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    • Partcipate in Private Roleplays: I do private roleplays
      Preferred Grammar/Spelling Competence: Fairly Competent

    If you ask me to RP with any of the things listed above that I have listed under no, I will not reply to you.

    The character I'll mostly use here is Kina, a neko girl OC that's typically pictured in the avi on this account. I do have other OCs of various genders lying around if you'd like me to use one of them instead.

    Please note that I do not RP with feral animal characters, as doing so kind of freaks me out. Human characters with animal features are happily accepted.

    Two of the things I'm really into that aren't on here: exhibitionism and voyeurism. My characters typically love being walked in on during private intimate moments, to be paraded out and about in public while wearing nothing/revealing clothing, and generally being used in a place where others can watch.

    I typically prefer more private RPs due to being an anxious mess of a person and I'd prefer to keep the chat function of this site specifically for chatting.


    A list of my character's genders, sexualities, positions, and species (more info about these characters can be provided if asked)-

    Kina: Pan switch neko girl with a noticeable lean towards feminine individuals

    Soumrak: Gay sub cat chimera (FMA/FMA:B) boy with a love for being dressed up in lingerie and hypnotized into being the dominant

    Alphonse: Pan disaster sub of an incubus who has a fondness for making himself look an awful lot like a femboy

    Annabel: Pan disaster switch of a succubus that's happy to have a few extra parts if you're into that


    Any of the above characters can be altered slightly to fit into a RP of a setting where they normally wouldn't exist.

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