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  • Commander LustBlaze

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    • Partcipate in Private Roleplays: I do private roleplays
      Preferred Grammar/Spelling Competence: Fairly Competent


    name: O'Jila

    Title: Commander Lustblaze

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Species: Tau

    Height: 5'0"

    Weight: Perfect

    Sexual Preference: Bisexual

    Sept: Tash'Var

    persinity: Feisty, Relentless, Helpful, Tough, Fearless.

    Bio:O'Jila or better known as Commander Blazestarter(Formerly) is a leader who rose to recent fame in the fifth sphere expansion. There she and her night fall(hunter) cadre smashed into the rotting hordes of the plague marines, not just saving the defending Tau cadre but also several new tau colonies. unbenounced to the Tau empire the imperial world that they had proclaimed apart of their empire after Commander Blazestarter’s campaign to push the plague marines back, had been lead by a heretical cult for the past few hundred years in the background. though once Blazestarter gave them new found freedom the heretical cult known as the juggernauts of bliss became the official ruling body of the world and as such gave Blazestarter a hero's welcoming claiming her as their 'champion' and her cadre the great legion that saved them. Not willing to displeasure the natives and start an abrupto revolution for the world of Lethea', she had accepted the leader's invitation to the ceremony of champion's where she would be blessed by their God 'the Prince of Pleasure'. After taking the blessing from the juggernauts of bliss's god, no one knows what truly happened behind the closed door of the center chapel, but what they do know is that the Ethereal that was sent to watch Commander Blazestarter during the campaign and be  her adviser, Retitled her to Commander Lustblaze. Rumors say the name change was do to please the natives of the world, other say it was to please something else. At this point  Commander Lustblaze’s cadre take on missions that would normally have a very low survival rate but somehow they still come out with very few casualties.


    Kinks: Creampie, Cum Shots, Lots of Cum, Big Cocks, Gang Bangs, Spit Roasting, Mating Press, Deep Throating, Face Fucking, Tit Fucking, Bestiality, Impregnation, Cross Species impregnation, Raceplay, noncon/rape.

    heart Loves heart • Beastialy, Mating Press, Full Nelson, Breeding, Raceplay, gang bangs, Ahegao, noncon/rape.

    Turn Off's • Scat, Blood, Guts, Puke, Potty Play, Piss,


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