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  • Searching for Dominant Male and Female Partners

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    • Partcipate in Private Roleplays: I do private roleplays
      Preferred Grammar/Spelling Competence: No Preference

    I am looking for male and female characters to play specific pairings or general pairings. I require a dominate male or female (not totally opposed to futas though it is a new concept to me) who can handle a bit of an uppity character. I will not play dom or switch! I just do not feel comfortable being either. My characters will not be completely submissive at first and I am looking for those who can have good rapport with my characters and are willing to create an actual plot and story. This will be a 50/50 RP (50% Plot and 50% Smut/Romance) I prefer plots that are heavy in Romance though I wouldn’t mind working on some build up as well. I am not great at action so let’s keep that to a minimum. Like everyone else I do have kinks and I certainly have limits which will be listed below. When it comes to fandom pairings I will take suggestions but if I have not seen it (usually on screen) it really depends on both characters back story and whether or not they have interacted elsewhere and if not how well I can see them meshing well together. OCs and canon characters are a bit iffy for me but I do have OCs of my own so I will listen to suggestions and decide then. Might have to really plan out a background or really work on build up for an OC x Canon character pairing.


    Dom/Sub (Gentle Dom)

    Masturbation (Mutual and/or watching partner or masturbating for partner)

    Public Sex and Masturbation

    Light BDSM (Handcuffs/Ropes, Blindfolds, Spanking, Hair Pulling, Biting, Rough Sex etc.)

    Toys (Mostly just dildos or vibrators)

    Non-Con (As long as it is not too brutal)

    Multiple Partners (Two or more men only and the focus must be on the female)

    Anthros (Mostly wolves or dragons)


    Incest (Under any circumstances except certain fantasy settings such as GoT)


    Bathroom stuff (Anything to do with bathrooms excepting semi-public sex)



    Excessive Blood (Good with biting and breaking skin just don’t go too far with it)

    Heavy BDSM



    (If you have any questions about anything else just ask)

    Pairings I am Interested In:

    Game of Thrones:

    Jon Snow x Daenerys Targaryen

    Khal Drogo x Daenerys Targaryen

    Jorah Mormont x Daenerys Targaryen

    Ygritte x Jon Snow

    Margery Tyrell x Robb Stark

    Margery Tyrell x Jon Snow

    Sansa Stark x Tyrion Lannister

    Sansa Stark x Jon Snow

    Older!Arya x Your Choice

    Older!Arya x Gendry

    Older!Lyanna Mormont x Your Choice

    Older!Lyanna Mormont x Jon Snow

    Lyanna Stark x Rhaegar Targaryen

    Sansa Stark x Margaery Tyrell (I will play either)


    Natasha Romanoff x Steve Rogers

    Natasha Romanoff x Bucky Barnes

    Natasha Romanoff x Clint Barton

    Natasha Romanoff x Bruce Banner

    Female Loki x Steve Rogers

    Female Steve (Stephanie) x Bucky Barnes

    Female Steve (Stephanie) x Male Natasha Romanoff

    Female Tony Stark (Toni) x Bruce Banner

    Female Tony Stark (Toni) x Steve Rogers


    Supergirl x Superboy (TV Show)

    Supergirl x Flash (TV Show)

    Supergirl x Winn

    Supergirl x James Olsen

    Supergirl x Adam Foster

    Supergirl x Mon-El (TV Show)

    M'gann x Superboy

    Artemis x Wally West

    Zatanna x Robin/Nightwing

    General Pairings:

    Mermaid/Siren x Human

    Merman/Siren x Human

    Angel x Human

    Angel x Demon

    Incubus x Human

    Vampire x Human

    Vampire x Human Slave

    Princess/Queen x Royal Bodyguard

    Princess/Queen x Servant/Peasant

    Prince/King xServant/Peasant

    Prince/King x Princess/Queen (Arranged Marriage)

    Prince/King x Mistress

    Mythological God x Human

    Mythological God x DemiGoddess

    Elf x Human (Male Elf/Female Human)

    Elf x Human (Female Elf/Male Human)

    Werewolf x Human (Male Werewolf/Female Human)

    Dragon x Human (Male Dragon/Female Human) (Dragon shapeshifts or has a more human form)

    Demon x Human (Male Demon/Female Human)

    Anthro x Human (Male Anthro/Female Human)

    Alpha x Omega (Male Alpha/Female Omega) (Shapshifter wolves)

    Plot Ideas:

    1. (Fantasy Plot) MC is a young woman/elf who is hunting in the woods. She wonders a bit to far and gets caught in a trap. YC finds her and decides that she will be their catch of the day and takes her home for himself.

    2. (Dragon Shifter (Or Anthro Dragon)/Princess) (Fantasy) MC is a princess who has been closely guarded her entire life by her father. On the evening of her 18th birthday a dragon (YC) steals the princess away and takes her to his own castle (or cave) for safe keeping. At first the princess thinks this is just a kidnapping and at first that is really all it is. However, MC starts to notice that the dragon (if shifter in his human form) cannot keep his eyes off of her.

    3. (Dragon Shifter (Or Anthro Dragon)/Princess) (Modern) YC is hundreds of years old and has lived among humans for centuries. He is rich and known as a collector of treasures. This could mean anything, art, gold, historical treasures. MC is a simple waitress at a cafe who has had a pretty hard life. YC comes into the cafe on a whim one day and lays on MC. He decides all too quickly that she is the next "object" he would like to procure for his collection.

    4. (Human/Human (Or if you'd rather use a supernatural creature we can discuss it.) YC is a therapist who MC has been going to for years. YC has always eyed MC but because she is YC's patient YC has been unable to do anything. During one session YC suggests that you let him hypnotize you as a therapeutic way of relaxing. MC trusts YC enough that she says yes. At first it really is used for therapy but knowing MC won't remember anything YC says or does YC cannot resist the temptation. After the first time this happens MC awakens feeling so refreshed and relaxed that she comes back to YC.

    5. (Twisted Fairy Tales) So this is less of a plot and more of an idea that involves several different stories that can be broken down into several different plots. The idea is to twist up some of the more classic fairy tales and perhaps make them a bit sexier. I have sort of plots in mind and images to use for inspiration. The fairy tales I have ideas for are listed below and feel free to suggest your own as well.

    Red Riding Hood

    Little Mermaid

    Beauty and the Beast

    Snow White (Maybe)

    Cinderella (Maybe)


    Sleeping Beauty

    Alice In Wonderland

    6. (Modern Fantasy) (Mermaid/Human) MC is a Mermaid Princess from an underwater Kingdom of Mermaids that has exsisted for thousands of years. Only these mermaids are quite different from the ones heard about in fairy tales. They are more like sirens in the sense that they lure men to their deaths and drown, only to feed on their flesh. They have hidden rows of razor sharp teeth that they use to tear their victims apart. It is a writ of passage for a mermaid of 18 to lure and drown her first man. MC has just turned 18 and is about to go through this writ of passage. Only the night she chooses to do this she gets caught up in a storm and hits her head on a rock, causing her to pass out. YC finds the young mermaid washed up on the beach and rescues her.

    7. (Modern FxF) Our characters have been best friends for a long time and now we're in college together and also sharing a dorm. MC has always been in love with YC but was always too shy to admit it despite being openly bi. But YC has always felt the same way and one night YC just can't take it anymore and decides to sneak into MCs bed to show MC how they really feel.

    8. (Twisted Fairy Tale) (FxF)A Sleeping Beauty plot where instead of being woken by a kiss Sleeping Beauty needs a more "sexual awakening" YC is a young woman (Theif, noble woman, commoner, you decide) who happens upon the castle where Sleeping Beauty rests. When YC sees the young woman frozen in time asleep in her bed YC just can't resist.

    9. (Slave x Master Romance) My character is a young woman/elf who has been raised her entire life to pleasure both men and women. Being an orphan there was not much else for her to do. In this society the slave trade is real and thriving. Girls are raised in pleasure houses to give into their masters/mistresses every whim. My character is young and beautiful and just turned 18, the age these girls are put on the market. It is no surprise that she is quickly sold to your character. My character thinks some old pervert has bought her and will use her until she grows too old and he sells her off to someone else. Imagine her surprise when she meets her new master/mistress, your character. Your character is a young man/woman who is a monarch/noble person/wealthy person that bought my character not necessarily because they need sex slave but a companion to keep them company in more than just the bedroom. They still use my character for their intended purpose but are more gentle and kind than most masters or mistresses, letting my character slowly get used to the things they want.


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