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  • Feel free to read before or after contacting me, I'll be as detailed as possible!

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    • Partcipate in Private Roleplays: I do private roleplays
      Preferred Grammar/Spelling Competence: Fairly Competent

    BTW, i also speak and write in spanish, but everybody here writes in english and that's fine, I hate my native language so much!

    I have a very perverted fetish that may be really gross and outright disgusting for some people and is not available to choose as "I do FETISH_NAME", with all the respect that they deserve, I'll put my biggest weakness in a spoiler to not offend and disgust others and possible partners as well.

    Open the spoiler if you have an open mind to perverted fetishes, Please keep in mind that i personally HATE scat so the text has nothing about it & what you're about to read is completely optional and never was an actual requirement for me, apply 1, any or all of them if you want to make me extremely happy!




    —I really enjoy sniffing very deeply in the pussy or the underwear still in use after some time without cleaning (but no more than 7 days!)

    —I like it when a girl goes to pee and just stare at her until she finish, Specially when she is ready to go BUT forgets to wipe herself and walks away from the toilet with little remains of urine on her lips & the underwear, No to be confused with the golden shower, This is something a lot different where the urine element is present but not consumed completely,

    —Some girls in order to give an even special dessert, clean every part of their bodies and leave the pussy deliberately unclean while the rest of hers are perfectly clean with a nice perfume, This is a serious turn or for me on the RP!

    —Erotic Story: An ex-gf did that as an anticipated birthday gift and she got me rock hard like no one else did before, even more extreme and visceral than any kind of rare uncensored Japanese porn...

    —Even Vaginal Flatulence (a pussy fart, loud or not) will be even more perverted, This is not required to be present at the moment of penetration, It can perfectly happen at the sniffing and give a huge + if you're okay with it, can't make this clear enough!

    —It is mandatory to be a very rare and special character for me to do a golden shower and actually drink it but that's only if you are okay with it.

    —If this suits for a kinky RP for you and also feel pleased with it being used, PERFECT, Let's use it to spice up things even more!

    —This is a special dessert for me and if you like to add extra spice for me, I'll be more than grateful! Not all the elements detailed here must be present on our RP at the moment of adding them, If one of those is of your like, Please tell me privately in order to avoid offending the rest.

    NONE of the elements on this spoiler are required in any particular order, even with just 1 element chosen is perfectly quite perverted for me and fine to do so. Thanks!

    yeah, i used the word dessert too much xD


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