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    Ok. I think I kinda figured out how this works. Well, I've been roleplaying for..uff. couple years to be honest. Like,..around 10. But it was never a continuos thing, I always changed from partner to partner and from one topic to another completely different. But there was always a bit of sexual encounters here and there.

    Thing is that my main thing is genderswap sessions and that's a bit more hard to find. Straight sex yes, there are always candidates for that. But when it comes to genderswap...meh...cant seem to find anyone. :S Which is a shame because I've been wanting to do something for really long time. And dont get me wrong, regular sexy sessions are ok but..they are still one guy and one girl and no real story, just...sex. And I wanna do more.

    So I already have the idea in my head, just need someone who I can share it with. BRB, I think I need to re-check the other post to properly complete this one. ^^'

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