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    Sapphic Angel
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    I suppose it's worth mentioning up front that roleplays should be fun and if we're not having it, then we need to re-evaluate our compatibility as RP partners or the story we've chosen.  Either way, that's a conversation worth having versus simply packing it in and not communicating.  Telling me the story isn't working for you, or maybe we're just not on the same page in terms of RPs are both fair game and will be respected.  Simply ghosting isn't, so first and foremost I'm looking for partners who can be open and communicative.

    In terms of what sorts or stories and characters I'll play and play with, there's a huge range in my preferences but I'm generally pretty open and more interested in the story and characters, even if it's going to be pure smut the character interactions and some development are key to staying engaged.  Beyond that, the setting and specific fetishes or storylines are all more or less flexible.  A note in this regard - for erotic RPs, I prefer FxF pairings but will do others so long as that element is present.   What I mean is that I'm unlikely to do something devoid of girl-girl goodness..  For non-erotic RPs, I'm more flexible.

    I write at a relatively advanced level, so expect generally correct spelling and proper use of grammar from me, as I'll expect the same.  We all make mistakes, but spelling and grammar mistakes should be the exception, not the rule.  It's just plain distracting to read otherwise.  In terms of length, I'm less focused on the amount of content as the quality and how much it does to advance the story and characters.  It could be a couple paragraphs or more, but it's going to have things that moves things forward.  I find it hard to write less than a couple paragraphs if there's anything of substance in a post, so I expect you'll probably feel the same.

    Finally, I'm always open to discussing story ideas so feel free to message me if you think we might roleplay together!


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