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  • Mag's Preference Thread

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    • Partcipate in Private Roleplays: I do private roleplays
      Preferred Roleplay Length: Long Roleplays
      Preferred Grammar/Spelling Competence: Fairly Competent
      Preferred Post Length: Long (1-3 Paragraphs per Post)

      I will roleplay these fetishes: Bestiality, Blowjobs, Body Modification, Bondage, Breasts, Bukkake, Consensual Sex, Double Penetration, Drugged, Erotica, First Times, Gangbangs, Handjobs, Humiliation, Lactation, Masturbation, Mind Control, Office/Place of Work, Pet/Master, Supernatural, Teen Sex, Tentacles, Threesomes, Toys

      I might roleplay these fetishes: Not Specified

      I will not roleplay: Adult Baby, Amputees, Ass to Mouth, Authoritarian, Bathing, Cuckold, Enema, Feet, Fisting, Food Play, Impregnation, Rimjobs, Sadomasochism, Scat, Shotacon, Torture, Water Sports
      Genre's I will Roleplay: Adventure, City, Dystopic, Fan Fiction Roleplay, Fantasy, Medieval, Post-Apocalyptic, Sex only

      Genre's I might Roleplay: Not Specified

      Genre's I won't roleplay: Horror
      What kind of characters I will roleplay with: Demons, Elf, Human, Monogamous Characters, Older People, Promiscuous Characters, Student, Teacher, Teenagers, Virgins

      What kind of characters I might roleplay with: Not Specified

      I will not roleplay with these types of characters: Furry, Futanari/Dickgirls, Inu (Dog), Kitsune (Fox), Neko (Cat), Usagi (Bunny), Ushi (Cow)

    And a bunch of ideas:

    Psychiatrist/Criminal Patient.
    A manipulative, dangerous man with a strange and unique power to control thoughts has been arrested. Other professionals have been brought in to try and understand or cure this man and now it is your turn.
    (Required kink: Mind control/hypnotism/mental manipulation, corruption.)
    You are assigned to try and help a legend of a man in prison. He has a criminal background and an unusual talent to persuade and brainwash people to his will. It's dangerous but options are few.. Or so you've been told. Turns out my character has just been trying for a while to get himself a nice, young female doctor to have fun with. This involves a lot of persuasion/hypnosis/mind control/mental manipulation aspects. I believe this to be my most unique hypnosis idea, as he uses vocal cues or speaks into your mind to get what he wants rather than a shiny dangling jewel or swirling image. He will suggest ideas for your character to interpret.

    This idea is primarily short term, but can be made into a longer term idea.


    Stubborn Magical Student.
    Stubborn student believes her teachers aren't good enough to teach her and tries to prove her worth, quickly finding trouble with a demon who takes her in as a pupil.
    (Basic kink ideas: Demon, magic, tentacles, fantasy, romance)
    You are a mage who thinks she has much more potential than her peers decides to explore the forest outside the school of magic but quickly runs into a demon who sees her desires (meaning she wants to be stronger than her peers, maybe sexual desires as well?) and decides to toy with them for his benefit. He decides to train her in some more darker spells to slowly turn her into a loyal servant in crime. In return for teaching her these dark spells and her true power, he asks for her body with each lesson. The two could become romantically interested in each other as time goes on.


    Long Lost Evil.
    A demon who had been sealed away centuries ago has gotten out.. But is quite weak. Your character comes across him and he decides to use her.
    (Basic kinks: Magic, Demon. Optional: Hypnotism/Mind control, corruption)
    This plot is similar to the "Stubborn Magical Student" but he's more forceful in using your character, rather than it being a mutual agreement.

    Idea 1: You're the daughter of a long line of mages who has been assigned to keeping a powerful demon sealed away. It's been centuries of years since the demon wrecked havoc and tales of his destruction are not much more than that, tales. Villages have repaired and grown many times over since he last set foot out on the land. Magic is just as much a fairy tale as the stories of the demon except for your family. It's your first time renewing the seal by yourself but you've seen your father do it dozens of times, shouldn't be difficult.. Except that the seal is broken and the statue that the demon was sealed inside is crumbled into pieces on the ground.

    Idea 2: We could twist this into another plot and say that your character is completely unaware of her magical heritage. You're out exploring and stumble upon this strange cave or building and want to check it out. The demon finds your character and still corrupts her, training her to use her powers as he sets out to conquer the world with your aid.


    Oops, I Accidentally Hypnotized My Best Friend.
    Two friends are working together on some assignments or just practicing spells when my character just gives his wand a wrong swish and flick and suddenly his best friend is standing there with glazed eyes
    (Required kinks: Magic, hypnotism/mind control)
    My character is a behind the rest of his class, he can't keep up with his peers. Your character is a good friend of mine, she offers to teach him to help him out after class. He accidentally casts a mind control spell on her. This RP has all it's sexual encounters centered on hypnosis/mind control. We could decide together just how far he is willing to go with this accident.


    Magician's Assistant.
    A job listing online has brought you to the door of, what you assume is, a stage magician. However he runs a sexy magic show where he's looking to get you naked, pleasured, or please the audience in as many ways as he can.
    (Required kinks: Magic. Optional: Mind control/hypnotism)
    My character runs a sex-themed magic show for adults and is in need of a new assistant. Surprise surprise, not many ladies are cool with being exposed on stage for a horny crowd and he has been going through assistants one after another. He'll actually know magic for some fun tricks to be incorporated. Your character needs a job, sees an ad for 'Magician's Assistant' and thinks an innocent child's show or simple family-friendly act and applies. If you're looking for a generally silly, sexy RP, this will be good for you.


    Changed Overnight.
    Either through a horny demon or by a magical wish granted overnight, a schoolgirl is changed in her sleep to have a curvy new body. This RP goes through her adventures with her body attracting all sorts of new attention.
    (Basic kinks: One-time use of body modification, optional: magic, hypnosis, corruption)
    Idea 1: A demon is tossed to Earth after losing a fight. Weak and damaged, he needs to find some way to heal himself before he perishes. He comes across your character and fucks her to drain her energy. Here's a twist though, normally a human would die after the intercourse with a demon but your character does not. Curious, he decides to change her body to something he wants and decides to keep an eye on her. I'll be changing characters through the story, just quick/simple characters. Male characters are finding themselves magically drawn to your character due to the demon magic going on inside you and your physical change, and on occasion the demon will show up to check in on you.

    Idea 2: A schoolgirl feels under-developed compared to her peers. Through a magical wish, she is changed overnight with a curvy new body. Again, I will play characters throughout her normal day-to-day life.


    The Chosen One.
    A concubine is swept away by a mysterious stranger who says she has a destiny to save the world.
    (Basic kinks: Magic, fantasy. Optional kinks: Hypnotism/mind control)
    Your character would be a concubine as well as a sorceress. Your master uses your body for pleasure as well as protection.

    I'd like if something about your character is super unique, brightly colored eyes or different colored hair, something that is noticed quickly about your character, a simple case of anime-protag-syndrome.

    It turns out, you're a chosen one that can defeat an impending evil but you need to be properly trained to do so. My character comes in and takes you to prepare you. The whole while we need to battle your concubine nature*, your master who wants you back, and general baddies leading up to the super-evil.

    * You've spent all your life serving your Master or men your master wish to be served, either your character is prone to stimulation or falls [figuratively and/or literally] to her knees to please men often. It can be an aspect we ignore entirely if you're not up for it, but I feel it's something that provides a unique character trait to work with.


    Stuck In The Game.
    You become trapped in a fantastic virtual reality world, everything has it out for you and all you want to do is to take the helmet off.. Or you willingly boot up some sexy-fun-time games and go wild.
    (These are very open-ended options that are perfect for customization.)
    VR has taken a sudden leap and has advanced to provide players with physical feelings from the game. Wind in a large field as you search for flowers to make potions with? You'll feel it. Step in a puddle or are you crossing a river? Your feet suddenly feel wet. Get shot or have your arm chopped off?... Yeah, you'll feel that too, but the settings for pain are set rather low. So, we get it, virtual sensations lead to physical sensations.

    Idea 1: So, your character purchases this new VR set. Boots up a game (probably fantasy world though I'm open to suggestions) and starts playing. But the NPCs all seem rather focused on fucking your character, bluntly. You go to leave the game but you find yourself unable to access menus or take off the equipment. Now you're stuck in this game that has it out for you.

    Idea 2: You purposely boot up a sexy game (or several games?) to get fucked a bunch. Be it an MMO or a single player game. Maybe it's a chat room type scenario where you just pop in with an avatar and mingle?


    Fantasy Setting, Kidnapped Girl.
    This RP can be crafted to be whatever we want. The only thing about this RP is "you are kidnapped and also magic and dragons are pretty normal things."
    (Kinks depend how we want to play this out)
    (Not fully fleshed out, if you'd like to do this there are some character details to iron out): You could be a simple townsgirl, or anything up to royalty, up to you. I'd like to play Orcs, bad guys, or other baddies that kidnap you. This could allow easily for magic users on my end, if you're into sorts like that. As it says, this idea is not fleshed out so I'd like to chat and we can craft an RP that suits both of us.

    If you want some past RPs to pick or use as inspiration, check these out:

    • A powerful leader to an Orc army is captured. This leads an equally powerful human (or elf, that works too!) to confront the captive. However she finds herself drawn to the powerful Orc (maybe she's never been so close to one and something about his muscles or girth turns her on.. Or maybe she already had a deep desire to get fucked by an orc) who turns the tables and takes her for his own pleasure and power.

    • Orc or human raiders charge into a village for supplies, one of them comes across a very captivating beauty and decides to take her along for his own fun.

    • Literally anything your imagination spins because this RP is just "lady of some social status gets kidnapped by not nice people"


    Sakai Labs.
    It's a brand new job for you and it's your first day. You're getting a tour and something happens to one of the "experiments" these guys keep talking about..
    (Optional kinks: Magic, mind control, tentacles, creatures. Whatever you're comfortable with, monsters/creatures will be chosen beforehand)
    You're recently hired as a lab tech to some out-of-the-way facility. You had never heard of them before but they were hiring, paid well and promised exciting work. They start you off as a simple tech, basically going around and reading meters, checking stats, doing what the higher up people ask.. The facility though houses many demons and creatures, as you perform your tests and such you get close to these creatures or these creatures make you get close to them which find you awfully attractive and well.. Perhaps you're getting promoted on your first day to specially tend to these things.


    Demon Huntress.
    A huntress with the unique power to literally fuck demons back to where they came from travels the land to rid demons for helpless people and to get a nice time out of it.
    (Optional kinks: Magic, mind control, tentacles, creatures.)
    You would be a very skilled huntress, working for hire (or with a guild) to eliminate and extinguish demons. I would play a series of demons (and humans who fall victim to your allure) with varying skills and powers. However the huntress has a unique way of handling her demon targets and that's by fuckin' them.. When she fucks a demon and they cum, they die, simple as that. For plot reasons, all the demons will have dicks to fuck the huntress with, how convenient! Demons of all numbers, shapes and sizes have it out to torture helpless townsfolk and you come strolling in offering something else that they want.. (it's sex)



    Good Girl Gone Wild.
    A college girl or just-out-of-college-girl stumbles into a life of porn and finds that sex can be pretty creative and fun!.. And it pays well.
    So this is yet another RP that can go a couple ways. Simple way to put it, your character either lives a minimal sex life either by her own choices or maybe she has a less-than-adventurous boyfriend (if you wanna add a little element of cheating), so she doesn't quite know what she's missing.. She steps into this world of making porn and we'll explore different types of porn tropes: webcamming, casting couches, bang buses, sex sex sex.

    Idea 1: You're out at a club for a friend's birthday or a girl's night out and for the first time in a while you spot a guy that just absolutely catches your eye, and you catch his as well. You hit it off at the club and sneak off to his place for a wild night. The next morning your character doesn't quite know what to do, where she wants more of this explosive sex but he explains that he isn't one for commitment so he doesn't want you to get the wrong idea. He offers to get you in touch with a guy he knows who produces porn so that you can get fucked all day and get paid for it.

    Idea 2: (A much more streamlined approach to this) You learn that you can start streaming and people will pay you money to get naked. You're approached by a porn producer who offers you quite a sum to advance this career.


    A mage who is skilled in mental spells decides to hypnotize you and use you for certain quests where your body is mightier than the sword.
    (Required: Mind control/hypnosis, mage)
    It would be a fantasy setting, I would be a mage and you would be some sort of adventurer (knight, rogue, fighter, healer etc). We have paired up for quests because found that we synergize well.. However, for just about every quest I hypnotize you and use you to my desires to get the quest done or to play with you or give you some subliminal suggestions.



    Protect the Healer.
    A fresh white mage/priestess has decided to join adventurers, explore the world and help others!.. But the world is against her as she keeps getting captured, falling into traps, etc. Her companions spend more time rescuing their unlucky friend than they would like to admit.
    (Kinks are pretty open here as well as it is a fantasy world. Suggested kinks: magic, gangbang, monsters)
    Another fantasy setting RP! You're playing a young healer looking to adventure! Every party values a healer for their restorative magic. However, due perhaps to your character's naivety or just plain bad luck, she keeps falling into traps, getting kidnapped, getting overpowered.. Just many situations where she is getting fucked by bad guys. She may be unlucky in that regard, but lucky to her her party always comes to her rescue.


    Fantasy Adventuring Party.
    Sexy D&D.
    (Required kinks: Fantasy. Suggested kinks: magic, gangbang, monsters)
    If you're up for a completely original fantasy RP that doesn't have a set path or story, this is it. We can make this RP contain whatever we like as it will be a fantasy-based group of adventurers doing stuff. One on one? Two on one? Two on two? Con, non-con, hypnosis? We can make this RP whatever we want and with the benefit of it being "fantasy" that would allow magic, monsters, big baddies, whatever we choose. Since this RP will be what we want it to be, I'm very much excited to discuss this any time.


    The New Campus Slut.
    A student moves opts to move into "deluxe dorms" for her new college life, these deluxe rooms are co-ed and she's now living with two guys who might just try to take advantage of this new girl's naivety.. Or maybe she's just out of her parents control for the first time in her life and wants to go wild?
    Your character is either a freshman or newly transferred student from a community college, the main idea being that this will be her first time away from her parents. She opted to live in one of the "deluxe dorms" which offers a bit more space, a kitchen and a private bathroom, compared to the standard dorms which are just beds and a bathroom if you're lucky. While they try to keep the ladies with the ladies and the men with the men, they are co-ed dorms and there's a chance men and ladies stay together.. And they dormed your character up with two guys. You'll go about your classes, maybe get a job, and of course go to parties.


    The New Campus (Hypnotized) Slut.
    Similar to the above idea, but one of her new roommates offers to hypnotize her to help her nerves before a class presentation..
    (Kinks are hypnosis, and maybe a little gangbanging with her two male roommates)
    This is an RP I had pitched to me and I love the concept so much that I wanted to devote a specific idea to. To summarize the above plot as backstory: Your character move into a co-ed deluxe dorm with two guys. Everything is fine, they're great roommates! She has a big presentation coming up and one of the roommates notices she's nervous. He offers to hypnotize her, easing her nerves. It works! He explains that it isn't a permanent thing and if you need more help, just ask... So, she does! Each time she visits for a session he programs in a little sexy thing for him and his roommate to enjoy.


    Fandom Inspired RPs
    While I can't say I'll always be up to playing canon characters (I feel like I'd do very few characters justice) Feel free to pitch! I love discussing plots beforehand.


    Dragon Ball Z.
    Two Saiyans survived the destruction of their planet, now they roam space looking for odd jobs to feed themselves and to keep their ships running.
    Two Saiyans (or if you want to play a different race that's fine by me) have survived Frieza's attack on their home planet Vegeta. Their ship's comms had been down and they missed the call to return home while on another planet. Now the two roam space doing odd jobs for money, going on various missions to feed themselves. The character I want to play is a knock-off of Broly, only in that he loses control of his rage from time to time and your character is around to keep him in check, sexually. I wouldn't want every smut scene to be him in a crazy rage state, the two can have a relationship outside of that as well.


    My Hero Academia.
    This one I'd be more open to playing canon characters! Though creating our own characters would be neat too.
    This one I would like to discuss beforehand. I think there's many options we can go with this depending on our kinks and desires. We can be two heroes, two students, two villains, one villain one hero? Lets talk about it!


    This idea is more about the post-apocalyptic setting than specific characters.
    I do not have a specific thing in mind for this. The main idea of this is to take the Fallout universe and play in it, however we want. There will be vaults, Nuka-Cola, big monsters, scrappy towns, bottle caps. So if you want to play something in this setting, let's chat!


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