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    • Partcipate in Private Roleplays: I do private roleplays
      Preferred Grammar/Spelling Competence: Fairly Competent

    Basic Information

    I’m a Veteran Roleplayer with 20+ years experience. I’ve been RPing since the late 90’s

    (while hoping to create long lasting friendships)

    I do mature themes, with other of age RPers

    Novel Form - 3rd Person

    3-5 Paragraphs-Novella

    RPing is life to me! If am not sleeping or deathly ill am probably RPing



    β€’Seeking Expedience Roleplayers I want one on one, ' Hard Core Roleplayers',
    action. Ones that always need their daily fix, just like I. Who loves to escape reality, by entering their own words.
    Or ones wishing to add to already established already worlds, known as fandom.

    β€’I only do long terms. I'm in this for the long run,
    while seeking long-lasting friendships. I seek quality, no quickies.

    β€’Seeing as I do ' One on One ' Roleplays It goes without saying,
    that we both will have to play multiple characters.

    β€’No one-liners. Love detailed paragraphs. And if you're on roll, all the better. I absolutely love it,
    when my partner ends up writing a β€œnovel” gives me more to work with.
    I'm not a Grammar Nazi. I merely require your writing to be readable. Clear and understandable.



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    I completely understand that punctuation is a must but I must inform that there are rp'rs like myself lack the punctuation that you seek due to ilr circumstances meaning mental health how we were raised etc I've been personally rping since 2014 so I can't say I'm a veteran by the slightest I still have a way to go but again you can't judge us because of lack of punctuation people like myself have been willing to try to meet the needs of our fellow rpers when it comes to post length punctuation and spelling but you have to understand that even though we try to meet your requirements you can't hold it against us if and when we fall short of such if that makes sense.

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