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    • Partcipate in Private Roleplays: I do private roleplays
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    I strictly RP as Super Sonico, and this is a SINGLE character account. If it was a multi character account, I would have stated otherwise and added mini bios and characters to my other albums. Again, this is a SINGLE character account. Not a multi. This happened not only here, but with an account for a different RPing site where multiple people asked me when it was right there in my bio on my profile.ย 

    Please guys, donโ€™t ask me again because Iโ€™m sick of having to explain myself.ย 60CBD3BD-E139-419D-82DB-7CFEE1460F4C.png.f2223272028f796dfa1aeee2eab2bad2.pngA4CEECFE-E037-4562-ACDC-176E0F2EDD4D.jpeg.1000e7bfb059fc9c9d2a3dae291646f7.jpeg82F245CB-3BE6-4803-8DC1-E505CE50B44B.jpeg.2ffb1e78ae398eff20c34f48b0779eae.jpeg890FCA3B-CE35-4580-A023-CEFF39ECCF4F.jpeg.e8305cf45a022cb0f8b7e3f87eb781c1.jpeg90907248-2BA3-4916-85EA-6AE368F40B7D.jpeg.b8399771a387ce3d3e75517364661bfb.jpeg

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