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    I am relatively new here (at time of writing) but have enjoyed several absorbing - and sexually stimulating - role plays: thank you to those who have helped me with that.

    I am open to all sorts of things, but have learnt that it helps if I try to be specific as to what I know I enjoy most: but please do not let this put you off suggesting something new or that I seem to have excluded, I am here to expand my horizons not to limit them.

    I find it easiest to play someone much like the real me - human, rather ordinary but enjoy being challenged by new situations and novel experiences. As to looks, I don't really want to get into a 'what are you wearing' conversation but I am 'mature', rather plain, petite, slim, tomboyish, sporty rather than sexy: my avatar is a sketch of me by an artist friend - it flatters me and follows his artistic style but is not too far from the reality, and is the character I want to play.

    I do enjoy sex in a role play but am not looking for the quick and dirty sex chat one finds on chat sites: I like working together to develop a story of which sex is a part but not the only thing.

    I am not keen to overthink a story line before the role play: I enjoy developing the story, and exposing my character (metaphorically as well as physically..) as the role play progresses. So that potential partners know what to expect though, I do enjoy (in role play as well as real life..) quite hard sex, and (in role play..) getting into situations where my naivete and innocent enthusiasm leads me into challenges, sometimes chaos, and often into being sexually exploited, sometimes even forced, and often with multiple sexual partners (OK, I'll say it: I like role playing being gang banged). I have only ever had a single role play partner so far but am open to multiples but do not know how to set that up.

    I write in first person, expressing my feelings, emotions, sensations and thoughts rather than narrating a story. I do not mind what style my role play partner adopts, nor how much or how little they write so long as it moves the story on (I had one partner who basically just said "fuck, that is hot!" and I wrote it all myself and it was actually great fun and very erotic).

    If you have any questions, please feel free to text me.

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