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    • Partcipate in Private Roleplays: I prefer not to say
      Preferred Grammar/Spelling Competence: Extremely Competent

    Hi there. ^^ 

    I'm Gojou, and I just wanted to elaborate on my preference sheet. I've put things in spoilers to compress it a bit.

    If anyone's peeking and takes interest, I'm plenty friendly and I'd love to talk~


    Smut vs. Plot:


    Plot over smut every single time. 50-50 is the highest level of smut I can handle, never more. I want both, but I only NEED one. Impromptu smut doesn't work for me, I'm afraid. It has to align with the plot, and it has to occur organically between the characters we have. If the characters dictate that it occurs frequently, I'm all for it, but I won't go out of my way to beeline for those scenes.





    I write because I love to read, and so would ask that all replies be a minimum of 2 paragraphs. I won't attack anyone or try to forcibly enforce this, of course! I don't bite. 🥰 It's just that I've been at this for 12 years and I know for a fact that my love and appreciation for a story will evaporate if the posts become too short or too stale.

    You've got every reason to expect multi-paragraph posts from me, as well. I average 600-800 words per post, with a minimum of 450 words and a past high of 1400 words. I'm flexible, but again, my posts are beefy. I find that my posts pair best with plot-heavy stories.






    -I write for Tops, Subs, or Switches. This is not gender restricted, either, as I will write for pretty much anyone on the gender spectrum, and  I appreciate other writers and characters along said spectrum. I tend to write for cisgender characters the majority of the time, which I'd say is rather odd for someone NB like myself but it is my norm. 😂 I enjoy age gaps of all lengths (18+ of course), size differences, interracial, and inter-species pairs.

    -I have no gender preferences for your chosen character(s). For me, I will say that I am not interested in writing for futanari women at this time.

    -I love everyone. Morbid obesity is my only no-no, I love everything from thicc and juicy to small and petite, and won't critique anyone's character physique. This includes any and all body parts, as well. Micro and Macro sizing aren't my thing, but I'm otherwise the literal definition of 'size doesn't matter'. Nothing exaggerated or in excess (K-cup breasts, 2mm dicks etc), and we're good to go.

    -I like possessive behaviors ( only in-character/posting) such as various methods of marking, biting/tasting, vivid and aggressive foreplay, varying degrees of humiliation/voyeurism/exhibitionism, BDSM restraints, and dramatic themes with jealousy etc. I also have an oral fixation so scenes describing flavors, textures, or really anything to do with the mouth really get my attention.

    -Lactation is another favorite; I enjoy giving some of my characters a disorder called Galactorrhea, which is a real condition I've tweaked for my own depraved fantasies, lmao. It is essentially a very inconvenient disorder where the character lactates freely or at random and generally has to carry a change of clothes around all day in case of 'leaks'. 😘 Vague, but EXTREMELY versatile.

    -Romance, in EVERY roleplay. Loveless roleplays don't do it for me, I'm a cuddler and I love to write in the aftercare and spoiling etc.






    There will be no:

    -Pregnancy. Underaged sexual encounters/children. Bad endings/snuff. Short-term, smut-filled roleplays. Scat. Infantilism/age-play.

    -Domestic violence between characters; Unless they're rival kickboxers/samurai (or some such) there will be no violence between our main characters. I refuse to romanticize abuse between partners. Mentions of rape or sexual trauma in posts or backstories do not bother me, but I will not direct or participate in a rape scene.

    -Harems: This one is tricky. I'd love to write for ONE MEMBER of a group-story harem, but I have no desire to write for a whole harem by myself or even for multiples.

    -Master-pet relationships: I hate when my characters are called 'master', 'daddy', or 'mommy' by submissives. Sorry, it's just not my thing.




    Genres/Subject Matter:



    -I'm a dirty weeb. Here's a list if you'd like to peruse for shared interests: Anilist Page

    -I only write for OC's. You are free to write for someone canon or for your own OC as you please, but I will NEVER write for a canon character.

    -Pardon the French, but high-fantasy is my shitAnything medieval or feudal takes priority with me. I'm not at all opposed to futuristic/cyberpunk worlds or even to steampunk, but I've always found Tolkien-esque stories with monsters, magic, and lots of travel to be more satisfying for me as a writer and reader. Feudal Asia is equally appreciated. 😍

    -I love combative themes. Everything from superpowers to magical weapons and creatures is a major turn-on. Fantasy is a thankfully broad spectrum for me, so while I DO prefer medieval stories, movies like Pacific Rim, Into the Spiderverse, and Birds of Prey are of GREAT interest to me.

    -I'm WAY into making our own AU's of canon content. We can steal the setting and NPC's and make our own storyline up, or we can make our own characters and yoink the storyline... I'm super flexible. Let me know what you might like!



    CRAVINGS LIST: 09/19/2020

    (Again, I only write for OC's)



    Soul Eater



    Brand New Animal (BNA)

    God Eater


    Goblin Slayer

    Pacific Rim 

    Into the Spiderverse

    Final Fantasy 14: Here's a link to a gallery. My main character is an Au Ra White Mage. I generally play her as any of the three roles; Dom, Sub, or Switch depending on the pairing.





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