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  • Cosmos's Preferences [I Double]

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    • Partcipate in Private Roleplays: I do private roleplays
      Preferred Grammar/Spelling Competence: Don't mind spelling, must have good grammar

    ** Disclaimer: This is a Preference Sheet so comments are not permitted since this is not my Roleplay Search Topic. If you've questions you can Message me! **


    My Roleplay Preferences


    • I roleplay as female characters in M x F pairings UNLESS I am doubling for someone then I will roleplay as a male character for them if they are roleplaying a male character for my female character
    • I can double
    • When I say doubling, I am referring to roleplaying a pairing in the same fandom that my partner is doubling up with me in
    • I'm literate and write from multi-paragraphs to novella depending on my inspiration at the time. I do try to adjust to my RP partners though so I don't overwhelm them
    • I write in third person
    • Quality of a post matters to me more than the quantity
    • Faceclaims: I do not require them but I prefer anime face claims if I'm going to use them. For fandoms that doesn't make sense to be used for anime, I will use fantasy drawn art or none at all
    • I can reply to posts in a day varying from once a day to multiple times a day depending on my schedule and muse. The days I am expected to go into work early, the night before I am not likely to respond. OR I reply every other day to every other 2 days
    • If I don't respond for 3 days, contact me. I might have forgotten but please be nice about it
    • I prefer PM/Conversation/EcchiTexts or Thread Roleplays
    • I prefer slow burn and long term roleplays
    • My smut to story ratio varies from the following: 30-60, 40-60, 50-50, 60-40 depending on the roleplay. If this wasn't obvious, I prefer more story than smut
    • When it comes to sex, my characters vary from switches/subs/doms but it depends on the character and what my partners are comfortable with/prefer. I just ask that people let me know what they prefer
    • I'm usually a Fandom roleplayer but do roleplay some Original ideas from time to time
    • I prefer to roleplay 18+ characters in age. NO EXCEPTIONS! If a character is underage, I will age them up or use their adult version if they have one in a fandom. I PREFER MY PARTNERS DO THE SAME!



    What I Want in an RP Partner


    • Please, write in third person
    • Please don't write 1 word or 1 sentence responses. It kills my muse
    • Please be mindful of grammar, punctuation and spelling. I don't ask you to be perfect, I just need to understand you to be able to roleplay with you
    • The quality of your post matters to me, not the quantity so don't sweat it if you're not able to reach the same length as me or you're having an off day
    • Activity, I just ask that you be somewhat as active as I am so I'm not waiting a full week every time for a response
    • If you double for me, I ask that you focus on both pairings equally and not one over the other. Fair is fair, after all
    • No godmodding/metagaming/powerplaying in our roleplays. Something minor is fine but if you're controlling how my character reacts to yours etc, that's a no no. You control your character, I control mine. If you do not understand these terms, contact me and I will be more than happy to explain each of them
    • If we use face claims, please remember that I use mostly anime face claims and expect your character to match mine if you decide to use a face claim for the roleplay. Face claims are not required but I find it off putting if you use a real life face claim when I'm using an anime one. I also expect them to be the same age range visually since I am not a fan of age gaps
    • Don't roleplay a Gary Stu/Mary Sue. If you wish to know what I consider these as, feel free to message me and I will gladly explain
    • If you lose interest in a roleplay, let me know! I will not be offended and can totally understand
    • Your gender, the roleplayer, doesn't matter to me so long as you are comfortable roleplaying as a male character
    • When it comes to canons, I don't expect you to be perfect with them. I just ask that you try your best with them
    • If you do not respond to me in a week without explanation, I will consider our roleplay dropped

    Characters you roleplay, I prefer would be 18+. If it's a fandom and the character is underage, I would prefer if you age them up or use their older version if there is one. You can use either of these and don't have to use their adult version if you don't like them visually but the characters HAVE to be 18+ in age. NO EXCEPTIONS!


    *Note: Some are included already in the simplified template that the site provides so keep that in mind*

    • Vanilla sex
    • Vaginal
    • Cut and Uncut cocks
    • Cocks only from sizes 7-9in. Nothing bigger
    • Internal & External Cumshots
    • Breastplay
    • Biting [not to the point of drawing blood]
    • Dirty Talking
    • Kissing
    • Cuddling
    • Creampie
    • Clothed Sex
    • Clothing Play
    • Begging
    • Cock/Balls Worship
    • Oral sex
    • Hair Pulling
    • Blindfolds
    • Handcuffs
    • Multiple Orgasms
    • Scratching
    • Rough Sex
    • Risk of Pregnancy & Impregnation [Pregnancy would only be a plot piece btw and not anything sexual other than obviously they did it to have a kid]
    • Tantric Sex
    • Wardrobe Malfunctions
    • Sexual Frustration
    • Sexual Exhaustion
    • Teasing
    • Strip Tease
    • Tit Fucking
    • Twins

      I could be missing something but as you can see there's a large variety of stuff I am into and they don't all have to be included in the roleplays I do. If there's something you think I'd include, let me know! Just so long as they are not in my Limits list located below.


    My Limits
    *Note: Some are included already in the simplified template that the site provides so keep that in mind*

    • Vore
    • Dub Con
    • Anything bathroom related that should stay in said bathroom
    • Dilfs
    • Milfs
    • Age Gaps [I absolutely hate these. I prefer characters to be close in age and age limit wise is 7 years older tops and NOTHING older than that]
    • Facial hair and Glasses
    • Male Doormats [You know of female doormats? That except male]
    • Female Doormats
    • Pedophilia
    • Necrophilia
    • Adultery/Cheating
    • Give hentai images/porn images of my characters
    • Receiving hentai images/porn images of your characters
    • Poly Relationships
    • Harems
    • Sex Heavy Roleplays


    I think that's it for now but the list will have additions the more I discover that I don't like. As you can see, not all of these are sexual in nature but they are my limits


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