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  • Bad Luck Buck

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                                    Bad Luck Buck

    My name is Bucky Haama, I'm a sophomore in high school. I wasn't the luckiest child in the world either, on the contrary I was more of a bad luck magnet. At age 5 I destroyed my Aunt entire mirror shop by playing with a black cat. Many people try to avoid me since I'm nothing but trouble to them. Even giving me the name "Bad Luck Buck" just to tease me. I didn't have any friends, nor did I want any. I wouldn't want them to get hurt around me so I feel bad for them, since I know it would be mainly my fault. One day when school was over it started to rain heavy. I when to use my umbrella but it broke thanks to my bad luck. Now having to run through the rain I had to go to the nearest shelter. Luckily there was a bus stop with a roof. I entered in and sat on the bench. I would wait until the rain settle down a little bit before heading home.  While waiting another person ran into the bus stop, I look up to see who it is and it was a girl I never seen before. She was wearing my school's uniform perhaps she was a new student? She looked worried, but I didn't want to pay here that much attention. Hopefully she wouldn't notice me. She then went on saying...

    (Female Needed or Male who can play female)

    /4+ more lines

    /No text talk

    /Pp only

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