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    King Ignis
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    Hello all! ☺️

    To start, I'm quite new to Ecchidreams, but not new at all to roleplaying, and/or writing roleplays. Writing is indeed a passion of mine, so longer replies during a roleplay are very much appreciated! 😀

    Regarding things I enjoy writing and including in roleplays; I adore Yuri, and scenarios or worlds with a nearly consistently female cast/group of  characters being interacted with and included, and so on. Fantasy settings that heavily involve magic to at least some extent are wonderful, but I'm totally fine with doing a present-day, or reality-based setting as well! I don't mind writing sex only-type scenarios, but I definitely enjoy developing the characters along with the world that me and my writing partner are bringing to life before diving into the good stuff. That's basically the gist of it! 🥰


    (I'm sort of embarrassed because this sort of thing is new to me, but here goes, haha)

    Honestly, things that I enjoy bringing to life in a roleplay revolve pretty heavily on basic ecchi/hentai anime tropes and themes, such as upskirts, boob grabbing, panties, and the like. If that, makes any sort of sense.


    To disclose some things, I seriously do not like any elements in roleplays that involve violence or degradation. Also, Yaoi, futa's, toilet play as well as lolicon are HARD NO's from me. 

    IMPORTANT: I prefer to roleplay/write roleplays with females only, so if that can be respected, I would appreciate it so much. 🤗


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