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Statistically Dreaming 2020

Hello fellow Dreamers,

Every now and again, I release some statistics for EcchiDreams. For 2020, I got a bit of a large one. If you'd like to see more of these every year or so, please let me know in the comments below. If any of the pictures are too small, and you can't see the text, please try opening them in a new tab. You might be able to see them better. I will improve on the graphs next time. 

But before I get into it, there is a few things I wanted to mention. There is an article I am planning in relation to a rising phenomenon that we've seen on EcchiDreams called "Ghosting" of which I am neutral on the subject (as in I either have no opinion on it, or I have mutual opinions). However I'd like a spot of help for research if you wouldn't mind answering some questions. Please send me an EcchiText with the subject "Ghosting":

  • If you've ever ghosted someone
  • If you've ever been ghosted
  • If you have ever ghosted and been ghosted

The deadline is March 1st 2021. I promise that this data will be used for research for the purposes of the article, information provided will be stripped of anything personally identifiable, and certainly stripped of names and specific situations. It'll be treated as confidential. 

Another thing I wanted to bring up before getting into this; is that the EoY (End of Year) update is scheduled to take place on the 16th of December 2020 during the hours of 09:00hrs to around 13:00hrs, with any luck. I will keep everyone up-to-date and informed on it as we get closer, but this will be quite a large update, with lots going on, and lots of fixes, with perhaps a new feature or two. 😉

Lastly; as some of you may have noticed... Sunstone is no longer a member of staff anymore. On October the 24th; after a long discussion he informed me that:

"I think it is in my best interest to step down and walk away, so that I can better focus on other things in my life - possibly starting a new course in college, maybe preparing to travel abroad in a few years down the line, maybe starting an indie career in game design or music design or some other creative interest. I'm looking forward to new horizons. My time on EcchiDreams has formed a staple in my life and constituted many of my experiences as a young adult which I am sure I will look back on with blissful nostalgia in the years ahead. But for now, I think it's time for me to spread my wings and fly away."

I had permission to quote this. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say that he has our full support and best wishes for the future. 

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Table of Contents (You are here)
  2. Methodology and Caveats (Correct Term?)
  3. EcchiDreamers and Profile Information
    1. Devices
    2. Demographics
      1. Age
      2. Sex and Sexuality
      3. Location
  4. On Site Usage
    1. EcchiTexts
    2. Registrations
    3. Reactions
  5. Roleplayer Preferences
    1. Private Roleplays
    2. Preferred Lengths
    3. Grammar and Spelling
    4. Sexual Content: Liked and Disliked Fetishes
    5. Preferred Types of Roleplay
    6. Character Type Preferences

Methodology and Caveats

The method of which this information is collected depends largely on what information was collected, as I will break down below. This largely depends on user generated input, so I cannot vouch for their complete accuracy, but there is enough data to start painting a bigger picture. All information collected from EcchiDreams was anonymised. Meaning it was downloaded onto my computer with usernames, user ID's, emails, and everything personally identifiable - removed. The only things I had access to was the specific information I was looking for; for example: 

  • Retrieving a list of Dreamer's selected Gender's and Sexual Preferences only. Which would give me a CSV file that I could put into Excel that had two columns; "Sex" (Male/Female/Prefer not to Say) and "S_Pref" (Heterosexual, Homosexual, Bi-Sexual, etc). That's it, nothing further. 
  • For the Roleplayer Preferences - to build a picture of what people are looking for on EcchiDreams, what the most commonly liked things are, etc... I just downloaded that section of the database containing all of that information and stripped out the personal stuff such as Usernames, IP Address, User IDs, etc, and this would literally just give me lists, which I then broke down so that for every time something was selected, it'd put it in the list. For example "EcchiText Roleplays" would be a column of which would be populated with "Yes, Yes, Yes, No, Conditional, Yes, No, No, No, etc."
    • Because of this I am unable at this time to correlate the difference between preferences and sex's as well as preferences and sexual preferences. Maybe next time?

For the some of them, I correlated it against Google Analytics, and the information that held on it. I only took a screenshot of the information I required. But again, this is based on User Input, as far as I am aware. It also - again, as far as I am aware, doesn't collect information from those that have opted out, or from those that use analytical blocking. Most importantly: Google Analytics information comes from ALL visitors to the site (Apart from the above mentioned exceptions), and not just the registered Dreamers. So whilst it's not a complete picture, or 100% accurate, it does show trends, or at the very least "Paint most of the picture".

I am aware that there are some people who would rather not listen or be informed of some of the information I'm going to share. I've brought it up in the past when people (Mostly Men) have demanded "Girl Only RPers" or "Girls Only Respond" that most of the EcchiDreamers are in fact Males; and those that say they are female - are more than likely male, as well. They'd get very defensive, and close up immediately. If you're one of those; please click off this article because - spoiler alert - this data may very well upset you.

All the information from EcchiDreams is based on currently registered Dreamers:


  • Deactivated Accounts
  • Inactive Accounts
  • Active Accounts
  • Suspended Accounts (Temp Banned)
  • Restricted Accounts
  • Premium Accounts
  • Staff


  • Banned Accounts (Perma Banned)
  • @Ecchia (Bot)
  • Diagnostic Accounts from third parties (IPS, for example)
  • Accounts belonging to the deceased (That we've been made aware of)

EcchiDreamers and Profile Information

This information contains things about the Dreamers registered to the site. 


Data Source: Google Analytics (Between 20th October 2019 and 20th October 2020)

Over the years many sites on the internet have seen an increasing trend of visitors using mobile phones to access the site and EcchiDreams is no exception. This is why we modernised the site in 2015 so that it was more friendly towards mobile users, but still look somewhat sleek and modern on Desktops as well. This has since matured, thanks - in large - to IPS (Invision Power Suite, the base software for the site), as well as theme decisions. As we can see from the graph 59.4% of visitors to our site use mobiles, 39.0% use desktops/laptops and 1.6% use tablets. Whilst the trends for mobiles and desktops are on the increase; tablets are on the decrease from the previous year (if I am understanding the numbers correctly).

I remember reading a bunch of articles online declaring boldly, that "Desktop Computing is Dead!" Well; the data doesn't back that up, for EcchiDreamers at least. Whilst it hasn't increased with the same share as Mobiles, it still is increasing overall and not by an insignificant amount. There is likely to be overlap as people use both devices to access and use EcchiDreams (I know I do). 

*Graph has been edited for those who are Tone/Shade Colourblind. 

The 10 most popular mobile devices are as follows:

  1. Apple iPhone (38.49%)
  2. Samsung SM-N986U "Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G" (3.12%)
  3. OPPO CPH1909 A5s (2.73%)
  4. Apple iPad (1.82%)
  5. OnePlus IN20205 8 Pro (1.82%)
  6. Google Pixel 3 (1.43%)
  7. Motorola Moto G5 Plus (1.43%)
  8. Samsung SM-G960U Galaxy S9 (1.43%)
  9. Unknown (1.30%)
  10. Samsung SM-A015T1 Galaxy A01

However it starts telling a different story when you look at operating systems that use the site, and this is quite interesting. 

The 10 most popular operating systems:

  1. Android (39.39%)
  2. Windows (26.65%)
  3. iOS (21.88%)
  4. Linux (4.84%)
  5. Macintosh (3.62%)
  6. Chrome OS (2.23%)
  7. Unknown (1.18%)
  8. Xbox (0.08%)
  9. Playstation 4 (0.08%)
  10. OS/2 (0.03%)

Ever wondered why we stopped supporting Internet Explorer and certain consoles such as the Nintendo 3DS with technical issues? Aside from being mostly outdated and not really compatible with the websites of today, hardly anyone use it. 77 People in this time period used Internet Explorer, and only 4 used Nintendo 3DS consoles. 

The 10 most common browsers:

  1. Chrome (66.76%)
  2. Safari (20.16%)
  3. Samsung Internet (4.96%)
  4. Firefox (3.01%)
  5. Edge (1.43%)
  6. "Mozilla" (0.97%)
  7. Opera (0.95%)
  8. Android Webview (0.70%)
  9. Safari (In App) (0.21%)
  10. Amazon Silk (0.18%)

EcchiDreams does report on this as well, but the results don't exactly correlate. Google's data had a much larger sample size, as this reporting is a new feature for EcchiDreams in the back end, and it's not exactly clear what it considers a "Visitor". For example: Are search engine bots considered "Visitors" to EcchiDreams? If so does a server get counted as a "Desktop" device? 



Data Source: Google Analytics (Between 20th October 2019 and 20th October 2020) and EcchiDreams User Profile Polling (From start until 20th October 2020)

There are several sections to this that I want to cover and cross cover. We have not got any data on 'Race' or 'Ethnicity', and quite frankly, I wouldn't personally care to have that kind of information anyway. But we do have countries (Which could be skewed because of VPNs). There is a lot to kind of take in here.


First. Let's talk about age. It's clear that the majority of people, according to the Google Data, who visit EcchiDreams are in the 18-24 years old, age range category. The breakdown is as follows:


This could be representative of our member base, I don't see any reason why it shouldn't be. It seems that those in the 45-54 age group are more likely to see the site and immediately leave, far higher than any other age group. The least likely to leave the moment they see the site is 35-44 year olds.

Sex and Sexuality

Next, with Sex and Gender. I am well aware that there is a clash between people on the internet on the very definition of "Gender" which I am not going to go too much into. This assumes that Gender/Sex is binary because: Gender is what Google seem to use, and Sex is what EcchiDreams uses. Google Analytics only has "Male" and Female" and neglect "Other". EcchiDreams uses, "Male", "Female" and "Prefer not to say".

Dreamers who haven't filled out this field aren't reported in the data, however those that have filled it out with "Prefer not to say" are marked as "Undisclosed."

The Data that EcchiDreams reports, is vastly different to what Google says, and proves my point that I made earlier. See for yourselves. 

EcchiDreams Data:


Google's Data:


So uh... Let's talk about this, shall we? 😀

To clarify: The EcchiDreams Data is what Dreamers have set their sex on their profile on the site. What the Google Data is showing us is, I assume, what they set on their Google Accounts, or what Google have determined them to be. If the Google one is treated as more accurate than the EcchiDreams one, then we're looking at something pretty interesting here. Now, remember that the Google Dataset is showing us all visitors, registered and unregistered, where as the EcchiDreams Data is only showing us the registered. Either this is saying that:

  • Women are more likely, than men to register to the site (Which I honestly see no evidence of that) or,
  • More likely, there is a large body of men on the site that are pretending to be women (Which I think, given my personal experience) is way more likely. For this kind of site, the Google Analytics data seems to be more accurate. But this is largely anecdotal. 

Assuming that this is 100% accurate, I don't think it's feasible to expect that all 26.9% of our female visitors to have registered, just like I wouldn't expect all 73.1% of the males to have registered. Therefore I have to conclude that over half of the people who claim to be female on this site; are in fact male. 

So please bare this in mind. There are genuine females on this site, and this site welcomes both sexes, or "All" genders. Personally, I don't care what's between the legs of someone I roleplay with, but perhaps that's a minority of people. I don't know. Perhaps I or someone, should make a poll on that. If you have any thoughts, or opinions on the matter, please share them below.

In regards to Sexuality there are some interesting things to consider. This data purely comes from form information filled out by Dreamers in their profiles, which I think is kind of unreliable. Regardless; the data was collected and this is what I found. Overall, when you combine the both sexes together you get the following graph:


However when you break it down between the two sexes you get the following:


Which is very interesting. However, because of the above mentioned problems with the Sex Criteria, this information is almost completely pointless. But it's included to cover bases. 


Lastly, under demographics, I'm going to look at location; which country are our Dreamers from. This information was taken from Google Analytics again, and shows that by an overwhelming majority- people from the United States of America are more likely to visit the site, and this is somewhat reflected in the registration information as well. The top 20 countries are as follows:

  1. United States of America (57.74%)
  2. Germany (5.31%)
  3. United Kingdom (4.03%)
  4. Canada (3.86%)
  5. Brazil (3.58%)
  6. Indonesia (2.58%)
  7. Singapore (2.07%)
  8. Philippines (1.79%)
  9. India (1.67%)
  10. Austria (1.59%)
  11. Australia (1.19%)
  12. Lithuania (1.14%)
  13. Italy (1.07%)
  14. Mexico (0.99%)
  15. Netherlands (0.78%)
  16. France (0.75%)
  17. Ukraine (0.46%)
  18. Russia (0.46%)
  19. Jordan (0.44%)
  20. Japan (0.37%)

More Stats:

  • We've only seen one visitor in this time period from the following countries: Andorra, Afghanistan, Antigua & Barbuda, Azerbaijan, Belize, Cuba, French Guiana, Guernsey, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Montenegro, Madagascar, Northern Mariana Islands, Namibia, Papua New Guinea, Réunion, Somalia, South Sudan, Tanzania, Temen and Zimbabwe. 
  • EcchiDreams is completely blocked in one country; and that's China. 
  • Incidentally Microsoft, is the only email service provider to completely ban all "@ecchidreams.com" emails from their service, for trumped up, disproven reasons. The real reason is currently unknown as they seem unwilling to even contact us back anymore.

On Site Usage

This section covers everything on site, the information here is collected purely from EcchiDreams, via the Administrator Control Panel, thanks to the built in IPS statistics tables. By in large, a lot of statistics are actually live and public for logged in dreamers to see, whenever they want to (Here). 


Compared between the date ranges of 20th October 2018 to 20th October 2019 and 20th October 2019 to 20th October 2020; the EcchiText usage went up by 122%. From 143,750 to 319.452 EcchiTexts sent back and forth between people on the site. 



Compared between the date ranges of 20th October 2018 to 20th October 2019 and 20th October 2019 to 20th October 2020; the amount of registrations we had shot up by 374%. From 519 to 2,461. I believe that the pandemic had something to do with this.


Between the date range, the most popular reactions are as follows:

  1. Love: 20,508 (51.4%)
  2. Like: 10,202 (25.6%)
  3. Haha: 3,536 (8.9%)
  4. Woohoo: 3,208 (8%)
  5. Thanks: 1,349 (3.4%)
  6. Sad: 945 (2.4%)

Top 5 Reaction Givers are as follows:

  1. @aLittleCrow - 5,021
  2. @Eros Angel - 4,289
  3. @JennyDK - 4,029
  4. @Neptune - 3,980
  5. @Buio - 3,054

Top 5 Reaction Receivers are as follows:

Roleplayer Preferences

Source: EcchiDreams (From when Roleplayer Preferences started, to 20th October 2020)

We have finally got enough data in the roleplayer preferences to get a pulse on the community's most picked preferences.

Private Roleplaying

It seems that the overwhelming majority of EcchiDreamers either prefer to only do private roleplaying (In EcchiText's or on EcchiChat) or are at least willing to do them (>95%). It is the extreme minority that will not do private roleplaying (1.1%). 


Preferred Lengths

This concerns data in the Preferred Roleplay Length and the Preferred Roleplay Post Length fields, which means the length of time the roleplay goes on for and the length of each post within that roleplay, respectively. 


Grammar and Spelling

This is an English speaking forum so it was interesting to see the results of this one. Unsurprisingly, it seems the overwhelming majority of people prefer those that are fairly competent with their spelling and grammar. It seems that Grammar matters more than spelling to people though, if anything matters. But the next largest presence is those who have no preference to spelling or grammar competence. 


Sexual Content: Liked and Disliked Fetishes

Being an adult website and coupled with the fact that a lot of roleplays have sexual content, it makes sense for the roleplayer preferences to include this section, and the information that we've collected on what things people will and won't do on this site has been very interesting to say the very least. It seems that there are things that people generally - will not roleplay, and they're very clear in the data. Now; I wasn't able to correlate this with announced Sex or Sexuality due to my very strict privacy limitations.


 Top 5 Liked Fetishes:

  1. Blowjobs (1,369)
  2. Consensual Sex (1,347)
  3. Breasts (1,225)
  4. Handjobs (1,199)
  5. First Times (1,183)

Bottom 5 Liked Fetishes:

  1. Scat (62)
  2. Adult Baby (89)
  3. Amputation (115)
  4. Shaving (191)
  5. Enema (196)

 Top 5 Disliked Fetishes         

  1. Scat (1,169)
  2. Adult Baby (1,141)
  3. Amputees (939)
  4. Emema (619)
  5. Beastiality (564)

Bottom 5 Disliked Fetishes

  1. Masturbation (17)
  2. Swimwear (18)
  3. Consensual Sex (21)
  4. Handjobs (21)
  5. Uniforms (21)

So it is fair to say that both Scat and Adult Baby for this community are considered pretty fringe. With it being very low down on the liked as well as being very high up on things that people won't roleplay. That is not surprising to me. What is surprising is the amount of people who like Consensual Sex (1,347) in their roleplays over Rape (902) and how this correlates on the 'Disliked' which has Consensual Sex (21) and Rape (374).

Preferred types of Roleplay

This concerns the setting, or the theme of the roleplay that people like or don't like to do. This is fairly evenly spread out with no clear winners, until you look at the types that people don't like to do. 


As you can see, Horror and Fan Faction Roleplays are not exactly the favourites of people on this community.

Preferred types of Characters

When asked what types of characters people prefer to interact with, within a roleplay. As in what type of characters you'd prefer your partner to play as; and what you wouldn't prefer, the results were as follows:


So there you have it. What are your thoughts and feelings on these? Please be sure to let me know in the comments!

Image Credit: エイチス

Given the situation we find ourselves in this year, I wanted a nice relaxing image for this article. This piece by Eichiss or Eichisu and I felt that it fit the needs that I wanted it for. It; in my opinion is a very good picture with excellent attention to detail. If you want to check out more of their work, feel free to check the link above.

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Man, numbers are rad.

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The graph is surprising indeed. Not gonna judge everyone like/dislike in fetish and genre since its everyone taste. 

Or they just forgot to update it in some case...

Although i had to admit its kind of let down since Horror genre is sitting down below because i might plan to look for RPer who interested to do one in the future (be it involve smut/non-smut). Anyway, this ain't discourage me completely when i see my fav genre and kink is actually on average interest. In fact, i'm glad its being shown since some...wank-ton think they know the site and decide this site direction for whatever agenda in their tailbone. Hope this silence them good.

Anyway, i might send the PM regarding Ghosted dilemma later. And tell @Sunstone, good luck on his life journey!

Edited by Elena Ichinomiya
Small edit

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Wow. I knew I reacted to quite a bit of content on ED (since I've made it my personal goal to "rate" almost all pictures uploaded for some reason), but I did not believe that I would be the one who used it the most.

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  • Haha 1

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