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  • Lachett's Lists/Info for RP

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    • Partcipate in Private Roleplays: I do private roleplays
      Preferred Roleplay Length: No Preference
      Preferred Grammar/Spelling Competence: Fairly Competent
      Preferred Post Length: No preference

      I will roleplay these fetishes: Anal, Ass to Mouth, Authoritarian, Bathing, BDSM, Bestiality, Blowjobs, Bondage, Breasts, Brides, Bukkake, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Cosplay, Cuckold, Cumshots, Dark/Evil, Double Penetration, Drugged, Enema, Erotica, Extra Marital Affairs, Facials, Feet, Female Domination, Fetishism, First Times, Fisting, Food Play, Gangbangs, Gym Outfits, Handjobs, Humiliation, Impregnation, Interspecies, Lactation, Large Genitalia, Large Insertion, Lingerie, Lolicon, Maids, Male Domination, Masturbation, Mind Control, Office/Place of Work, Orgies, Other, Pet/Master, Piercings, Random Objects, Rape, Rimjobs, Sadomasochism, Shaving, Size Difference, Spycams, Strap-Ons, Supernatural, Swimwear, Tattoos, Tentacles, Threesomes, Torture, Toys, Triple Penetration, Uniforms, Upskirts, Water Sports, Yaoi, Yuri

      I might roleplay these fetishes: Not Specified

      I will not roleplay: Adult Baby
      Genre's I will Roleplay: Adventure, City, Dystopic, Fan Fiction Roleplay, Fantasy, Horror, Medieval, Post-Apocalyptic, Sci-Fi, Sex only, Survival

      Genre's I might Roleplay: Not Specified

      Genre's I won't roleplay: Romance
      What kind of characters I will roleplay with: Alcoholic/Drunk, Alien (Extraterrestrial), Angels, Animals, Bishoujo, Cyborgs, Demons, Dragons, Drug Abuser, Elf, Futanari/Dickgirls, Housewives, Human, Incubus, Kitsune (Fox), Monogamous Characters, Neko (Cat), Ninja, Nurses, Older People, Original Creations, Original Species, Promiscuous Characters, Samurai, Student, Succubus, Teacher, Teenagers, Usagi (Bunny), Ushi (Cow), Virgins

      What kind of characters I might roleplay with: Not Specified

      I will not roleplay with these types of characters: Chibi, Inu (Dog)


    I'm Lachett! You want information about me? Okay!

    Just a fun-loving roleplayer! Very casual and easygoing, with lots of interests into various subjects.  I don't really like effortless play. That's really my only, biggest gripe. I love to enchant and enthrall, fascinate egos and charm. You might find yourself blushing from time to time, but that's okay! Taking care of my partner is a two-lane street to me...

    Private Roleplays only, please.

    Orientation: Happily Bisexual!

    Dom/Sub Role: Switchy!

    Preference to Length & Posting: Preferably short-termed RPs or episodic flings. Enjoys literacy, detail and effort!

    -Unlisted Kinks-

    My kinks will be color coded and labeled based upon my preferences to how I like them, be it as a dom or a sub. Certain preferences and options will be listed in blue, dominant kinks will be listed in yellow, submissive kinks will be listed in green and finally, switchable kinks will be listed in a teal. Obviously not every one of these is required in a play and there are tons. You are more than welcome to pick some out and bring it up with me!


    Extremely Kinky & Very Few Limits. Beware...


    (Preference): Effort & Detail! - The hottest kink there is.

    (Optional): Linked pictures of references! (This is hot and enhances the mood! Have an NPC? Why not ask google for a heroic looking cutie to link our play then? Or a monster...or a pretty dress to put me in from a woman's clothing site!)

    (Optional) Suggestions?: I'm also interested in hearing the kinks of my partners as well! Let me know...I'm always looking for ideas to add!

    (Optional) Game Masters/Game Masters/ Dice: Like dnd with penalties, boons and modifiers

    (Dom) Ego Stroking: Mm...what did you say? The funnest partner you've ever had? Hehehe...mmm...

    (Dom) Eyes of Submission: The eyes of a mythical creature or powerful magic wielder. One look into such eyes, a single flash of light and all of the victim's will just disappears completely, turning them completely submissive to them, unable to protest.

    (Dom) Fairy TF: Something I love to do as a dominant playmate is turn you into a small, helpless fairy. With cute wings and silly antennae. 

    (Dom) Figure Bukkake: I like this alot. Maybe after getting turned into a sexy action figure or doll...or after turning my prey into such...I can then masturbate upon them, blowing a load onto her plastic body! Also works for statues and other lewd things of the sort!

    (Dom) Genderbending - Impregnation: My favorite way to seal a spell on a poor boy that has just been turned into a woman is to cum inside of her and impregnate her, sealing her as a woman forever...

    (Dom) Hermification: Turning a lady into a shemale. The idea of this is alluring.

    (Dom) Multiple Submissives: Having more than one character at my command. Licking, sucking, eating them out...

    (Dom) Shrinking: As a dom, this is a certainty with me. As it happens to be a favorite, I enjoy macrophilia and things that could be related to such.

    (Dom) Soul Infusion: Wow, how worthless! I could think of a better use for your soul!! Let me place it in a stuffed animal...or in something ridiculous to humiliate you!

    (Dom) Vore - Anal: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes...<3 I want to shove you in my ass so you'll disappear forever...

    (Dom) Rimming:  It sends shivers up my spine. To know that your tongue is exploring such a forbidden place...

    (Switch) Breast Expansions: Either as a Sub or a Dom. Big, gigantic breasts from magic, drugs, it's all good to me! I especially love this when I'm subbing as a female character.

    (Switch) Bondage: A favorite. There will be lots of this if it's your sort of niche. 

    (Switch) Tentacles: If possible, I'd like to include this in a session! Tentacles are fun and so many things can be done with them! 

    (Switch) Age Regression: I am free to play around with this! Turn the clock back physically, mentally or both! It's such a great way to make someone helpless!

    (Switch) Anal Humiliation: From a nice femboy, cuntboy or lady...humiliating their victim as they forcefully ride the character and berate them for enjoying it. "Haha, you pervert! Do you like my dirty hole!?"

    (Switch) Aphrodisiacs: Love them! The thought of drugs being used in RP to invoke arousal!! Drugs or magic! Either one!

    (Switch) Ascensions: A fetish involving someone small and weak turning into a godlike figure with divine level powers, having drained it out from my character, of course...whether this be by force or even something so innocent as an accident.

    (Switch) Body Part TF: All the TF!

    (Switch) Ass TF: Turned into someone's ass! Jiggle, jiggle...hum...

    (Switch) Cock TF: Lovely! Probably my other favorite fetish aside from age regression and genderbending! The thought of being taken by someone and then being turned into genitalia...specifically, a cock...fate sealed.

    (Switch) Foot TF: Preferably as the sub, but I could also be approaching it from a dominant angle I guess!  In a scenario and preferably with females only. A woman making her feet grow somehow and abusing me with them or being subject to magic from a pervert such as myself!

    (Switch) Bad Ends: Having something happen upon a character where they can't continue their quest due to some...unfortunate reason.

    (Switch) BDSM: I will always, -always- love any form of this in an RP. I enjoy the subject...the discipline, the art, relationship between, the power. involved, etc. Below are just a few examples of what I enjoy with it! The more extreme aspects to BDSM are also very sexy indeed! 

    (Switch) Ovipositioning: Eggs, eggs, eggs! Going up into asses!! Eggs, eggs, eggs!!! The more you take 'em, the bigger you swell!!

    (Switch) Candy TF: Having one turned into candy and another slowly eat them, breaking tidbits of them off, but they feel no pain, just confusion and horror...

    (Switch) Changing Hair: By color, length or in other various ways perhaps!

    (Switch) Cock & Ball Growth: ...mmm...either for me as the victim or you as the aggressor...so hot..

    (Switch) Cock Flop: A fat cock that flops out of its prison and onto the face of the one who must service it...so hot...

    (Switch) Cock Shrinking: Cock shrinking through magical means or even by the use of getting fucked in the ass while someone drains my cock size and grows it's inches for themselves! 

    (Switch) Crushing: Crushed under somebody's foot!!! >:D Can be lethal or non.

    (Switch) Degrading Writing/Art: I love having others (I don't mind doing it either!) write, draw or mark on characters with inks or whatever substance is on hand at the time. A good example would be having derogatory terms such as 'slut', 'bitch', 'cunt' and 'whore' being written onto their skin...maybe even dirty and insulting drawings just to add to the humiliation! 

    (Switch) Demotivation: Being told how useless someone is and how little chances they have at succeeding in anything.

    (Switch) Dirty Feet: Dirty feet! Cum, dirt, sweat, anything that has been deposited onto other people's feet after a sudden catalyst..smelly feet are also great!

    (Switch) Drugs/Addiction: Getting addicted to drugs, potions, magic or anything else is always fun! Often to the point of where they could ruin a character's life and reputation as they do absolutely anything to achieve their next high as well. I also like the prospect of hallucinating off from the effect, seeing and hearing things that aren't even there. I tend to like things like needleplay, opiates, etc...

    (Switch) Drugsuits: Thick, heavy latex gimp suits complete with gas masks, rebreathers, canisters and tubes to pump drugs throughout the entire body, turning it's wearer into a legit zombie who is constantly high. 

    (Switch) Duplication: A desire to have one's character turned into a duplication, replica or copy of another character, usually involves identity death of sort, having the original character replaced by a copy of the aggressor.

    (Switch) Energy Drain: Having your physical and mental energy drained through lewd stuff...or normal magic/physical stuff!

    (Switch) Facesitting: Much loved!

    (Switch) Fingers in Mouth: Mmnn...there's just something about this that's too hot for words to describe...sucking on them, licking them, tasting them...

    (Switch) Food TF: Some of my favorites include taffy, gumdrops...anything chewable ^^;

    (Switch) Foot Lick Slave: Being tied down or up in some lewd device and having only their feet exposed. They are then subjected to others to lick and masturbate onto their feet for the rest of their natural lives.

    (Switch) Foot Related Spells: Magical spells relating to feet...maybe even altering their size and smell!

    (Switch) Forced Mating: Forced mating...done by an aggressor to the other, regardless of gender, even if they think you're a girl, it's going in.

    (Switch) Genderbending - Monsterfication: MtF Genderbending! Monsters! Succubi, Mermaids and stuff!! 

    (Switch) Footjobs: Giving people footjobs with my feet, monstrously large cocks with lots of cum to shoot on them preferred!

    (Switch) Hallucinations: After having my mind taken over, I often love it when I'm forced to see and smell things that aren't there...this could tie in nicely to the whole foot fetish thing, I think! I can also do this as a dom.

    (Switch) Humiliation & Degradation: Quite possibly two of my biggest kinks! I love the shame involved in these two. Public also works very well...either with NPC play or player involvement. I thrive on this stuff. 

    (Switch) Identity Death: A fun way to take control over someone. Rewrite their entire existence and kill their original sense of being...I can be done as a dom or as a sub.

    (Switch) Inanimate TF - Footgear: The desire to be transformed into a pair of feet, socks or even boots to be worn across someone's ends. Preference to having my vision taken away, hearing and every other sense that makes someone humanoid in nature.

    (Switch) Jewelry as Bondage: Another fantasy involving genderbending...it's fun to become an elegant, girly princess sort of figure, marked and controlled by my tormentor. Weighed down with gems, jewelry, obsessive decor, etc. Jewelry can be very kinky and restrictive too, especially if it's ironic and used for bondage!

    (Switch) Liquid Latex: A sticky substance that acts exactly like latex but it's in the form of a liquid and is fast to solidify...and to get off. It can even be sentient!

    (Switch) Loss of Senses: The diluting of senses such as sight, sound, thinking during being dominated. Blurry vision, fuzzy imagery, muffled hearing, distorted smells...humm...

    (Switch) Maid Transformation: Being transformed into a pretty maid. Genderbending is optional! 

    (Switch) Medical Play: I also love this alot. Needles getting stuck into you...opiates, addictive substances and the shivers they include!

    (Switch) Mindbreak/Insanity: Getting forced into a position where a character could be trapped in a situation that would slowly drive them insane for eternity or until they die. Endless pleasure, sensory deprivation, etc...I love this!

    (Switch) Mind Control: I love it when characters are controlled mentally (Or even by the outcome of drugs!), rendering their body and minds useless to them. I also love it when they get brainwashed and have their thoughts manipulated or even have memories erased or have false one's generated to introduce them to a lie of a false life they've been living all this time. I think it also ties into seduction quite nicely. Very, very pleasing!

    (Switch) Mind Melting Musk: Musk or smells so bad that they're capable of rotting someone's brain cells away.

    (Switch) Nursing: As a dom or a sub!!! I just can't leave breasts alone...mmm...let me suck them dry!!

    (Switch) Personality Draining: The draining of one's personality through fantastic various means, turning them into a zombie-like state, a blank board, that sort of thing!

    (Switch) Petrification: Being turned to stone maybe decorated as a statue in somebody's manor or something. Perhaps some form of artwork...love it. 

    (Switch) Petrification - Chocolate: An alternate form of my petrification fetish, only this one involves getting turned into or, perhaps turning others into chocolate. Vore might happen, it might not. It seems oddly tempting, doesn't it? 

    (Switch) Petting: All playthings enjoy being pet...

    (Switch) Poof TFing: Getting transformed in an instant, preferably with a poof of smoke.

    (Switch) Puppetry/Possession: A bit odd, but I enjoy being turned into a literal puppet with strings attached to my arms and legs and being forced to dance on a stage in front of thousands of people...all to the whim of some mysterious puppeteer...or perhaps having my soul bound to an ethereal source of power where I'm controlled by another person or thing via the means of mind control. These could also tie in nicely to the whole macro/micro thing that I like. In other words, motor skills are completely hijacked, the character's conscious unable to communicate with the body as something else takes over. Works the other way around too.

    (Switch) Radioactive Footstink: Very hot and capable of mutating you!!

    (Switch) Forced to Cum: In the context of noncensual sex, a character is repetitively raping a victim to incite orgasms, even if its against the will of the character underneath them. Over and over and over again...

    (Switch) Rape: Forced to Cum: In the context of noncensual sex, a character is repetitively raping a victim to incite orgasms, even if its against the will of the character underneath them. Over and over and over again...

    (Switch) Renaming: Getting renamed, basically...taking the name from myself or giving a new one to another...as a form of discipline and control through BDSM scenarios!

    (Switch) Shaming Opponents: Dominating and humiliating defeated opponents in nasty, raunchy ways...

    (Switch) Sock TF: Being transformed into a pair of socks!

    (Switch) Soul Stealing: Removing the soul from the body, trapped or even reincarnated into a new existence! Works the other way around too!

    (Switch) Spanking: Eeee! Yes, yes, yes! Show me what happens to bad people...or I could show you!!! <Blushes>

    (Switch) Spells of Submission: Maybe some sort of magic or curse that reduces a person's will beyond that of a person's mental threshold. Whereas they might be very combative, the magic breaks their spirit instantly and it can turn them into a quivering little bitch.

    (Switch) Strange Injections: Gasp....drugs that....do strange things to me after being injected directly into the bloodstream. Who knows what could happen? Maybe...make me dumb and helpless? Odd transformations, weaknesses? Hmmm...euphoric sensations and hallucinations? 

    (Switch) Taint Worship: ...Lewd, but delicious...that yummy space between between your genitals! 

    (Switch) Tally Marks: Tally Marks can be used for alot of things...especially lewd one's! Maybe...drawing on a piece of the body to indicate how many loads or sessions a person has taken to utterly degrade them? Yaaaay, tallies!

    (Switch) Transformation: Being transformed in varous different ways...I mean, anything could happen. From turning into things towards more of the bizarre! Progressive changes are much adored as well.

    (Switch) Transformation - Doll: Getting shrunk down (optional!), genderswapped (also optional!), and remade with a nice doll-like texture...becoming entrapped in a plastic prison! Maybe even a clockwork wind-up doll TF, dependent upon others for life, constantly needing to be rewinded again and again! 

    (Switch) Trapped in a Gem: Similar to the whole idea of being trapped in a painting, but the only difference? I've been placed inside of a gem! W-what? No wonder the outside world looks shiny and faceted...h-how do I get out of here?! 

    (Switch) Unaware Domination: Unaware Domination - Stomping, crushing, vore, etc: This implies that a character isn't aware of their victim or doesn't notice them. Usually played out in macrophilia stuff.

    (Switch) Vampirism: Having any physical or mental traits drained from characters and added to a predator's body. Good examples of this are intelligence, magic, features, personality, etc...all of that knowledge, power and experience...just poof! Gone!

    (Switch) Vore - Oral: By mouth!

    (Switch) A lover of all things hypnotism and mind control, if this is done to me, it will make me squirm...likewise, the same principle applies the other way too. I might just steal your soul.

    (Switch) Corruption - Reverse: Taking something evil and well...purifying it! 

    (Switch) Blueberry: An odd desire to have something very bad happen to a character where someone inflates them but, they keep getting rounder and rounder, to the point where they become unable to walk. I am a little picky about this, unfortunately, so instead, I'll merely reference that one scene in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory where that poor lass is turned into a blueberry...which can be a nice fate as well, but indeed, very optional.

    (Switch) Armpits: Stink, sweat! Mmhm!! Worship!! 

    (Switch) Odd Spells: Odd Spells: Like forced growth! Making someone clumsier! Making their feet smellier!

    (Sub) Biosuits: Suits that are composed of parasitic organisms but mask their identities as simple articles of clothing...or something outright obvious as a mass of composed creepy crawly things...and when they get ahold of you...they take control of your body and begin to feed off of you in this sort of mutual relationship...but you're moreso it's slave than anything else, unfortunately!

    (Sub) Antidepressants: Having pills or medicine injected into my arm that might alter the mood to calm someone down or treat obsessive behavioral tendencies. Even if it isn't needed, but it's a bit of a different desire than my other drug related kinks.

    (Sub) Cock Theft: Pop! W-what just happened? Did you just...steal my dick? W-wait a second...yes...just popping it off like a tinker toy or something. Goes both ways too!

    (Sub) Glue/Tar Traps: Well, I just can't help getting stuck in something. Though I could use this as a weapon too!

    (Sub) Being a Sub to a Sub: Lower than the lowest!

    (Sub) Being Godmodded: I like this...alot. Having control taken away from my character or gaining the illusion of control loss is indeed really frightening but has its own attraction in itself. 

    (Sub) Spat Upon: Mmm...it's such a dominating move...and it really gives me a humiliation high...

    (Sub) Bestiality: Yes! I have absolutely no problem with getting taken by animals!

    (Sub) Body Swapping: Basically, being turned into someone else while they become me, sort of like being replaced by my doppelganger fetish but not quite. ^^;

    (Sub) Brain Melting: Having brain matter melted away and possibly drained out from an orifice in one's body. My favorite includes gooey stuff of what it used to be flowing out from the ears!

    (Sub) Cum Baths: Surrounded by monsters or maybe even enemies on either side...but to make matters more humiliating, as if to add salt to wounds, they begin to ejaculate on me, treating me like some sort of prize...until I'm swimming in a literal bath of the putrid biological liquid known as semen!

    (Sub) Cum Encasement: Being ejaculated on by reproductive fluids of various kinds and having them harden onto me so it freezes me in place, sticking to me viciously!

    (Sub) Cuntboy Faceriding: I would love to meet an aggressive cunt-boy who has plans for my face.

    (Sub) Cursed Clothing: Various articles of clothing that might come with a catch if a potential wearer decides to puts them on. A very fun theme to have indeed.

    (Sub) Dark - Amalgations, Body Horror, Absorbtion: Combined into a flesh-like monster, fused with a golem of flesh, blood and meat alike...yes...mm..stitch me up and experiment on me like Frankenstein's monster!

    (Sub) Dark - Mummifcation: Part of a variation of an asphyxian fetish, in a rare case, I actually would like to succumb to this as an end. Mummified, sealed, wrapped in plastic. Like meat being prepared for the masses, fresh out of the factory. It could involve snuff or it could keep me alive in some sort of hell somehow. Either way, I want it!

    (Sub) Dark - Torture: I'm a dirty masochist! Please rape me, beat me, harm me! You can even cut me up!! 

    (Sub) Dark - Drug into a pit of Bodies/Undead: Exactly as it sounds...mmm...

    (Sub) Dirty Bras: Having a woman (Or multiple women!)  make me worship her used and smelly bra is kind of hot, honestly!

    (Sub) Dirty Clothing: When a woman forces me to worship her dirty and used clothing...perhaps smothering me in them or going so far as to make me wear them as a means of dominance and humiliation. The natural smell of a woman's clothing is exotic and pleasing to the male mind...

    (Sub) Dominant Dolls: Not exactly rubbery sex dolls per se...but full fleshed out, clockwork creations with gears, wires, bolts and nuts! I would be interested in playing with one of these sentient creatures...preferably a female, under her will.

    (Sub) Doppelgangers: An evil type of creature that takes on the appearance of another and preys upon them...only to replace their body and take it over for some sort of devious purpose. Mnh. Memories, experience, stuff like that!

    (Sub) Dreamwalking: Entering another's subconscious and becoming stuck inside of it, unable to get out, becoming the target of their most sick and twisted desires...forever...as the body of the victim refuses to wake up.

    (Sub) Experimentation: Getting captured and experimented on unwillingly...maybe I've caught the eye of a curious anatomist or something...it could go well with needleplay and transformation!

    (Sub) Facehuggers: Just...a friendly parasite or monster that attaches to your head like a sexy mask and takes control of your brain!

    (Sub) Fat Corruption: Upon being forced to gain weight, the victim is corrupted and becomes much sloppier/hedonistic/gluttonous

    (Sub) Femdom - Faceriding: Self explanatory but...think of it as a more more extreme form of oral sex. Basically, getting taken by one's head and visibly raw ridden, slamming her hips up into my face, gripping my face tightly.

    (Sub): Fingers in Mouth: I also love this..<smiles shyly> Having someone shove their finger in my butt is love!

    (Sub) Flesh Caves: Caves that are -alive- and filled with all sorts of strange sticky stuff! Like...sticky floors, tentacles and what not...becoming a part of them would be hot too...mmn. Basically, getting trapped within them! Being trapped inside of a wall, sunk into a floor, eaten or dissolved ...or perhaps kept as a permanent edition of nutrition towards whatever horrible beast or hive it is.

    (Sub) Flesh Maidens: A device that may seem to be made in the fashion of an iron maiden, but when it opens up, it reveals it's true purpose: A pleasing hell of tentacles, biological organisms and other icky things, waiting to take you inside of it, milking you for your bodily fluids. 

    (Sub) Fluid/Resin Prisons: Fluids from a predator that are so vicious and thick that it clings to one's body...capable of pasting them onto things like a strong adhesive.

    (Sub) Foot Fetish Sole Garden: A gigantic garden filled with victims who have been captured and drug under the ground head up to where their feet only remain up above ground...the poor souls.

    (Sub) Inflation: mmm...

    (Sub) Forced Feeding: Given to my inflation fetish a bit...a tube stuck down my throat. I'm being fed against my will, growing fatter, slobbier...

    (Sub) Forced Thumbsucking: Forced to suck on one's own thumb...unable to stop. Usually done by magical or mental means.

    (Sub) Fungus: Different types of fungus attaching themselves to my character with odd effects...

    (Sub) Fusion: Being converted into a monster, joining one or 'fusing' with one to the point of where it could be considered a forceful, parasitic existence inside of another body, forever rendering a character as being a 'part' of that being. Being conjoined in some form can work nicely with this as well...I even like parasite and host play! This falls under the same category buuut...I also really like the aspect of getting absorbed. Perhaps by a shadowy being, a goo or something along the lines of that to give an example.

    (Sub) Gas Traps: Falling into a gas chamber or trap or something where numerous amounts of toxins are pumped into the victims face for a druggy effect...perhaps making them happy, satisfied, lazy or even horny. Keeping them very content and fulfilled, not wanting to leave even though it would be super easy! A devious trap, indeed! Falling into a gas chamber or trap or something where numerous amounts of toxins are pumped into the victims face for a druggy effect...perhaps making them happy, satisfied, lazy or even horny. Keeping them very content and fulfilled, not wanting to leave even though it would be super easy! A devious trap, indeed! Even hallucinating can be fun! 

    (Sub) Genies: A general love for wish granting fiends, from being stuffed into a lamp or having my wishes warped...

    (Sub) Getting Stuck: Getting stuck in things. Traps, goo, bondage, etc, etc.

    (Sub) Wallmasters/Ghostly Hands: Ethereal hands appearing and groping me, playing with my body, tossing me around, toying with me.

    (Sub) Glory Holes: Yeeeeeeaaah! Who knows just what you'll get!

    (Sub) Goo Harem: Sooo...picture this! A room full of goo...controlled by a slime queen or some sort of entity or something...and it collects males or females to stick them into the floor and wrap them up in slime to milk them for eternity! Mh!

    (Sub) Harpy Rape: I've had this unfulfilled for a long time, but I'm still hoping to find it some day...gangbanged repetitively by a bunch of horny harpies...used over and over again, without remorse.

    (Sub) Humiliation - Nationality: Being humiliated from groups of other nationalities. Like, Chinese, Japanese, Americans, British,  Russian, ya know!

    (Sub) Imprisonment: I love it when my character gets imprisoned with no way out. Like for instance, maybe they could be trapped inside of a pod and kept alive while being used as a simple breeding mechanism for a tentacle beast, stuffed into a crystal shard as a soul or just locked somewhere nice and safe where they can't get out. Maybe even being going so far as to be trapped in amber! Perhaps they could be encased with a thick encrustment (Such as liquid latex, for example!) ,turned to stone or something of that sort as well. 

    (Sub) Intelligence Draining: Having one's intelligence sucked out of their head! Very hot to me!

    (Sub) Jelly Pits: Similar to tar pits, but with JELLY!!! What could possibly be wrong with this?

    (Sub) Jesterfication: Bells, ridiculous clothing, painted faces...how can anyone take someone seriously like this?

    (Sub) Meat Prisons: Stuck inside fleshy, pod like encasement things and trapped somehow. As it climbs on you and derives lewd fluid out of your body. Becoming part of it, be it a floor, wall, ceiling, etc. 

    (Sub) Menstrual Torture: This is going to turn many people off, but I'd reckon everyone has a few unsavory fetishes...basically, it's just as it sounds and I would love to have my face pulled into a snatch while it's dripping sweet crimson down my face...

    (Sub) Milk Slave: Drinking milk from another character, be it monster or humanoid. The milk could be addicting, mind warping, emotionally demanding, even...but you don't care right? It tastes so good...

    (Sub) Mixing Blood/ Heartbeats: Good for a neat scene involving body theft or absorbtion...let your blood replace my own and your heart overpower mine...as an echo...

    (Sub) Monstergirl Cardgame: Basically, the premise of this one would be that there might be a sorceress or even some sort of other gambler and they wager to steal each other's souls, but somewhere along the lines, the victim ends up being outplayed and he's sealed into a deck of cards. Each card played in a game would have him experiencing the body of a different monster girl everytime...kind of like Duel Monsters, but lewder.

    (Sub) Multi Parasitism: Being entangled up to one or more organisms composed of of biotic material...or being tied to one large entity with along with multiple other hosts. 

    (Sub) Naga Vore: A naga's pussy that opens up at the base of her waistline...and pulls her prey in as she devours them, slurping them down their tails.

    (Sub) Nerdification: Being shrunken down a bit, having my muscle mass removed and turning me into a weak little whimp. Possibly with glasses and all that jazz!

    (Sub) Numbing: A fetish for going numb in a limb or a part of the body. Maybe induced with a needle or something like a spell.

    (Sub) Object Fusion: Ooh....nice and weird! Getting fused into another object such as a tree, rock, crystal...gooey organs conjoining, stuck in place...perhaps maybe even a living, biological entity that's stuck in place or...on the move. 

    (Sub) Objectification: Being treated like an object, becoming less of a person through the subtle definition of it...

    (Sub) Object Soul Fusion: Taking the soul of some living being and transferring it inside of an object. (Etc: Panties, a ball, dildo, other lewd things.) The result is that because the person's soul is stuffed inside of the object, they are able to see, feel and experience the horror of being rooted to something they have no control over...maybe even being turned into clothing!

    (Sub) Pacifiers: A great way to silence others...especially if they're magical.

    (Sub) Parasitism: Being physically or perhaps mentally (What about both!? =P) attached to another form of organism...feeling it drain you, control you, manipulate you as it grows stronger off of you for whatever devious purpose it has. An odd relationship where everything is taken from you and instilled into it instead.

    (Sub) Plastic! It's fantastic!: Unrealistic and malleable...immortalized, petrified forever! Give it a try? 

    (Sub) Proxies: Having my identity stolen as I'm taken into the proxy of a genderless form...through perhaps liquid latex or rubber...some form of organism!  Alternatively, this could also be done by turning the victim into a copy of the dominant as well.

    (Sub) Pussywhipped: Giving a woman complete control over EVERYTHING...your money, your time, your attention, letting her dictate how you live, act and dress...

    (Sub) Quicksand: Sinking in random or questionable substances is really hot. Quicksand, mud, cum, slime...hehehe.

    (Sub) Rape Pods: Pods made for capturing prey to force them to breed...endlessly trapping them. 

    (Sub) Releasing Powerful Entities: Rather it be with a genie, a demon or some form of monster, I would love to foolishly free you into the world and make you all-powerful....additionally, I really like being shoved into lamps or having my body taken over as a means of reverse-play, myself becoming the entrapped as you foolishly mock me for my kindness.

    (Sub) Reverse Foot Worship: A fantasy of submission by letting a dom lick my feet against my will...

    (Sub) Reverse Rape: Where a woman takes control of the male and throws him down on the ground, raping him against his will...with her pussy...or perhaps even being reversed anal, oral or breast raped...even reverse armpit rape along with reverse milk rape is fine (Where a woman forces the male to drink her breast milk against his will!)Ah! Reverse gangbangs as well! Being raped by a group of horny girls! I'm also a huge fan of reverse romance! Where a woman is more aggressive with the male and presses him into a relationship than he can!

    (Sub) Reverse Vore: W-what are you doing...wait, that doesn't go up theeERRRE!@!!!! Yep!! Reverse vore is the act of taking it instead of doing it!! 

    (Sub) Shared Clothing: When a nice person has an overly large dress or something and...they force me inside of it, having to move and work together...but nine times out of ten, ending in kinky deviancy! 

    (Sub) Siren's Song: An ability sirens possess that makes others completely docile towards it. The siren can then make things happen...like a male would be forced to hold her as he's entranced by her song, fucking her or she could be more creative with the spell as well! 

    (Sub) Sissification: Dresses, garter belts, stockings, lipstick, blush, mascara, the list goes on and on! Being forced into clothing typically worn by the opposite gender to humiliate and shame...I love this immensely! Bonus points...if I'm even forced to act the part and adapt as a woman! Being taught how to cook, clean and please...

    (Sub) Sissification - Maid: I have a -huge- thing for maids...if you haven't picked up on it yet. The thought of being crossdressed into an adorable French maid's outfit is exciting to me. Being taught to act like a refined and proper maid, pleasing others, etc...

    (Sub) Slime Imprisonment: Getting absorbed by a slime...or maybe a slime structure of some kind and stuck inside of it! So that everyone can see you but...you can't do anything except remain buoyant and helpless.

    (Sub) Slit Trap: Having your head trapped between two hot pussies...both of them rubbing against you, refusing to let you go...

    (Sub) Sock Smothering: Having a bunch of women come up to me and cover my face in their smelly and used socks while they laugh at me.

    (Sub) Soul Fusion: Having the soul of another entity be forcefully placed inside of me...joining mind, spirit and body. Becoming one...o.o;

    (Sub) Takeovers: Having your character taken over. Get creative! Sucked dry and left as a suit of skin? Taken over by a doppelganger? Body swapped? Eventually, perhaps, even the tormentor begins to live your life, slowly erasing the original you...

    (Sub) Transformation - Animal: Hehe...someone's going to be turned into a pet!

    (Sub) Trapped in a Painting: Maybe...there's this portrait of a really cute girl...but the portrait is actually a monster of sorts...and when I don't expect it, she drags me into her painted world, trapping me in her dimension with her forever...

    (Sub) Abducted by Loli Fairies: Yes, please!

    (Sub) Trapped in Honey: That lovely, sweet goop that churns out of beehives that can turn a breakfast into delight...and now I can experience what it's like to be stuck in it!

    (Sub) Unbirth - Daughter TF: A-ah...eep...being genderbent and then put back into a woman's womb...

    (Sub) Undead Gangbangs: Surrounded by zombies, vile spirits, phantoms, ghasts, used over and over again without an option to ever rest...

    (Sub) Bondage - Vacuum Beds: A device for fetish BDSM play! Latex and used to suck a person into an airtight prison!

    (Sub) Ventriloquist Dummy TF: Forced to sat in someone's lap, I'm made of plastic or wood...and to say things against my will...

    (Sub) Vore - Teddy Bear: Being sucked inside of a stuffed animal...like a teddy bear or something, my soul devoured and trapped forever...

    (Sub) Vore - Unbirth: A form of vore that involves taking a character and consuming them with one's vagina...

    (Sub) Filth - Disposal: Eaten of and then digested. I'm...sure you can think of what comes next.

    (Sub) Filth - Drool: ...Mm..long...vicious...sticky...yes, please..drool all over me like I'm a piece of meat you want!!

    (Sub) Undergarment TF: Bras, underwear, etc!

    (Sub) Ass Bouncing Twerk Hell: Surrounded by fat, feminine, womanly asses from all sides and they're constantly taunting you to music or something, just...they won't stop jiggling and bouncing and you can't escape...

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       5 of 5 members found this review helpful 5 / 5 members

    I found Lachett to be a very flexible and patient RPer! The impression I got from RPing with her as that her manner seems quite laid back and tends to be rather easy to deal with. While her advertised preference didn't seem to match my rather vanilla preferences, I found that she was willing to adjust and I had a lot of fun with the RP we did have. While unfortunately I could not exactly keep up regular posting due to having a rather unexpected increase in personal commitments this week, I hope to RP with them again if/when I get the chance to. They seem a rather pleasant individual and I wish them luck in their future RP seeking endeavors.

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