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    sorry not sorry for the rude title. your cuteness makes me act up. i for one, am simple outside looking in. for the real deals, you must approach and seek the answers to the questions in your brain, so i can fuck them out. now granted, your panties may or may not be soiled, but try to hear out my terms. i am patch. address me as sir once you enter my domain.

    look at me not using capital letters, im so cool and aesthetic.

    all things considered, i am looking for a submissive pet. not just a submissive pet, a constantly lonely no-life shut in, who wants to devote the rest of her life worshipping someone. call it blind obedience. my greed knows no bounds, and i will ravage you til your humanity leaves, and you become nothing more than a horny dog that always waits for my responses.

    in terms of roleplay, i’d say i write about a paragraph or two, depending on the way its going. as you can probably tell, i prefer things long term. i want a story that’s fun and erotic, like the best written hentai, one which the world has never knew it needed before. rather than view the roleplay as a movie, i’d like to think of it as a very well rounded show, with a formula behind it. i’ve always wanted to play out a full on series of events such a this, but never found the perfect loner to devote time to it. i’ll explain the formula more after the formalities of me spitting in your mouth while you massage my feet.

    some real life info. i just recently turned 19, and im going to college after the upcoming summer of 2021. i cook here and there, and sometimes i write poems. i myself am not always busy, but i will be doing some essential life things here and there. i expect the same out of my partner, they may be a submissive shut in, but they’re gonna have to do real life things. 

    if you’ve made it this far, atta girl. here’s a cookie. eat up, i’ll wait.

    now that you’re finished eating that cookie out of my hand, allow me to grip your jaw and make you look at me. when you boil it all down, im a rather nice guy when im not horny, which is not often. i’ll be ideally only looking for one partner, a submissive who wants to put themselves in my hands and care. hope someone sees this, i’ll see you in my dms.


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