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New Feature: Community Dashboard

Greetings everyone! 

One of the common complaints we've had from one to one communication with our fellow Dreamers is about how hard it is to navigate EcchiDreams, and finding the things you want to find. Ease of browsing (As well as Dreamer interaction) is something we're still working on, but we hope this will help immensely; so without further ado, I'd like to introduce you to the Community Dashboard.

We wanted to make something that was clean, responsive, and will work on all devices that are compatible with EcchiDreams. We went for a minimalist, and rather clutter free design for ease of access. The buttons are unique to the thing you're looking at, and hopefully over the next few days I will give each dashboard it's own colour theme, for the icons (Like the Community Dashboard has except for buttons going to another). They're also quite big, but not too much so, for people who use touch screens. 

The Staff here really do listen; so as usual if you find any bugs, spelling mistakes or complete cockup's please direct your complaints here. Likewise if you have any Suggestions, Comments or Feedback about this please post in this thread. It'd be very much appreciated, thank you. 

If you made it this far; it's a short announcement. To fill it up some more, we'll level with you all, about another feature we're working on bringing back. EcchiDreams, before the Big Update had an achievements/awards system for doing things on this site. We're bringing this back in, with much overhauled system, like it's done properly. It'll also pave the way for future events, and competitions, which we're fairly excited about and starting to somewhat plan out already. We thank you all for being part of EcchiDreams.

Sweet Dreams,

EcchiDreams Staff

PS. The following button will only work, if you're logged in.


Community Dashboard

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