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  • Lucy's Loves

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    • Partcipate in Private Roleplays: I do private roleplays
      Preferred Grammar/Spelling Competence: Fairly Competent

    Hey! I'm Luscinia!

    If you don't know me, i'm the lovable submissive willing to do just about any RP imaginable.
    IRL I'm male and I trap quite frequently - But here I can play either a trap or just a normal girl. (sometimes both)

    I prefer RPs that last a long time, telling a story over many different scenes. Though I am fine with shorter 1 scene RPs so don't be intimidated.
    I'm willing to play with just about any fetish so don't hesitate to voice what you want to do.

    My only real restriction is that I can be quite picky - I prefer my characters to RP in situations they might realistically be in. For example Lulu is a great target for any blackmail type RP, but someone like Lucy would never care about that, and Lena would probably enjoy it.

    Characters like Lyle & Lynn and Lena are more suited for fun, happy-go-lucky RPs. Lulu is best suited for non-con while Lucy is kind of just there to have sex with no real attachment.

    Also my characters are important to me, once I've made them and formed their backstory I see them as like my own children. I don't like changing them in anyway, such as age/gender/etc. which might be a limit since most of my characters are below 18, and not everyone likes traps.

    I'm open to public RPs as well as private ones.


    I format my RPs like this;
    Actions & Narrative

    One slight variation to this is with RPs involving Lyle and Lynn;
    "Lyle Dialogue"
    "Lynn Dialogue"


    Mostly I'm just looking to have fun and go wild. I'm willing to RP just about anything. If you can convince me I'd even be willing to play a dominant character, though probably more of a shy character just being dominant because it's their only option.
    Feel free to hit me up with an EcchiText if you're at all interested in an RP.

    If you RP with me and you like what I provide (or not) feel free to review this preferences as it might help push more people to me, and I always love more RPs.

    Lots of love;

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