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    I enjoy genderswap scenarios, however I am not all that fond of futanari. Playing a temporary futanari is one thing, but playing against a futanari isn't really something I like. Ironically I don't have any problem with Yaoi or Yuri, so while I don't really have any interest in these two things, they can be fun to play from a story perspective. Futanari however falls under the dubious category where I am left to wonder... if you want to have dick play, why not make it a male? And if you want pussy play, why not make it a girl. Putting a dick on a girl just seems a waste to me.

    I enjoy obscure things, and I am into dominant roleplaying, and while it wasn't specified and falls under the humiliation category, I believe that spanking and panties go hand in hand. Also, sexy pinfalls and sexy wrestling is also good. Public sex was not among the categories nor was voyeurism... but yes, I am into that stuff too. Also, where is gut punching? It is pretty popular in Japan so I was surprised it wasn't included either.

    Anyway there were some strange options that I didn't really understand and had to make a guess about. Like bathing? Is that like, soaping somebody up? If so, does massage and applying lotion/oils to characters fall under this category as well?


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