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    • Partcipate in Private Roleplays: I prefer not to say
      Preferred Grammar/Spelling Competence: No Preference


    (OOC Notes! Important)

    1.I am whisper friendly, so if you have any questions, please ask the worst that will happen I will politely decline.
    2. I do enjoy details in my storylines, it does not have to be 5+ sentences but, at least attempted to be interesting.
    3. I am searching for someone to do first or second person RPs.
    4.Personality: Please do not come to me with generic responses of: 'Indeed','Ah', 'Precisely' or anything of that nature without much, conversation. It bores me! 
    5.Respect: Honor other fetishes as their own and, not insult the person for it. If you are not into a certain kink just say no! Two, read my profile and my orientation preference!! I am a straight! I only enjoy males characters of that APPEARS of the  age of 15-25 with 3 feet the maximum length taller or shorter than the character.
    6. Biggest Pet Peeves
    --IC Greeting: NO, just stop. I can't stand it. I rather set up a scene, plot, main objective, etc BEFORE we start anything
    --Not attempting to read my interests or profile: This, is just rude. I don't expect someone to memorize it just, take note of how the character acts and behaves..
    7. No spice, no flow, constantly throw in my face how beautiful, cute, strong ,etc in the RP It is a HUGE turn-off. I rather learn about the character through  thoughts, feelings and acts.
    8. I am looking for canon relationships for Opal. ((This does not warrant to real life romances.)) 

    Her human form: A middle age woman residing in the mountain reign inhabiting a small home with her daughter, Saffire. They live in the world among humans observing their behaviors and lifestyles; Besides being a mother, Opalescent enjoys visiting bars, art museums,  clubs and restaurants. She enjoys dancing,romance, magic, reading, fashion, nature and drinking. 
    ---Temperament:Visionary (INFX)
    ---Positive Traits: Caring, Intuitive, passionate, reserved,harmonious and enterprising.
    ---Negative Traits: Difficult to get close or know, jealous, obsessive,perfectionist and fiery.
    ---Greatest desire: A lover and more children.
    ---Soothers:Meditating, immerse herself in nature,chocolate, going to the spa and being away from others.
    ---Speaking style: Rich, soothing and steady. When angered her voice deepens to a low whisper. Passive aggressive; When aroused her voice ascends to a faint voice that squeaks, it's shaky frequently dropping to whimpers and moans.
    2. Her unicorn form: **Note: She has no relations to MLP:FIM...for a reason...**
    She hails from a secret world unbeknownst to man where she and her daughter roamed among their own kind because of this, she does have only but a few magic powers that is limited by her energy level.
    --- Opal spends most of her day gathering and digging for gems to use as a magic source. She cannot cast any spells without them.
    ---She does have the ability to levitate objects. Small to medium weight. (i.e) A cloth to a washing machine.
    ---She can teleport at a maximum of 15 feet. She can preform this 3 times a day; Over 3 she burns her energy source.
    ---Opalescent has a gift to heal wounds and sickness (Basic types.) 
    ---Despite being both species, she constantly must never damage the necklace surrounding her neck. If destroyed Opal and her daughter's existence will fade away.

    Independent, graceful yet, fierce when angered unicorns are an elusive creatures that seldom get recognized by their existence. They live in world of their own grazing fields, traveling and mating following their leader in the hierarchy, who warned the group of other species of humans of their bad influence in fear that their numbers would decrease, due to the power source of the horn.The burly stallion leader  who was the only male that mated with every female, any birth of a foal must be banished. Every part of their lives was based off of fear, control also, ignorance, not trying to understand others. One day Opal and her daughter decided to flee from the pack to start a new life. The two of them took shelter in the forest nearby human home of a couple a older woman and a young man observing their mannerisms...one she took note that they were in love. It seemed to be free of choice yet, passionate with excitement. It burned her heart with desire as she desperately. Each day it seemed that their love blossomed behind closed doors but, in public they was outcasts engaging in a taboo; some would say,"He's young enough to be your son.""You two are sick..."Despite it they remained close. She loved him as a wife yet, with a strong motherly touch always encouraging him. Opalescent's heart burned with desire, wanting to experience the same passion, she heard of a goddess of white  of water, wisdom and love that granted one life-changing wish with a price; that evening the two unicorns had visited the cave surrounded by an underwater lake prayed and spoke of their desires. They heard a hollow and gentle voice before a crystal necklace formed on Opal's neck turning the both of them human. They can change into their feral mode at will. The goddess did  give her two warnings: One, if the necklace breaks her and Saffire will return to the stream as dust Two, that love is blissful but, deadly feelings of possession anger and envy can destroy her.







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