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  • Asta's Preferences

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    • Partcipate in Private Roleplays: I do private roleplays
      Preferred Grammar/Spelling Competence: Fairly Competent

    Soo the section about prefered fetishes and charackters to play to is pretty empty, rigth? rigth. why is that? because I'm pretty open minded to others fetishes and charackters, but marking all as preference would be wierd and wrong^^

    I'll mostly play as girl and maybe as futa... when i feel like it and my partner wants it,

    The Yuri tag is there for a good reasons as I will NOT rollplay with any male characters or traps in any sexual way.

    I'm sorry for those of you who are displeased by it, but frankly, there is a RP partner for everyone, but in those cases it ain't me!

    I'm dom, though i can assume the sub position sometimes, but not for to long. It's mostly that "turning the tabels for a moment" situation, when i go sub. It makes reasserting the dominance oh so sweeter >: 3
    I can go switch as well, though don't expect the best sub lines from me. Though I have managed, with the rigth partners!
    The furry question... I will play with furries, but only sometimes, this is when I like the character or the rollplayer and know they can pull it off nicely. Otherwise, I will prefer humanoid characters.

    Big DON'TS:
     Approaching me for an RP with just a Hi or Wanna ERP?
    those messages will be almost always be ignored by me.
    (Approaching me with only an Hi in chat is okay, though remember, I usually don't know you, so most you will get
    back from me is another Hi in the most cases)

     Aproaching me without any basic Idea for a story in mind.
    We can talk, we can discuss things, it's all fine, but:
    I expect you to have at least a basic Idea of what you want to do, I do it the same when I approach someone else.

     Trying to force me to play character I don't want to play or play with.
    It's stated above pretty obviously what I don't want to play with...

     Pure Sex RPs.
    Absoltuly not my thing, i want and need a story, else I'll just loose interest and won't respond. It makes the juicy parts always better when it's earned through the story.
    I have no problem with playing erotic stories or such, that is completly fine.

     Not reading or forgetting about my preferences.
    I try to respect your kinks and limits and your respect mine, simple ain't it?

    Things I like

    I'm a big sucker for an interesting story start. It doesn't need to be planned out exactly, so we can add and take from it developing it more and more, getting lost in our own universe : D

     Dark Elves
    Don't know why, just love thos ladys, migth be the hair, migth be the skin, dunno why, don't ask! ^^

     Meaningfull posts!
    You have maybe seen it before, a tower of text and at the end of the day, all that matters are like two lines.
    Make your posts meaningfull! Describe your characters emotions etc. I have no problem with varying post lengths.
    1 Paragraph is usually preffered, but I get it, sometimes there is just not much to say or to develop.
    Still, try your best and I try my best^^

     Acceptance for my bad spelling
    This is actually a must. I am no native english speaker and I learned it through animes mostly, so my spelling migth be off sometimes,
    either because I don't exactly know the word, or I was typing a bit to fast since you got me excited.
    It happens. I bet some of you found mistakes in this text already (maybe I implemented them.. who knows?!)
    You can point them out to me and I will not make the mistake another time. I'm alway trying to improve!
    All I'm asking is that you ain't no GrammaNazi ^^

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