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    Klarus Astras
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    Hello everyone, 


    Welcome to my little YES, NOs and MAYBEs sections, since I have no idea how to use the above section, I'll just lay out here my interest.


    First thing, I am willing to roleplay most things but the very few stuff I hate are:

    Fighting/Wrestling: I am quite the pacifist and dread having to even write fighting scenes, experience has taught me that it tends to lead to a lot of god-modding

    Cuckolding: Just...doesn't do it for me, a character watching another character cheat on them, my characters tend to be the possessive type and would not be able to share their partners in that way.


    Adult Babies: I don't like kids and don't feel like roleplay with characters that act like little kids including diaper change and stuff.


    Mind Control/ Hypnotism: Again...feels like a god-modding type of stuff for me, this is one of those that I MIGHT do for someone I know and have roleplay with for a while.


    Other NOs are: Hyper sized anything,Maco/ Micro size anything, Forced Growth or Shrinkage, Unrealistic Vore.


    This is all I can think of for now.


    My YES/ LOVE:

    I am all for BDSM, most of my characters will probably have an aspect of it such as Sadist/ Sadomasochist . When it comes to Bondage...eh, alright with like handcuff, blindfold but get bored with the more complicated stuff like extreme bondage.


    Psychology/ Mental illness plays: No, seriously, my characters ALL will have some sort of mental illness, I adore exploring how mental illness makes a character more complex, how they can get better or how it affects their relationships. Some of the mental illness my characters tend to have are: Depression, OCD, Eating Disorder, Psychopathy.


    Imperfect relationships/ Romances are another massive favorite of mine...I just enjoy anything that has to do with a tragic or perhaps toxic relationship, not all relationships are perfect and happily ever after sadly.


    I tend to also love YAOI, high chance my characters will be guys and they will be gay or at least Bi-male preference.


    So a bit about my RP history now [as you can probably see by this post I am a writer, sorry!]

    1. Experience wise I have....about 15 years worth of RP experience so yes, I am not new at this but I also shy away from complex wording, preferring things quite simple.


    2. I love long-term rps and dislike short-term rps since I tend to get quite invested in characters. For Post length just don't do 2 liners, give me enough to reply to and I think we'll be A-Okay.


    3.I'd like to think I am a pretty easy going RPer as so, PLEASE for the love of all that is wonderful, if we are RPing and there is an issue, just let me know straight up.

    4. I tend to prefer playing modern time or Eastern Historic setting [Japanese, Chinese, Korean, ect.] and tend to dislike DnD or Wow type of universe...anything that's dice game tends to have me check out ASAP.


    4. My favorite P.O.V to write is 3rd person, that said I might say yes to 1st person or 2nd, depends on the RP and such, feel free to ask.


    Hmm, I can't think of anything else right now, please do let me know if you've got any questions and I'll try my best to answer. Thanks for reading all of this!




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