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    Hello EcchiDreams,


    This is my Roleplay Preference Thread that I will eventually complete when I get enough time to do so. At the moment, it is under construction. Feel free to ask me things in regards to what I will and will not RP with or as and I'll try to answer it as best as I can. However, there are a few things that I do really really like and while my tastes are quite vanilla in comparison to others, I do hope there is someone out there that will at least find me somewhat interesting and worthy to RP with.


    Here are some of the things I do have a odd fascination with:



    Breasts and the manipulation of them.







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    If you like a slow paced, but detailed roleplays than Manni is a good choice. He’s not the quickest to post, but his posts are always a pleasure to read with a good level of detail that really gets into the emotional state of his characters, as well as being very telling on their current thoughts. Manni is also good at coming up with exciting plotlines that are ideal for someone who likes a good adventure roleplay with a long story behind it. 

    I have roleplayed with Manni for a few years now, and I’ve enjoyed it a lot. He’s very approachable when it comes to discussing roleplays and he’s good to bounce ideas off of. Manni is very friendly, and open for a fair number of things. He’s very happy to be poked from time to time to be reminded to post for you and has never once gotten annoyed, or irritable in the years I have known him. 

    10/10 would recommend, especially for those that like long roleplays and doesn’t mind a relaxed pace.

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