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    I HATE purely sci-fi things. I hate one-liners. I hate people that simply just reply to what I put without adding their own actions. I hate people who have an elitist mindset but adore elitist/cocky characters. I haven't roleplayed in YEARS and I just want to find a way to waste some time. I'll give you a taste of how I roleplay. Something short and to the point...


    Her gaze was on the ocean, her mind seemingly far away as she stared into their depths. The breeze blew her sandy blonde hair about in the wind and she seemed to not care that a few of those strands were now slightly tangled. She wondered how far, how wide and how deep those waters were as she stood there in the sand. Her wooden tan sandals seeking gently into the warm texture as she shifted her weight. Though, not smart she stood on her tippy toes, trying to see what more she could observe with her carol pink eyes. It was hopeless, the ocean was just too far long and wide. Letting out a sigh in defeat, she found herself being startled back into reality by something touching her knee.

    Her eyes shifted down until they locked onto a deer like creature. At first her eyes were normal but soon grew wide as she realized she wasn't all too sure on what she had just seen. Her eyes grew even wider once she realized this and she let out a screech before falling back onto her rear, sand now on her blue denim shorts. She was about to kick the creature before she realized how small and seemingly nice the creature was. Not only that, she could tell by its tone and beaming aura that it was seemingly happy to meet her. Closing her eyes for a second to collect her nerves. She stood up and started to dust off her shorts before adjusting the straps on her white tank top. Pointing at the creature, though her tone was gentle one could tell the annoyance in her voice also "You shouldn't just come up to people like that, you nearly gave me a heart attack." Her eyes stared into the creature's seeming to search for any sign that it meant her any ill will or harm.

    This was from a response to a user on another site. The character I was referring to was "Chopper" a character from a popular Anime. My character is of course original and he picked her to roleplay with. I do have roleplay characters and if you desire to know of them simply ask. I'm rusty and this is honestly short for me. I'd prefer people who could roleplay this much or more. If you can't, it's fine. JUST NO ONE-LINERS. IF YOU DON'T RESPOND AFTER TWO WEEKS EXPECT TO BE BLOCKED.


    I like to block people who come off boring and too pushy, fair warning. 


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