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    Well hello there!

    I find it quite hard to explain my likes and dislikes in here. So upon pm'ing me, I will give a list of my kinks and perhaps some prompts I have already, also an OC I recently made which is a traveler samurai. 


    As for kinks, I am open to most things! in order to have a nice steamy detailed roleplay! I don't do BxB, GxG is a maybe, I mainly do BxG with the option to play multicharacter too.(I wont just be willing to do that, unless I was given worth writing!) 

    Limits are all about vore, gore, scat, hyper, furries. 

    As for setting.. I will do most things, from story driven to straight smut! I do prefer to have heavy smut side due that what I am mostly experienced at. therefor, I like to add strong sexual desires to the characters in the roleplay. 

    I am a switch, but mostly Dominate. It is hard to not just dominate in order to and have a steamy moments with a hot lady.😋 If one willing to Dominate me, making me experience the sub side of mine I am up for it! careful though! sometimes it is hard to fight the urges..



    I do have some stressful weeks due my studies. Sometimes will be in the look for rather quick roleplays! would usually do them on my phone so might need a different platform for that. I am still in The never ending process of finding the perfect partner. 

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