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    heyo! i've been anxious to make this (both scared anxious and excited anxious), recently got prodded to and so finally did!

    right now im mostly looking for short non committal roleplays to find my feet a bit more, but once i've done that and if we've done something together i might want to do something more long term, although please don't hold me to that. i find starting quite hard but if i can force myself to jump in, i like to think i'll be committed!

    it's hard for me to say what my post preference is here because i haven't roleplayed like this in a while, but i imagine it'd be somewhere between the 2-4 sentances range and the 1 - 3 paragraphs range and i hope to be able to post once a day

    i come from the show don't tell school of roleplay, so usually focus a lot more on description than characters feelings, but i'm starting to do this more as i realise a lot of people here seem to like that! i also write in third person



    q: any kinks not listed?
    a: face slapping, choking, hair pulling, deep throating, instructions and being lifted. i'm very subby and not good at being bratty (i'm sorry) but i can try

    q: what ages are you comfortable playing?
    a: teenagers with other teenagers, 16+ with everyone else

    q: i see you'll roleplay interacial, what race are you?
    a: indian but i'm happy to write as any race with any other colonize me

    q: do you have any favourite concepts right now?
    a: first times between teenaged couples, from soft romantic to rough dom

    if there are other questions feel free to ask me

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