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    • Partcipate in Private Roleplays: I prefer not to say
      Preferred Grammar/Spelling Competence: Fairly Competent

    A few minimal things about me:

    - I don't know how many years of experience in rp I have, because they were not continuous;

    - I like to communicate a lot with my partner;

    - I can write around 200 words or more, depending on my condition and inspiration;

    - I don't like to be abandoned in the middle of the role play;

    - I don't like violence in a text, BDSM practices, erotic tools, incest, boundage or something like that;

    - I like romantic things, sweets;

    - I like the relationship between two characters to evolve into intimate scenes;

    - I like to find synonyms to describe the intimate parts of a body;

    - I don't like vampire characters, ugly or hideous creatures;

    - I can write a replay every day or even twice a day, it depends on my time zone.

    This is a sample of how can I write as a female character:


    Annie was the only adult in the orphanage where she still lived because she could not afford a home of her own. The immaculate white walls, the long, almost endless, narrow corridors were sometimes the only things so familiar to her. She liked to help other adults in the orphanage's kitchen, so she chose to wear boys' clothes that day.

    His fine, white shirt better highlighted his emerald green eyes. Beneath her was a simple bra that supported her breasts. The black cloth trousers looked worn, but the material they were fabric of made them feel comfortable. Sometimes she didn't wear underwear, but that wasn't the case that day.

    The commotion in the orphanage caused her a real headache. It was as if everyone had agreed to speak at the same time, so that no one was able to understand anything. Going out for just a moment, she realized how cold it was that evening. Still supporting the harassment, she put on some high boots over her pants, pulled on a long overcoat, and went out into the cool of the night.

    The cold, strong night air had the impact of an oxygen-filled bottle on her nostrils that seemed to explode in her brain. She took a deep breath, oxygenating his lungs and decided to walk the streets of the city, some of them dimly lit. She passed many homeless people, and as she had some money with her, she left a penny for each so they could get something to eat. She knew too well what life without money or food meant. Not infrequently she had slept without food so that those younger than her could go to bed full.

    The footsteps carried her as far away from her orphanage as possible. Wanting to orient himself, he stopped near other homeless people. A tall, aristocratic man had approached her. From the way he was dressed, he seemed to belong to high society. From the conversation she understood that he had good manners or that he was a learned men. She was amazed when he left her money, without saying why he did that. As he walked away, she started on her way.

    Annie came very close to the Blue Ring Shop, an elegant jewelry with luxury exhibits. Three people were just coming out of it. Their behavior was very strange. They looked like thieves. They really were thieves and they had disappeared running, using ropes or other strange things to her. She wanted to run away, though she didn't quite understand what had made her do that. The sirens of the police cars were soon heard, another commotion began, and she found herself under arrest.

    "Please, I'm not guilty! I was just near this jewelry. I didn't do anything wrong!" she tried to explain it to the police, but they put her in their car and took her to the police station. They asked her a lot of questions, and she was very scared. She tried her best to answer the police in as much detail as possible, but not everyone seemed to understand her, continuing to call her a partner in the robbery that had taken place there.

    To his amazement, he saw that the one who had talked to her and left her some money told the police everything he had seen, saying she was innocent and urging them to release her. The biggest shock was when the policeman said that only a judge had the right to release her. The thought of sleeping in a small, dark, unsanitary cell almost paralyzed her.

    She felt lost, misunderstood, and her efforts to explain the situation in detail seemed to be in vain. Her future seemed uncertain, and if she went to prison her every chance of getting a job was zero. She began to cry, which rarely happened to her.

    This is a sample of what I can write as a male character:


    Tom Warren had his car repair shop in a well-kept neighborhood with good-looking exterior. It was a well-stocked workshop with all sorts of mechanical parts designed to make his work easier.

    One day, towards the end of the summer, Tom woke up early in the morning and after solving his emergencies and eating something, he went to his workshop to get the car repaired. Today was the day his client came to pick his car from the workshop.

    It didn't take long, and his client arrived, carefully inspected the car, tested it, and then thanked the mechanic for the repairs and improvements, and then paid his fee. After the customer left, Tom sat down on a bench by the workshop.

    He looked around and thought there was too much silence around him. It was so quiet, it was as if he had foretold something bad. He hoped that another client would come to his workshop that day, and if no client came, he would not see much trouble in that.

    As if too much silence had harmed him, suddenly the crackling of wheels, horns, and other sounds that did not bode well it was heard nearby. The sounds were not far from where his workshop was, but they were not yet of concern to him.

    I'm interested in:

    (A/B/O universe)
    - a lone alpha owns a car repair shop and one day meets an omega who comes to repair the car at his workshop, and the two fall in love with each other;
    - an alpha and an omega meet accidentally and fall in love with each other;
    - an alpha is an architect; he wants to design a house and needs an interior designer; meets an omega designer and the two collaborate on the alpha project; as they work together, the two fall in love and realize that they are soul mates;
    - an omega enters without realizing the heat and is caught by a group of alpha who want to take advantage of him; in the gang is also an alpha that will jump to the aid of this omega, taking him under his protective wing; alpha rescues him from that gang and takes him to his home, where he helps him get through the heat; the two begin a relationship and fall in love;

    General ideas (not F / F)
    - a singer and a dancer both of them from the same band falls in love one with another;
    - a painter falls in love with the model he paints;
    - a girl is forced to marry a man much older than her and at the altar, on the wedding day, she "wakes up" married to the much younger brother of that older man, and the two fall in love with each other;
    - a girl is called to read her grandmother's will; in order to be in possession of the immense fortune left to her, she must renovate an inn, a mini-hotel or something similar; a mysterious man comes to her aid; that men is not interested in her fortune; the two work side by side and fall in love with each other;
    - two rivals in the pastry shop, they have to make a team in a contest and they fall in love with each other;
    - during a show, a ballerina suffers an accident that affects her career; after healing and recovering, the ballerina does not give up dancing and trains various dancers; she focuses on competitive dances; secretly wishes to take part in such a competition; the arrival of a talented dancer in her classes makes her to train him; the two train together and fall in love.


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