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    Hey it's still DigiDj! I didn't go anywhere. I just felt it was time for a change and I didn't like that name anyway. Especially since I'm experimenting with more wilder ideas.

    In roleplays, I can play almost everything. Monsters, animal, futas, women and of course men. I can play the part! (Just no MxM or FutaxM).

    I'm developing my role-playing skills and if it's a good plot, (and depending on what you like), I can write as little as a few sentences to multi-paragraph messages.

    I am very open, but prefer probably some of the more extreme roles.

    I play both 3rd and 1st person POVs.

    Before we begin a roleplay, let's set ourselves up! I'd like to know the direction of where we are going. The plot is the key, and if you lose the plot, you lose the story. So feel free to approach me in any way you seem fit.

    In truth I am a heterosexual male who would prefer to talk to just women, but don't let that ruin a good story. If we can get something going, I'd love to roleplay with you regardless of who you are. 

    Sex is fun, but a little to a lot of story will wrap the whole thing up with a bow.

    If you feel interested, please PM me! We can discuss things before we roleplay, or just chat!


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