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    Roleplay posting style sample:

    Setting: Inside a small oddity shop, the store display case holds a variety of what looks to be old books that are bound in leather with runes written all over them, some crystals and a few candles with note cards of what each color is used for. The shop shelves are lined with what seems to be urns and vases, either hand painted or at the very least hand made.  Some of the urns and vases seems to be welded or burned shut.  Beyond the counter there is a wall with an odd tapestry over it, the tapestry flutters and flicks from time to time indicating that there is a room beyond it.  This shop always has something burning or smells of freshly ground herbs and flowers depending on the time it is entered.

    Post: The large wooden door shook as wind rattled against it, jerking a young woman who was resting against the display case awake.  Gold eyes with a silver tint to them pulled themselves open,  Hair as brown as a newly tilled field bound up in a pony-tail tossed itself with the jerk back over her shoulders. "I'm sorry, we're closed!" she shouted in surprise, only upon scanning to find that there was no one in her shop.  She exhaled a sigh of relief as she straightened herself and dusted her silk tunic off,  the fabric flowed down to her thighs but it did not hold to her shape.   Long, bare and pale legs stretched themselves as she began to move out from behind her case, a soft jingle rang as she placed her feet down.  Silver bells wrapped around her ankles reminding her they are there..    Rolling her slender shoulders and stretching out her arms above her head to wake the rest of her small frame, she stepped lightly to the door to check that it was locked.

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