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    Hi, and thanks for checking out my preferences!  I'm going to keep this portion fairly brief given that I have a pretty broad range of interests and, if you have something you think might interest me, I'm always open to discussing RP ideas.  That said, there are some things that rarely work for me so I'll lay those out here. 

    First, I've done a number of RPs over a number of years, most of them with a very high level of writing - by that, I mean no spelling or grammatical errors and post lengths of at least five paragraphs, but usually more.  I'm not a stickler for that sort of stuff, but I do prefer at least a good effort at spelling and grammar, especially since browsers have spell checking built in.  I get, though, that English isn't everyone's first language and, even if it is, we all make mistakes.  Post length is variable for me.  I prefer enough content to advance story and character development or, if we're doing smut where neither of those are all that important, then enough to give some depth and eroticism to the scene and interactions.  If there's a lot of interaction, then short posts are better than endless navel-gazing to pad out length; less interaction will probably require a bit more.

    Second, I rarely do anything beyond FxF (including Futa in that) if any erotic content is involved because, well, I just don't find Mx? erotic and our RP would just feel flat, I'd lose interest eventually, and yada yada.  For non-erotic RPs, I have no such preference so just catch me with a good story and I might be game.

    Finally, this is supposed to be fun.  If we're not having it, then let's just talk through it and either correct things or move on to something different.  I'd rather abandon a RP that isn't working for someone than lose a good RP partner through ghosting, awkwardness, or whatever.


    Hope to RP with you soon!

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