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    Heyo! Thanks for checking out the profile!

    I'm typically up for chatting, so let me know if anything catches your eye, either in character or not. I'm pretty flexible in my kink tastes, though there are some things that I'm just an absolute sucker for. My primary interest in getting a reasonable scenario started and moving onto erotica from there. Good plot is always welcome, though ❤️

    I've got some suggestions below. Feel free to steal them for your own use in other RPs! And also feel free to let me know if you like them, or if you have other neat suggestions as well. 

    Slice of Life: These are scenarios which are plausible in real life. 

    • Catching the eye of a cute girl on the dance floor
    • Working on a project with a classmate
    • A student and their teacher chatting after hours
    • Having a cute girl separate me from my girlfriend at a convention
    • Separating a cute girl from her friends at a convention
    • Hitting on my friend's mother whenever they're out of the room

    Urban Fantasy: These are scenarios involving real life, but with some supernatural elements mixed in. I've posted them from an Innocent's perspective, but I'm interested in playing either the victim or supernatural thing

    • You buy a dream journal from a second-hand store, old but unused. In the following weeks, you begin to have sleep paralysis where an androgynous figure is doing their best to pleasure you while you converse. Their words are...very persuasive with what they're doing.
    • You head down to the woods to the south of town on the night of the blue moon and find yourself in the company of a few others who have also heard the rumors. Rumors that those who make it through the woods under the right conditions and come out on the other side will be able to make a wish to help turn them from who they are to who they want to be. 
    • Out late on All Hallows Eve, you and friends break into the old college campus, a few blocks of older buildings that are off limits to students. When a thick fog rolls in, you realize that you might not be alone in there anymore

    Classical Fantasy: These are scenarios involving what you typically think of when you think of fantasy. Typically pre-gunpowder or early gunpowder and with magic involved.

    • You heft your pack back up onto your shoulder, staring up at the massive gates to the labyrinth. It's the only shortcut through the Mountains that will take less than 3 weeks, and you need to be through them in time to make it to the festival. As you approach, the massive gates swing open and you wonder what happens to those who don't make it through.
    • Hired to transport a package to the local wizard's tower at the peak of a mountain. However, the object within the package is cursed, and begins to have...effects on both the courier and some of the locals in the untamed wilderness, drawing attention in the best of ways.
    • As an apprentice mage, you are tasked by your master to decipher a series of runes within an ancient temple. When pressing into one of the runes by mistake, you fall through a secret opening, down several levels into a previously unknown area. You can't make it back up through the opening, so need to seek the main staircase back to the surface.

    Science Fiction: These are scenarios which involve a common, futuristic level of technology. 

    • You're awoken from your cryo-sleep to address a distress beacon. A smaller ship than your own is floating in space, not responding, and operating on the bare minimum of life support. As your responsibilities dictate, you must investigate and retrieve any survivors from their own cryo-pods.
    • If you were to judge the world based on media and advertisements, it would be a utopia. You know better now, because for better or worse you've been pushed into the shadow of society. Whoever did it doesn't appear to be the only person trying to catch up to you, and it's impossible to tell who to trust in this world of cybernetics, bio-engineering, and digital displays.




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