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    I have no filth limits. Also, I AM NOT A PAEDOPHILE!!!!!! I simply have an adult baby fetish. Get as nasty as you want, but I have 3 rules.

    1: DO NOT USE THE N WORD!!!! I am not black. But that word will immediately put me off.

    2: My character is a sissy. Unless I say different, masculinising him is ABSOLUTELY out of the question!!!!

    3: Do not approach me if your character has the following names. Susan, Amy, Matthew, Penny, Will, Austin, Blake, Gene, or Luke. Family members of mine have those names, and I wanna keep them out of my mind during sexy time. XD

    To give you an idea of how far I'll go, here are examples of RPs I've done.

    A goddess, answering only to a single human, recruits several Pokémon and makes them slutty embodiments of slobbiness.

    6 beloved Pokémon become diapered anthro maids, each with a different extreme quirk. One becomes violently allergic to healthy food, and can't stop eating junk food and sweets. She is completely immune to all obesity-related medical conditions, and loves her fat. One constantly reeks of very strong perfume. One is weak and sick from starving herself. She loves nothing more than swimming, and hates nothing more than not wearing a diaper. One frantically cleans, nervous that one wrong move will lead to her being disowned. One is obsessed with fashion and makeup. She takes an hour or more trying to look as pretty as possible. And the other begins babying her trainer. The transformation into a maid gave her a very plump, motherly body, complete with leaking breasts. She refuses to believe anybody who tells her that the trainer in question is either male or an adult. The girls all love their new lives, and legitimately enjoy being able to serve their master. They are treated very well by their trainer/master, who is shockingly less than pleased with their servitude.

    A giantess Pokémon rescues a boy trapped in an icy cave, where she lives. She adopts him, and agrees to take care of and spoil him, but never allows him to leave.

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