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    • Partcipate in Private Roleplays: I do private roleplays
      Preferred Roleplay Length: Long Roleplays
      Preferred Grammar/Spelling Competence: No Preference
      Preferred Post Length: Long (1-3 Paragraphs per Post)

      I will roleplay these fetishes: Authoritarian, Bathing, Consensual Sex, Dark/Evil, Erotica, Female Domination, First Times, Impregnation, Maids, Male Domination, Office/Place of Work, Rape, Romantic, Supernatural, Teen Sex, Uniforms

      I might roleplay these fetishes: Not Specified

      I will not roleplay: Adult Baby, Ass to Mouth, BDSM, Bestiality, Body Modification, Bukkake, Cheating, Cuckold, Enema, Fisting, Interspecies, Large Insertion, Netorare, Orgies, Random Objects, Shaving, Shotacon, Spycams, Strap-Ons, Tentacles, Threesomes, Triple Penetration, Yaoi, Yuri
      Genre's I will Roleplay: Adventure, Fan Fiction Roleplay, Fantasy, Medieval, Romance, Sex only

      Genre's I might Roleplay: Not Specified

      Genre's I won't roleplay: Not Specified
      What kind of characters I will roleplay with: Alcoholic/Drunk, Bishoujo, Elf, Housewives, Human, Monogamous Characters, Neko (Cat), Ninja, Nurses, Original Creations, Promiscuous Characters, Samurai, Student, Succubus, Teacher, Teenagers, Virgins

      What kind of characters I might roleplay with: Not Specified

      I will not roleplay with these types of characters: Cyborgs, Demons, Dragons, Furry, Futanari/Dickgirls

    Prefered character and setting

    I typically roleplay as straight male characters, sometimes (when in the mood) as straight/bisexual female characters. I prefer to roleplay as male characters, so my preferred partners will be females. I prefer to do private roleplays over public roleplays - also feel free to add me on Discord, Steam, etc. (also open to roleplaying on those platforms as well). My preferred setting is Medieval Fantasy, and my preferred format is open-ended long-term roleplaying in my own setting, especially as the character Stephanus Tavilrond. I am perfectly happy to do crossovers between various settings as well - whether you're a realistic serious roleplayer or a cutesy anime schoolgirl, don't hesitate to ring. My preferred "fetishes" are romance and vanilla sex. If you want dungeon-crawling, I have a preferred dungeon too. If you are interested in something more serious or dark, I can also play the role as a Dungeon Master in my own setting - here be my preferred ideas.

    A confession

    In my eyes, ERP exists on a spectrum: at one end of the spectrum, we have something that's little more than glorified text-based cybersex, when the parties involved get straight to the point (the point being sex); at the other end of the spectrum, we have serious long-term roleplaying, where everyone writes three paragraphs per post, and it might take a very long time before the sex happens - but if it does, it's justified and realistic. Effectively, the earlier is more sex-focused (where the story takes a backseat, if there is a story at all to begin with), the latter is more story-focused (where sex takes a backseat, if it even happens at all - not even necessarily guaranteed to happen).

    Here's the confession: I am perfectly comfortable with and easily capable of doing both, but have a bit of a difficulty with the middle-ground, which is tragic, since everyone (including me) ideally wants that middle-ground.

    Being more story-centered might have the disadvantage of requiring more effort (which may not even be a disadvantage at all - sometimes the journey is the reward), but it has the advantage of creating room for character development, giving opportunity for initially incompatible characters to grow towards each other, bond with each other realistically, resolve conflicts, smoothen the rough edges, realistically roleplay as non-shallow non-superficial characters, etc. In contrast, being more sex-centered has the disadvantage of outright requiring two characters to be already into each other from the very start, leaving no room for any sort of character development, encouraging roleplayers to be picky and superficial with potential partners - but it has the advantage of letting them get straight to the point and get what they want. From what I have seen, the coveted middle-ground seems to combine the worst of both worlds, with not much advantage.

    Still, I'll try my best to get comfortable with that middle-ground.

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