickly closes Ecchi Dreams and pulls up google docs* just a book.
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    I did write a full announcement, but I hit the back button my mouse and lost it. I'm just going to roll the announcement in with my Summer Updates announcement in July/August. But I will softly announce here: EcchiCredits, EcchiStore, EcchiLotto and "My Inventory" have received a major overhaul. EcchiCredits for Reputation is now enabled again, and is no longer exploitable. Everyone who had a bank balance will find that it has been returned to their main accounts, you will need to deposit it again to put it back in your bank. (There is a deposit fee, but no withdrawal free, the opposite to the previous.) Interest Rates are set at 2% a month, rather than 10% a year, which works out to be better for everyone. We've listened and now it is down: You can now "Buy and Use" from the EcchiStore, rather than it going to your inventory, by default. Bug Fix: You can actually use the Premium Membership you buy from the store. The Beta Test to EcchiLotto is online for everyone! Buy your ticket today for the January 1st 2019 - New Years Draw! Tickets are 100 EcchiCredits each, and the jackpot is 50,000 EcchiCredits + 90% of all ticket sales. For those that like statistics; yes there is a new EcchiCredit Economy Statistics page. Various bugs have been fixed.
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    If you fucked Harley Quinn from DC, would you be getting some Insane Clown Pussy?
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    I-is this a good position..?
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    What..? Why are you staring so hard..?
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    Hello everynyan, I'm back! I had to take a break, I wasn't able to concentrate on RPs or basically anything, so I took a small vacation to the village I was born, and met some sweet people there~ I hope you all are doing well-- oh, good morning BTW!
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    Promise, I'm going to keep this short and keep the sappiness to a minimum. I wanted to take a monent to recognize some awesome people who have shown me such wonderful patience, both in RP and Socially! A little over a month ago, I wasn't the easiest person to get along with... hell, I was damn depressing at times. You guys deserved better and now that I am back and into the swing of things, I think it's amazing you all have been so welcoming! I love you all! And you are all sexy as hell! @Shuya "Cheshire" Hideaki @Harmony Frost @Anceril Night @Kitty @Fℓåку @thatonerandomchick @Lisa @PinkKitten I'm looking forward to all our adventures!
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    Done with another long shift. Two down, one to go... Still, can't complain; despite working similar lengths in the past, this seems easier. somehow...?
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    I'm probably not gonna be on today, because I have my first shift of my (hopefully permanent) new job today. Wish me luck~!
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    On my way to the night job! Im so glad to be back and I will see yall tomorrow morning!- morning my time
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    *waves frantically* Notice meee!!
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    Yes, yes, But Vergil? Wasn't the previous one your last one? I got something super, super, super, super important to tell everyone in here! I take a deep breath before revealing the big news. So...It's happening...I have a girlfriend now and no...It isn't RP or acting but a genuine relationship with someone here in ED. It is strange for something like this to happen but I am glad it came to this conclusion. That's someone is! @NyxAvatar69 Some stuff worth mentioning: 1. Hands off! She is taking in. xD 2. If you approach my girlfriend lewdly then you are doing it wrong and quickly rejected. Behave or else. 3. She may not look at but Nyssy is quite shy so don't bombard her with too many questions or force a conversation....
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