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  • Lily's Roleplay Preferences

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    • Partcipate in Private Roleplays: I do private roleplays
      Preferred Roleplay Length: No Preference
      Preferred Grammar/Spelling Competence: Fairly Competent
      Preferred Post Length: Long (1-3 Paragraphs per Post)

      I will roleplay these fetishes: Anal, Ass to Mouth, BDSM, Blowjobs, Bondage, Consensual Sex, Double Penetration, Enema, Erotica, First Times, Gangbangs, Handjobs, Humiliation, Incest, Interracial, Interspecies, Lolicon, Pet/Master, Rape, Romantic, Teen Sex, Threesomes, Toys, Yuri

      I might roleplay these fetishes: Not Specified

      I will not roleplay: Adult Baby, Body Modification, Masturbation, Piercings, Scat, Shaving, Strap-Ons, Tentacles, Torture
      Genre's I will Roleplay: Adventure, Romance, Sex only

      Genre's I might Roleplay: Not Specified

      Genre's I won't roleplay: Fan Fiction Roleplay
      What kind of characters I will roleplay with: Animals, Chibi, Furry, Human, Neko (Cat), Teenagers

      What kind of characters I might roleplay with: Not Specified

      I will not roleplay with these types of characters: Futanari/Dickgirls, Incubus, Succubus

    Here's a SHORT VERSION of extra stuff you should know:

    -My F-List is here! Do look it over, it has more and better detail than the one on Ecchi!
    -DO NOT come at me with one-liners, please!! I need partners to write a fair amount (a decent sized paragraph or two paragraphs minimum?) or I will lose interest!
    -I don't have a lot of limits, but I particularly don't like blood/gore or anything involving Futas.
    -I won't have initial plot ideas, I struggle with it, but I can help you build off an idea you have!
    -While the long version says I'm open to experimenting with dominant characters, I'm currently really preferring my shy/submissive characters.
    -I only play as my own OCs as I'm not into enough stuff to play canon characters. I can play multiple characters though.
    -Please don't show me NSFW images...I don't like seeing them!

    Did that not cover your questions?
    Look at the Long Version below, it's probably answered there.

    If you want the LONG VERSION of my preferences, where you might find answers to questions you already have, unhide the spoiler below:
    *Kass' Backstory was recently added as a plot!


    Important things to know about me:
    *You can just read the underlined stuff. Further info is available below, however!

    -I am very shy, and do suffer from depression, anxiety, and have high-functioning autism. What this means for you:
    *Regarding depression, sometimes I can go a few days without talking as I have spells where communication or motivation becomes difficult. Please be patient, I'm not enjoying it either, I'll be back as soon as I'm able!
    *My shyness and anxiety mean I can get nervous easily. I might worry about little things, or get scared to address certain things. I get better the longer I know you, but I might be pretty awkward at first!
    *High functioning autism...the biggest two things you'll notice in me, or so I'm told, are that, despite my age (over 30),  I'm more child-like in how I talk sometimes, or that I might not understand some things I should at my age. I learn as I go though!

    -My timezone is PST, and I'm available only during nights.
    *Anywhere between 7:30pm-5am, although exact times may vary.

    -I'd like fairly active partners.
    *I understand we all have lives, and I'm not saying you have to be there for me 24-7, but if delays between replies go on too long, I tend to lose interest. Especially if I only get like one reply after a long period of waiting. Is it too much to expect a reply at least every other day or so? If I have to wait a week+ it will start becoming less interesting.

    -Ghost friendly, though it can be disappointing.
    *I certainly don't mean to, but sometimes I end up 'ghosting' people, I guess? If I'm not feeling a roleplay, I'll give it a few days to see if my interest comes back...but then I forget. :X If I ghost you, it's not personal and if you ask me about it, I'll tell you where I'm at. Just ask! (And I'm very sorry in advance if it happens!! I try not to!) But because I understand how that is, I won't hold it against you if you ghost me (unless it happens CONSTANTLY when trying to set stuff up) although I've met some incredible sounding people who have ghosted me already, and I have to say it does suck. If you change your mind...do come back, because I'm still willing to give you a shot!

    -Please, PLEASE, no one-liners. Including OOC, if possible, not just roleplay.
    *Nothing kills my motivation to roleplay, or chat, more than getting almost nothing to respond to. I don't like being held entirely responsible for keeping roleplay or chat going...it takes two for both, so please make an effort. If you give me one-liner conversation pieces, ("Yeah."  "Agreed."  "I dunno."  "Fine." ect...) with basically nothing I can build off of and I'd have to start a whole new topic...I tend to just not answer. I prefer roleplay responses to be at least a paragraph, but the more the better.

    -Prefer site PMs or Discord!
    *I'm not really into public threads (due to my shyness) but I wouldn't turn them down completely if I was sold on an idea. I much prefer the methods mentioned. Discord is nice because of the speed, but only really makes sense if we're both online at the same time. PMs are probably best because there's no text limit (unlike Discord) and it can be as fast or slow as we want. If you want my Discord, just ask. Be warned, though: I don't like having a crowded friends list. Every month or so I clear out people who I rarely talk to or hear from. Nothing personal, I just like keeping things tidy and not digging through a list of people I never talk to, to find somebody I do!

    -Longer term partners, higher smut, if possible!
    *I'm finding it hard to do one quick roleplay, get into the characters and whatnot, only for it to end abruptly after one quick sex scene. I'd like more long-term partners, and a roleplay we can keep going for an extended period of time. But at the same time, I'd need some time to decide if I'm into it enough to keep going. (Anybody would, right?) So please don't hate me if we roleplay a while and I tell you at some point that it's just not doing it for me anymore. I'm HOPING to find a roleplay I fall in love with and we can just keep going for a long while, but you never know. I do aim for it to have more fun smut than a very complex plot, since I want something more laid-back I can enjoy, and not something I have to hyper-focus on developing...since I do make myself crazy with that, and I already have one roleplay like that going and that's enough!
    In short...looking more for relaxed fun than majorly detailed, expanding, developing worlds right now.


    Kinks? Limits? Ideas?

    -My likes and dislikes are here, in my F-List
    *I'm open to any of my Faves and Yes's, happily! Not all has to be included. My Maybes are just that...talk to me about them first. Same with anything not mentioned! I might give it a try! My No's are hard No's...that's why they're under No.
    That aside, here are a few things I think are worth mentioning:

    -I do like playing as lolis, as it feels a little more natural to me with my autism. But it is not required!
    -I am always open to playing multiple characters. That means harems and whatnot are totally acceptable!
    -99.9% of the time I play female characters. I like playing them against males OR females, however!
    -I have no problems playing along-side furries. I can even play as one, if you don't mind a Skyrim reference being used. xD
    -I do typically play a submissive female, but I have a dominant female or two I'm currently experimenting with. If you're open to me practicing, and possibly failing or being cringy, we can discuss this! xD
    -I especially love anything that involves being treated roughly, whether as some kind of pet/slave or object. I like a lot of force, pain, humiliation, being treated like I belong to somebody.
    -I'm willing to do taboo topics, whether they're simply incest or more darker tones, but I don't like gore or death.
    -I LOVE being the one to give affection, but if I'm playing as Lily, I'm really not into being the sole focus of sexual attention. I like to give, or have my partner take what they want, rather than focus on me.

    -I'm actually not into NSFW images, and I don't have real images for my characters, as it feels weird using someone else's actual face. I use anime art to get the point across, and expect one's imagination to take it from there.
    -I don't like playing people I don't know. So I only use my own OCs, as I know them the best. I'm also not really into fandoms or celebrities.
    -I'm not really into other fantasy races, aside from furries. (If they even fall under that category.) Mainly just humans or furries.
    -Not into anything gore/death, or ridiculous proportions. Nothing absolutely disgusting either, yet urine doesn't bother me.


    Some Characters:

    -Does best with dominant partners.
    -Loves to give affection, will accept some affection, as long as she isn't the sole focus of sexual affection. (She doesn't like lots of spoiling)
    -Is very shy, sweet, submissive.
    -Loves being treated roughly, and as a slave/pet/belonging.

    Lily mostly seeks a master, or someone who will focus on controlling her, using her as they please, regardless of what she wants. As it is, being forced to spend all her time loving and spoiling a master IS exactly what she wants anyway. She loves pain, punishment, humiliation...even if she doesn't full know or accept it just yet. She's shy, after all! This does make her a little awkward with some things, but she gets better as she learns, though a touch of shyness will always remain...it's just her personality. Lily does love 'regular' affection, in the form of 'fluff' such as cuddling/kissing/stroking and whatnot. It's the sexually focused 'spoiling' that has the opposite effect. If she's being pleasured, being made to cum, (trust me, if she's treated with enough roughness, she'll cum on her own from that!) if she's given power and love and treated as if her pleasure is what's most important...that makes her uncomfortable. (Unsure if this detail is linked to my own autism or what.) She would rather focus her own affection on her master. She much prefers being used and enjoyed in the way her master desires, and giving him everything he wants.


    -Does best with submissive partners, though doms or switches can work if power struggles, playful or otherwise, aren't an issue.
    -Is much more confident, and will try to get what she wants instead of letting it pass her by.
    -Loves the idea of being a rough master to a pet...someone she can tease, punish and torment, yet ultimately love and adore in her downtime.
    -Is very much still an experimental character! This is still someone I'm practicing with. Expect roleplay to be rough until I get the hang of it!

    Kass is pretty much the opposite of Lily, in every regard. Everything Lily wants done to her, Kass wants to do to others. Everything Lily wants to offer, Kass wants given to her. Kass is confident, cool, fit and beautiful, but she also has a bit of a hotheaded nature and likes to be in control. She gets annoyed easily, and doesn't like taking orders. She also might be a little bit of a sadist, as she gets amused or excited by others in light pain. She doesn't like taking it too far though, so don't be afraid thinking it will result in injury or blood, because it never goes that far. She wants someone she can train to be more like a pet, or slave in some instances. Someone who will do everything she says, or be punished for it. There's also a bit of orgasm control/denial involved with her, with punishments for failing to obey. But if you're good about it, there's likely to be some extra love and fluffy moments when she's calmer. For as rough and forceful as she is, she will adore her partner and will make it known. On the flip-side, you CAN try to be more dominant with her, but you WILL have a bit of a fight on your hands at times. She's willing to play submissive on rare occasions, but it will be a struggle to get her to otherwise. If you're up for trying to force the submission, go for it, but it won't be easy!


    -Does best with submissive or switch partners, and certain doms. If she loves you enough, she'll submit more willingly.
    -Loves to give affection more than receive it, similarly to Lily, but also LOVES to tease.
    -Confident, playful, teasing, adoring.

    Suzu falls somewhere between Lily and Kass. She's a bit more of a switch, with a more dominant lean. She's known to like doing things her way best, but if someone she loves wants to be the one doing the dominating, she's happy to give them that. She's likely to never be entirely submissive though. She has such a loud, bold nature, with little self control, and there will be times she pushes her boundaries, either on accident or sometimes playfully. She's unlikely to ever be the perfect sub, as she really does fall somewhere in the middle. Like Kass, she enjoys treating her partners as pets or slaves, but she includes a lot more affection and is much more forgiving. The worst thing about her is probably the teasing. She loves driving her partner crazy, giving them -almost- what they want, but not quite, making them desperate as they crave things more and more, and only giving in when they can hardly take it anymore. This has also extended into orgasm control, and sometimes outright orgasm denial, seeing just how far she can push her partner. But unlike with Kass, she's more likely to be sweet and forgiving if there's failure. Her teasing is all done for fun, and for her own high, but she has a very soft heart and doesn't really mean any harm. In short...she's like Kass, but much more sweet and forgiving.


    The ideas, though...

    And here's where things get rough...for all the details and info I have (and there's STILL more you can ask about, and this thread will be added to as I remember things) I'm severely lacking in plots or ideas. I know the things I like, I know what ideas sound like a good time to me...but I can't think of anything on my own. I can help build off your ideas, though! I am so sorry...if I do have any ideas, I may put them here later! As of now, I...really don't know? But maybe something I said has struck some inspiration with you?


    **Some Ideas:
    These are most likely going to be few and far between, and very rough. I'm not so good at figuring out what sounds good to other people...

    Kass' Backstory
    So one of my backstories I commonly refer to for my character, Kass, can be a bit twisted sometimes. (But she's a unique character so I guess something had to lead her to be this way.) In a nutshell, one of her common backstories is that she and her twin brother come from a difficult home. A father who disapproves of Kass and often tries to 'fix' her to be the way he thinks she should be. (More feminine, and not interested in females) In differing scenarios, this has led to him either forcing himself on her, or letting friends of his use her. And the mother, who is submissive to a fault, lets it happen. The only one she can turn to is her twin brother, who has been her best friend and protector as best as he could through everything. He's even tried to fight his dad to protect her. The two had a normal relationship for the most part, until one time. Either after the first time Kass is forced upon, or one of the more difficult times, she finds herself coming to her brother...wanting sexual intimacy with him, of all things! Perhaps she wants to forget what happened to her and replace it with better memories, or maybe she liked what happened. Her brother hadn't thought about doing this with her before, but knowing Kass is usually strong and dominant...having her come to him, practically begging him to do this with her...he just can't quite refuse her. So it becomes a bit of a thing where they're intimate with each other and their bond grows stronger. What's interesting, is that Kass, who is usually strong and won't be put down by anybody, seems to want her brother to be more forceful with her, and shows a partially submissive side she didn't know she had. She'll probably fight back and act like she doesn't want it, but it's just an act to keep her tough front.
    If anyone wanted to play the brother in this scene...it could be interesting! I can play the parents too, or you could.

    The New Neko
    This was an idea I offered to somebody. I thought it sounded fun, and could go a few ways. The original idea was YC is a Neko (mostly humanoid, perhaps a bit smaller in size, with cat ears/tail/teeth/claws/personality traits) who has been brought home by one of my softer characters. This character of mine adores this Neko, and wants to spoil them and give them a good life after their uncertain time on the street. However she lives with a harsher roommate who does NOT like YC and tends to abuse them when my softer character isn't around.

    It can be something like that, which doesn't go much further, or it could turn into something bigger. Maybe the softer character tries to find a way for them to escape, maybe the harsher character abducts the Neko before she can get a chance and she has to find a way to get YC back...different things could happen. It could be low-key or turn into some kind of big story. The roles can also be altered. MC could be the Neko, and one or more of YCs could be the humans. Or I could switch to only one character who finds yours. Gender doesn't really matter for YCs. It could be a darker RP, or it could lead to just lots of cutesy fluff!


    Is it allowed to borrow ideas?
    If I see ideas I'd like to work with on other people's threads, is it considered bad manners to copy any ideas onto my thread? Should I ask first? Should I give credit? Should changes to the ideas be made? I've seen some ideas I like, with people I'm not too sure I'd match with for other reasons...so I'm curious if it's allowed or okay to borrow some ideas to put here that we can work on. Please let me know!

    Please PM me for any questions or ideas/offers of roleplay, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can! I'm so sorry for the length of this thread!!


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       1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

    Lily is outstand, kind, and willing to give something a shot if you bring it to her attention would recommend anyone to give her a shot for role-plays

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    So I’ve never done this before but willing to give it a try to explain how much I enjoy my rp with her!

    She is very good at the story making where it’s not just “Sex right away” but rather, proper build up where it makes sense! Able to bring in different characters and give them meaning then just “this girl here” or “that girl there”. Very detail and always responsive with the right amount of response! Really do enjoy our rp sessions together and cannot wait for more ^^.

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    I've only just begun To roleplay with Lily, she's very nice and open minded about potential opportunities for roleplaying. I'm looking forward to continuing our sessions and stories together. 🥰

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