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    Thank you for reading my preferences~!

    When it comes to roleplaying I love sharing the creative process of coming up with & working on ideas with other people so, plotting & creating is one of my favorite parts of roleplaying. Most of the time I play the dom and while I have nothing against that, it's literally all I ever do so it'd be nice to change that up every once in a while. Coughfemdomsarebestdomscough

    Characters I play are either, and only, male or futanari & the genres I'll put them into go for just about any genre, although I am very biased towards sci-fi/fantasy/slice-of-life~< 3. The personality types that I use can vary from either homebrew & complex to cliche archetypes like oujidere, himidere, tsundere or kuudere. As for the kinda charas I like to rp with, I appreciate/enjoy both the complex & simplistic character types. All are welcome!

    Just about every rp I've ever done has been purely homebrew so I'm actually kinda uncomfortable when it comes to roleplaying inside an existing universe. However, that isn't an issue for me if I can at least create an oc for the universe at hand.

    P.s. I'm not v picky about rp/reply length, although I do prefer replies to be longer, usually around 2-6 paragraphs. As long as it's fun & reply conducive though I am a-okay with it. That being said, if I send you three paragraphs, do try to at least give me two in return. I don't mind matching someone else's length if they do the same.

    P.P.S. I am not here to gratify your desires, I am here to have fun writing and creating with other people. Please do not approach me with only selfish intentions, that is a big turn off.

    P.P.P.S. Time Zone: Central Standard Time (GMT-6)

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    Imouto Kanna


    Role playing with Matty has been one of my favorite experiences to date. He doesn’t take the setting too seriously and is able to adapt if necessary. He is also very willing to explain stuff outside of the roleplay if you don’t understand. I would recommend him to anyone who likes detailed role plays that require thought. 

    Response from the author:

    TTOTT dfjdkasjkfdashfjdksa

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