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    • Partcipate in Private Roleplays: I do private roleplays
      Preferred Grammar/Spelling Competence: No Preference

    Hey there, I am interested in roleplaying as a naughty demon humanoid. I'm 30 in real life. I love writing, and do it professionally as a technical writer, not as a creative writing, so it's nice to be able to add all of those extra adjectives, adverbs, and any other superfluous language here and there :P.

    I'm okay if you miss punctuation, make grammar mistakes, or any other redundancies, as long as I understand you and you are roleplaying, I'm down with it. I do enough editing at my job, so I'll never be a grammar nazi with you haha.

    About me in real life:

    • I'm 30
    • Straight
    • Caucasion
    • I'm a swimmer
    • I'm 183cm tall
    • 60kg
    • Flat stomach (No abs unfortunately :P, but fit)
    • Slim
    • 19cm-long cock (This is what the measuring tape said?)

    I enjoy roleplaying normal human scenarios where the other person doesn't know I'm a demon right away.

    I prefer straight roleplay as a male, but I'm okay with threesomes and orgies, and who knows... if you get me horny enough I may do things I don't normally do ;).

    As for kinks, I'm into:

    • Interracial
    • Blowjobs
    • Licking pussy
    • 69
    • Fingering the other person
    • Receiving and giving anal play
    • Cum play
    • Creampies (Pussy/mouth/anal)
    • Handjobs
    • Get me horny enough and I'll play with a trans woman with a cock. I think that's called futa?

    I can't even think of any more right now. Writing all of this is making me way too horny lol.


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