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    Hello everyone I hope you are well.

    I'm looking for longterm DMed fantasy rp's, but some high scifi is also up my ally. I also enjoy fallout type settings, but I like them for the aesthetics and not gritty survival play.

    I like pervy/hentai rps where lewdness has a purpose. I'm a huge fan of creative skimp clothing for all my gals, think outfits from queensblade, and I love boobs. The bigger the better. I'm not bi though, I normally stick with dick, but while I won't go down on some lower lips I'll play with boobs all day.

    I normally like playing characters who are practical with sexual encounters. An example would be say I'm tasked with finding a magic mcguffin from some creature. If I can just get the creature off and come out with the mcguffin rather than fight it and losing health, items, and potions then I'll most likely do that. I don't play super sluts that open their legs for everyone, but if milking the thick cum out of a shop keep gets my character some great free stuff you better believe  the next door neighbors are going to hear my character bring fucked silly.

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