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  • Dani's holy RP rules!

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    • Partcipate in Private Roleplays: I do private roleplays
      Preferred Grammar/Spelling Competence: Fairly Competent

    Howdy~ Sinful Little Creatures!

    Do you wanna play and have fun with me? Just read this sheet and we'll dream together!

    I'm into in many stuff! Somes that i can't even tell, But there's some that i won't like to play, we can discuss them and make each other happy!

    Here are some of the races that i would love to play with! 

    Goblin, Orc, Elf, Dragon, Vampire, Lycan, Neko/Cat person, Inu/Dog person, Kitsune/Fox person, Centaur, Gorgon, Harpy, Pixie, Slime, Ghost, Fairy, Mermaid/Merman, Demon, Angel, Alien, Cyborg, Robot (no they aren't the same), Furry and Human by default!

    I Love Sci-Fi, fantasy and slice of life!

    Yuri and Yaoi? A wonderful yes!

    The Length of the Roleplay and the post? Well... i prefer long roleplays, i love long stories to create our adventures! but if you wanna a shorter i can play it... The Post needs to be at least content 4 or 5 sentences i don't want one word only, that's lame dude!

    and finally... i may not be your first option to roleplay... but if you meet me... we might have a lot of fun together!

    Thanks and let's have fun!

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