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    Thanks for checking out my preferences! ^_^ I'm new here, so forgive me if I've done any of this incorrectly...

    Who am I?

    I'm a male (33) player in search of female partners for a variety of scenes with variable characters. I've been roleplaying and writing erotic fiction for 20 years, and that's ranged from one-shot quickie-style sexual roleplays all the way to a multiplayer, online, erotic D&D campaign that I ran for 2 years (if you're familiar with Faustie's work, a decent number of pieces he's made have been based off that RP or erotic fiction I wrote, you can see some of that work in this gallery).

    What am I primarily looking for?

    While I have a range of interests, the most concise way to describe my taste is that I tend to like scenes that revolve around extremely attractive women being paired (consensually or non) with undesirable but sexually aggressive partners. This could mean any of the following:

    • Straight shotacon (aka underage boys with 18+ girls/women). Typically, this would involve a scene with a girl who is NOT expecting a little boy to have the kind of sexual desires or aggressiveness she encounters.
    • Horrific monsters, oddly adorable monsters, or bizarre monsters ravaging a woman against her will.
    • Old/elderly, ugly, obese, homeless, mentally ill, or deformed men taking advantage of a girl in every way they can.
    • Zombies, mutants, and undead monstrosities swarming and raping a struggling victim.
    • Animals exercising their basest mating instincts on a shocked and probably horrified female.

    Level of consent in scenes varies depending on the idea. For straight shota, for instance, I usually like semi-consensual scenes where a girl is so surprised and taken aback by a kid trying to fuck her that she doesn't have a chance to fully wrap her head around things. But for a monster scene, I usually like full blown force/rape.

    I'm also a huge fan of netorare (having a character who is in love with your character forced to watch as she -willingly or unwillingly- is taken advantage of by someone/something else).

    What's my RP style like?

    This profile isn't intended as a single character; I like to play as a narrator/DM/GM in a scene where I control most elements of the universe and all other characters except for the protagonist (your character). I like setting up scenarios to see the decisions you make and your character's reactions. I'm also very open to dice and gaming system approaches to play.

    By default I like very detailed, long-term RP. A long-term RP doesn't have to mean an epic adventure story; I've played long-term games that lasted many sessions, but were about a single weekend in a person's life. I also tend to do long posts, sometimes 6+ paragraphs, but almost never less than a paragraph or two. I like lots of build-up of both situational and sexual tension, rather than jumping straight into sex (usually).

    Also worth mentioning is that I don't like jumping immediately into RP. I like to plan with a partner and possibly world build before starting.

    What am I looking for in a partner?

    I'm looking for female partners only (no judgment on anyone else, but it just throws me if this isn't the case). I love partners with a love of writing, who enjoy creative collaboration, and who know how to dig into the physical and psychological details of their character in a scene. I don't need someone to line up in every way with my tastes, as long as they're down to discuss and see if we're a good fit.

    What am I looking for right now?

    My top two cravings right now are for a modern scene focused on netorare and straight shota OR for an in-depth, tabletop/D&D-style game full of horrific monster sex.


    I have a bunch of image galleries I've put together for a variety of reasons.

    Some girls I think are smoking hot to let you know my type(s):
    If you prefer drawings/anime

    I have many more in addition to these.

    If you need more of a sense of my taste, this gallery serves as a solid bit of guidance.




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